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Can Positive Affirmations help with relieving stress and build up our lives?

Updated on July 3, 2014


Can Positive Affirmations help heal our souls?

In answer to the subtitle : "Can Positive Affirmations help heal our souls?" Absolutely!!

In my personal experience as a young mother, I went through a life skills class at my college in my town. In this class they gave us many strips of paper with some Positive Affirmations typed on each paper, then they told us to pick the ones we felt applied or that meant the most to us and then put them on our mirrors at home or refrigerator and walls to read them every day.

Did this help you may ask? My answer is yes it did! I believe that as humans we go through a lot of stress in our lives, for me at this time in my life it was being a young mom to 2 young children by two different fathers.

I had no self confidence in myself after both relationships failed me, one left me the other constantly put me down. Going through this life skill class really helped open my eyes and gave me the resources to become a better person through many positive and visually positive ways.

In what area's in your life can Positive Affirmations help you?

  1. Self Confidence to achieve in something you were either told you would or could never achieve, or maybe you just need that extra visual and mind boosting positive affirmation to believe in yourself.
  2. Lift your spirits up when you are down in an area in which you are going through at that time.
  3. Self Esteem to believe in yourself, whether it may be your outer or inner self. We are all beautiful on the inside and out, but sometimes we may not feel that way.

What can cause you to feel negative?

  • Lack of knowledge in an area you wish you knew more about as in maybe education in a career you want to pursue.
  • Your self image of yourself in your weight or maybe in another outer part of your body image like teeth or an injury that changed how you see yourself.
  • Going through stress from a relationship and your partner making you feel low and that you are nobody without him.

Visual Positive Affirmations can help you in many ways. If you are going through a negative experience or feeling down about yourself, seeing it visually can help build you up.

Here are other ways to help with self esteem and positive motivators:

  1. Print out or cut out Positive Affirmation quotes or pictures to inspire you visually in your goals or self esteem.
  2. Post it notes to write what you want to see everyday on your mirrors, walls, books, refrigerator and doors.
  3. Tape yourself saying positive words that soothe or songs, and play them every day when you need to calm down or build yourself up.
  4. Read inspirational books.
  5. Join a group on the Internet or on Face Book, sometimes talking to others that are struggling or going through the same helps.
  6. Fb sites that have inspirational quotes.
  7. Make a journal for your goals and include everything in it that inspires you to think positive, clip magazines and pictures from whatever source you find and paste it in your journal.

I have many Positive Quotes and Inspirational pictures that have helped in my everyday life and feel it does help mentally boost you up to tackle so many things in whatever we do or need to do or feel. Give Positive Affirmations a try and weed all negative things or influences in your life and your life will be so much better.


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    • shabbychicmomma profile imageAUTHOR

      Cheryl Wortman 

      4 years ago from Keizer,Oregon

      You can also find my many other inspirational Quotes on a group I have on FB, called "Everything Inspirational" by me Cheryl Wortman. You may like it. Thank you I look forward to our friendship.

    • lyns profile image


      4 years ago from USA

      Hi Shabbychicmomma, yes, thank you as well I appreciate you so much, yes we are similar in so many ways I felt the connection just reading your work it's a blessing to connect to someone that can feel where you been and your struggles and yet you don't know them, I believe this is how we as humans are able to support and help one another that's why we experience the struggles, so that we can help. I look forward to a meaningful hub friendship. Thanks again. lyns 7314 Have a wonderful day and keep your chin up.

    • shabbychicmomma profile imageAUTHOR

      Cheryl Wortman 

      4 years ago from Keizer,Oregon

      You are welcome lyns, I live by Positive Affirmations and have for over 24 years now. When I am having a hard day or I need a positive or motivational uplifting, I turn to tools to help. In our life we only have ourselves to count on. Ya we may have friends or a guy in our life but in the end sometimes they come and go. So I have learned self love and helping and depending on myself is my key to happiness and getting thru my life, and if others that are friends, family or loved ones are there for me then it is an added bonus and pleasure along with blessing! It seems to me we are very similar. Thank you for all your inspirational words and added expert comments on this subject. :)

    • lyns profile image


      4 years ago from USA

      Absolutely love this hub on positive affirmation it was written in a great time in my life, I have been practicing positive thinking more in the past 3 years and some of the things you have written here is what I have acquired in my life and found to be helpful, and as you know that old thoughts try to haunt you saying your doing to much over kill, well I found in your writings the things I incorporated, speaking positive thoughts to self, posting post of positive things to myself, pinning positive quotes, reading books on positive mindsets, this is great and timely, thanks so much, and yes it all works. lyns 7314232p Voted up and Awesome/Beautiful/Useful Have a great day.


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