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CTM Mobility Scooter HS 740 - Mobility with Style

Updated on July 1, 2011

The HS740 CTM Mobility Scooter - Claim your Freedom Again!

The HS740 CTM Mobility Scooter is the latest addition to medicare scooters by CTM.

If you are looking for a mobility chair, and not an electric wheel chair, you should think about your needs before deciding on something you might see on the scooter store ads. Motorized wheel chairs are great for inside, on level surfaces, but if your needs are more varied, then this is a model of disabled mobility scooters you might want to consider.

Electric power mobility scooters, (medicare approved), will give you the versatility of both inside and outside use. There are even travel scooters designed to allow you to put a folding mobility scooter in your backseat or trunk. Your choice would also determine your need for mobility lifts or mobility chair carriers.

The HS740 CTM Mobility Scooter

The HS740 CTM Mobility Scooter, an approved medicare scooter
The HS740 CTM Mobility Scooter, an approved medicare scooter

The HS740 CTM Mobility Scooter - 4-Wheel Stability

The HS740 model CTM Mobility Scooter is a sturdy and stable 4-wheel indoor/outdoor medicare approved scooter, and at about half the price of similar model from The Scooter Store it won't strain your budget.

Unlike electric wheel chairs or heavier motorized wheel chairs, this model mobility scooter offers the versatility and stability of four wheels on the ground, - no sense of teetering or falling over with this model. And best of all it is also an approved medicare scooter.

CTM's designers have set a new standard in stylish design while still maintaining top performance in a Heavy Duty 4 wheel scooter at a very affordable price!

The HS740 is loaded with the same features you find in top-end scooters without the top-end price.

You still get: a Full light kit with front light, tail light and directional signals for outside nighttime use, a comfortable padded swivel, sliding seat with an infinitely adjustable tiller, a rear view mirror, sturdy front and rear bumper, front basket, contoured padded seat and much more!

This 4-wheel mobility scooter is designed for optimum performance in outdoor travel over grass and gravel and rough terrain.

CTM HS-740 Mobility Scooter Specifications:

  • Overall Length 52.5"
  • Overall Width 25.2"
  • Overall Height 39.8"
  • Wheels: Front 11" Pneumatic Wheels: Rear 13" Pneumatic
  • Weight without Batteries 146 Ibs.
  • Max. Speed 7 mph
  • Weight Capacity 400 Ibs.
  • Ground Clearance 3.0"
  • Grade Climbable 12 degree
  • Curb Climbing 2.6"
  • Turning Radius 66.9"
  • Brake Electro-Mechanical
  • Seat Type Tall Back Luxury Swivel Seat Width 19"
  • Motor Size 1000W, 5300R.P.M
  • Battery 2 X 24V, 36Ah
  • Battery Weight 34 Ibs. each
  • Travel Range Up to 30 Miles
  • Battery Charger 5A
  • Maximum Speed :7MPH
  • Weight Capacity :400LBS
  • Warranty Frame : 36mo Motor : 18mo Transaxle : 18mo Brake : 18mo Electronics : 18mo

The suggested retail price is: $3195.00, but can easily be found for much less at either of the Nets' two largest online marketplaces, -, and ebay.

Both Amazon and ebay have guaranteed buyer protection plans that make ensure a safe and satisfying buying experience.

Check out these great deals!

Motorized wheel chairs will get you around just like disabled mobility scooters do, but Wheelchairs and scooters serve different needs. You should evaluate just how you will be using your CTM Mobility scooter to determine which model is best suited to your use.

Ask yourself these questions to determine your needs:

1. What is your disability? - do you require an electric or motorized wheel chairs?

2. Where will you primarily use your mobility chair? - inside, level floors, do you have ramps, or do you need outside versatility too, like for uneven terrain in your yard - there are medicare scooters for all these categories.

3. Do you need 3 or 4-wheel capabilities and stability? Heavy duty mobility scooters can carry heavier loads and are constructed to run on more uneven terrain and grades, lighter duty 3-wheel mobility chairs are generally for average weights and used around the home.

4. Do you need a travel capable scooter? - Will you be using your mobility chair with mobility lifts or carriers, or do you want a folding mobility scooter? Is the weight of motorized wheel chairs or medicare scooters important?

5. How long will you need a mobility scooter? Do you just need one for a rehabilitation period, or are you looking for long-term use of a handicap scooters?

6. Do you only want a new mobility chair? Or will you consider used handicap scooters?

These questions will help you decide what type of handicap scooters, medicare scooter, or electric wheel chairs or motorized wheel chairsthat might be right for you.

A CTM Mobility Scooter for all Needs

CTM Mobility Scooters are a lower-cost solution to your mobility needs, and you will find a CTM Mobility scooter model to fit your needs, no matter what they are, and like most mobility scooters, medicare accepts these mobility chairs.

CTM started producing mobility chairs and scooters in 1995, and have a range of scooters from 3-wheel light-weight around-the-house uses to heavy duty mobility scooters for use in an outside environment.

The featured model - The HS-740 CTM Mobility Scooter is heavy-duty medical mobility scooter that has the durability and battery power for longer range outside use as well as being suited for close-quarters indoor use also. Unlike a motorized wheel chair, a medicare scooter like the CTM HS 740 has more versatility and power to keep you going longer and farther..

GA Anderson aka Appletreedeals
GA Anderson aka Appletreedeals

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The HS740 CTM Mobility Scooter, an approved medicare scooter hub keywords and tags

The HS740 CTM Mobility Scooter, an approved medicare scooter hub keywords and tags are part of your seo efforts to get your hub found by google searchers. whether you are discussing electric wheel chairs, wheelchairs, or motorized wheel chairs if you are discussing a disabled mobility scooter from the scooter store you might be talking about more than a medicare scooter. a lightweight mobility scooter or any wheel chairs and scooters might require the use of mobility lifts or mobility scooter carriers if you plan to use your mobility scooters, )medicare approved), as a travel scooter too. But heavy duty mobility scooters like the jazzy scooters are a lot different from the folding mobility scooter you see in car trunks. a power mobility scooter from the mobility scooter store is heavier than motorized wheel chairs. power mobility scooters from the scooter store also require power mobility scooter lifts.

The HS740 CTM Mobility Scooter, an approved medicare scooter

The HS740 CTM Mobility Scooter, an approved medicare scooter
The HS740 CTM Mobility Scooter, an approved medicare scooter


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      Thanks for post! I bought my mobility scooter at It has changed my life :)

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      This is such a great hub. Thanks for sharing!