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Burning Vagina

Updated on January 25, 2011

The title of this article says it all, methinks! This is one of the most embarrassing issues a woman can have, because it can take awhile to decide how to go about dealing with a burning vagina problem. Take me, for example -- just last week I had this exact issue. It took me three or four days to figure out the cause and then once I did everything was fine. So if you've come looking for advice on what causes vaginal burning and how to go about dealing with it, this is the right article for you. Cos let's face it; this isn't something you're keen to discuss with your partner, or your friends, as they'll all think you've got some STD or other unflattering vaginal issue. In my case, it was really nothing at all and easy to fix. So keep reading to learn more about issues involving burning vagina, and how to figure out what the cause of it is.

Burning Vagina Causes:

A burning vagina can be the result of numerous issues. Some of these issues could be absolutely harmless, and some could be cause to visit your gynecologist. Take a look below for a better idea of what's causing your vaginal burning.

  • Random Allergic Reactions : Believe it or not, my own issue was a direct result of a maxi-pad allergy. I kid you not! It was not a perfumed pad, so I'm not entirely sure of what I was allergic to, but I am positive that I was allergic to it. Unfortunately, I made the problem worse by assuming i had a yeast infection, and when I applied yeast infection cream... well... let's just say my female bits felt like they were on fire. It was horrid!! And this lasted for several hours! Once I realized the nature of the problem, however, the vaginal burning and pain stopped when I changed to another brand of pads and that vaginal burning issue is now history. (Thank God!!) I will only use organic maxi pads from now on!

  • Yeast Infections : A lot of women think yeast infections itch but don't burn. Not true! Yeast infections can do both at the same time, which is quite the catch-22 because if you scratch the itch, the burning gets worse and some pain can, and often will, result. This is where anti-fungal vaginal creams come into play -- Monistat is absolutely great for this issue. (Please note you should never, ever use any cream vaginally unless the product specifically says you can!)

  • Latex / Spermicide Allergies : A lot of women complain about a burning vagina sensation following intimacy. This is not surprising, as so many women unknowingly suffer from Latex Condom Allergies. Some of those women even have an allergy to the spermicides used with condoms. The cure for this is switching to Latex Free Condoms. If you've got an allergy to spermicide, there are condoms available that haven't been treated with it.

  • STDs : Most STDs don't actually create a vaginal burning sensation in women, but some do. Herpes can cause a good deal of burning and Trichomoniasis can cause enough discomfort vaginally that it may lead to a burning vagina sensation.

  • Vaginal Dryness : Some women suffer from vaginal dryness and this can lead to vaginal burning. This is particularly true of women going through menopause. If vaginal dryness is the cause of your burning vagina, ask your doctor to prescribe a suitable lubricant to alleviate the symptoms and prevent further problems.

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