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The CTM Mobility Scooter HS 120 Returns Your Freedom

Updated on July 27, 2012

Medicare Scooters - The CTM Mobility Scooter

When you are considering Medicare Scooters, like the CTM Mobility Scooter, you need to think about your mobility needs before you dash off to the scooter store to preview the latest models of disabled mobility scooters or motorized wheel chairs.

There are a lot of companies out there with many models of wheelchairs and scooters for you to pick from, but before you can make an informed choice you need to first think about how and where you will be using your mobility device. A medicare scooter and electric wheel chairs serve different needs, it is not a "one-size-fits-all" market.

A CTM Mobility Scooter may be just what you need, without paying hundreds of dollars extra to pay for advertising like you see from "The Scooter Store."

CTM Mobilty Scooter HS120

CTM Mobilty Scooter HS120, qualifies with other medicare scooters
CTM Mobilty Scooter HS120, qualifies with other medicare scooters

What are Your Mobility Needs

Wheelchairs and scooters serve different needs. Motorized wheel chairs will get you around just like disabled mobility scooters do, but they serve two different environments.

To determine your mobility needs you should ask yourself a few questions:

1. How severe is the disability? - will only electric wheel chairs fit your needs?

2. Where will you  be using your mobility chair? - inside/outside, level floors, ramps, some uneven terrain like your yard - there are medicare scooters for all these categories.

3. Do you need heavy-duty capabilities? Heavy duty mobility scooters can carry heavier loads and run on more uneven terrain, or lighter duty - 3-wheel mobility chairs for average weights to use around the home.

4. Do you need travel capabilities? - Is the weight of motorized wheel chairs or medicare scooters important? Will you be using mobility lifts or carriers, or are you looking for a folding mobility scooter?

5. How long do you anticipate using your mobility device? Do you want a power mobility scooter for a rehabilitation period, or are you looking for handicap scooters for long-term use?

6. Do you only want a new mobility chair? Or will you consider used handicap scooters?

These questions will help you decide what type of electric wheel chairs or motorized wheel chairs, or medicare scooter or handicap scooters might be right for you.

A CTM Mobility Scooter for all Needs

You will find a low-cost CTM Mobility Scooter model to fit your answers to those questions, and like most mobility scooters, medicare accepts these mobility chairs.

CTM is a company with a track record for dependability. They started producing mobility chairs and scooters in 1995, and have a range of scooters from 3-wheel light-weight around-the-house uses to heavy duty mobility scooters for use in an outside environment also.

The featured model - The HS 120 CTM Mobility Scooter is perfect for normal around the house use, but it also has the durability and battery power for longer range, and outside use also. Unlike a motorized wheel chair, a medicare scooter like the CTM HS 120 has more versatility and power.

CTM Mobilty Scooter HS120, qualifies with other medicare scooters
CTM Mobilty Scooter HS120, qualifies with other medicare scooters

The HS 120 Power mobility Scooter by CTM

Wheeled Travel Scooter - CTM - HS 120

The HS-120 dismantles in seconds and can be stored in the back-seat or trunk of your vehicle. It has a one piece battery pack module, padded foldable seat and expandable legroom to adjust for a custom fit. Also, it can travel up to 4 mph, which makes it a versatile scooter for shopping, traveling or just getting about your home.

Weight Capacity - 250LBS
Maximum Speed - 4 MPH
One piece adjustable frame. The 18.7" wide track provides more stability when negotiating corners.
World class electronic controls ensure safety and peace of mind for the riders.
One-Piece battery pack module for ease of disassembly.
Padded foldable seat and expandable legroom to provide a custom fit.
Free Standard 12ah/10mile Range Batteries

Overall Length 37.6"~40.0"
Overall Width 18.7"
Overall Height 33.8"
Wheels: Front 8"Pneumatic
Wheels: Rear 8"Pneumatic
Weight without Batteries 63 Ibs.
Max. Speed 4 mph
Weight Capacity 250 Ibs.
Ground Clearance 1.6"
Grade Climbable 8 degree
Curb Climbing 1.9"
Turning Radius 35.4"
Suspension N/A
Brake Electro-Mechanical
Seat Type Padded Foldable
Seat Width 14.2"
Motor Size 250W, 4400R.P.M
Battery 2 X 12V, 12Ah
Battery Weight 10 Ibs. each
Travel Range Up to 10 Miles
Battery Charger 2A Built in

Frame : 12mo
Motor : 12mo
Transaxle : 12mo
Brake : 12mo
Electronics : 12mo

MSRP - $1350 - (but you can find this model for around $899.00)

Check out these prices comparisons on the nets' two largest online marketplaces - Amazon and ebay;

More Mobility Scooter Resources

GA Anderson aka Appletreedeals
GA Anderson aka Appletreedeals

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The HS 120 CTM Mobility Scooter The HS 120 CTM Mobility Scooter keywords and tags

Keywords and tags are important for seo purposes for any hub. The HS 120 CTM Mobility Scooter keywords and tags are related to the scooter store and other mobility chair manufacturers. Many searchers can't decide between wheelchairs and scooters. electric wheel chairs and motorized wheel chairs are in the same category as medicare scooters and handicap scooters. many times it is a mobility chair that first sparks the interest in a medicare scooter and electric wheelchairs. but mobility lifts and mobility scooters medicare status will influence the choice a buyer will make. heavy duty mobility scooters and disabled mobility scooters like the jazzy scooter and folding mobility scooter are only a few of the choices for customers a power mobility scooter and mobility scooter carriers are other options. a mobility scooter store may carry handicap scooters, mobility chair and mobility scooter lifts. or even used power mobility scooters    But a CTM Mobility scooter should be the first one you look at

The HS 120 CTM Mobility Scooter

The HS 120 CTM Mobility Scooter
The HS 120 CTM Mobility Scooter


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