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Can We Reverse The Aging Process?

Updated on October 17, 2014

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Some. of you. may find this one. a little controversial. but that’s why. I’m here; to make you think!

Aging, is the psycho-biological process, of becoming older, over time, as we advance, through the developmental life cycle, from infancy through old age.The, less active, and flexible one becomes, the older one becomes.


In, death, the body is totally inflexible. Rigor Mortis, total stiffness and inactivity of the body or mind symbolizes death. So the more inactive and inflexible you become mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, or all of these at once. The closer to death you are. And the less flexible your mind is the more dead it is. The less, able it is, to cope, or adapt, to new or changing circumstances. The less able, it is to do this, the more outdated, it becomes. The more, like a machine, reacting to changing circumstances, with outdated responses, it becomes.

You, become obsolete when your mode of thinking is obsolete, because, then you have no effective means of surviving, adapting, or of being supported by a changing environment.

Aging Programs

To, reverse the process of aging, you have to become more flexible, in those areas that you've become, stiff and inflexible in. A young child is very flexible, probably about 90 to 100% flexible, while, an old person, is probably 80 to 90% inflexible. (100% inflexibility would be death.)

We've, been programmed, to view the body, as something that wears out overtime, like a car, or some other machine. But, unlike a machine, the body is a self-renewing organism, controlled by hereditary intelligence programs, called DNA. Because, of hereditary beliefs about aging and death, supported by social programming, and examples of similarly programmed people, aging and dying, hereditary intelligence, is programmed to cause the body to age, and die over time. So, if you expect to get old, at a certain age, hereditary intelligence, will cause you to get old that age. It triggers a mental program, that, affects you, at every age, at which you expect to get old.

These, programs, operate subconsciously, so you don't have to be consciously thinking about getting old, for them to operate. Like, you don't have to be thinking about breathing to breath, or about staying alive, to stay alive while you're asleep. The, same intelligence that keeps you alive while you're asleep, operates these programs of aging and death.


I know a guy, who when he was 39, and he would forget something, he'd attribute it to being distracted. If, he felt sore, after working out too much, he'd attribute it, to working out too much. But, when he turned 40, and he'd forget something, it was because "I must be getting old!" If he was sore, after working out, he would say " Boy! I must be getting old!" Now, If he noticed a gray hair, he'd say “Wow! I'm really getting old!" Any mistakes or perceived signs of mental or physical deterioration, which he hardly noticed before, were now, seen as confirmation, that he was getting old, in accordance with his belief, that people are old or are getting old, at 40.

Reprogram Aging

To, reprogram this intelligence, you have to become more aware, of your conscious and subconscious expectations, about aging and death. Scrutinize your mental processes. Become aware, when you're in the process of mentally or verbally supporting, the idea that because you've reached a certain age, or are approaching a certain age, that you're old, or are getting old. Become, aware, of all the mental images, that spring to mind about aging, when you do this.

Become, more introspective, about why you think, what you think, and how you came to think, the way you do, about aging.Start, practicing, reversing, these images, by seeing yourself, becoming more youthful and full of health, over time, as opposed to getting older and decrepit over time. Do this, religiously, for over whatever period it takes you to start, experiencing the results of this process. And, it will take some doing, because the idea and experience of aging, has been so ingrained in us and our ancestors, genetically and mentally, for thousands of years, and that the process, is not going to be easily reversed, in a day, a week or a year.

Telepathy And Aging

Not, only, are we affected by our hereditary and social programming, about aging, but, by the belief of others, telepathically and verbally. The, mental air, around you, is being impressed with the thoughts, feelings and beliefs, of others about aging all the time. They, affect you, mentally and subconsciously, without your conscious awareness. It's, like, being in a hypnotic, waking dream state, where everything seems so real, that your body and emotions, react to what's going on, just as if you were awake. Until, you wake up, to find that you had only been dreaming. But, as long as you were dreaming, you kept experiencing, the same bodily effects as you do, while you're awake!

The Fountain Of Youth

It takes, great determination, spiritual insight and great independence of will, to reverse this hereditary, social programming process, of unconsciously, acting out the aging instructions of this instinctual program.

This, is what the ancient idea and quest for the "Fountain of Youth, The Elixir of Youth, of immortality, The Panacea and the Alchemical process, of transmuting, base metals in to Gold" was all about. They were metaphors, and practices, for reversing the instinctual aging process and maintaining youthfulness, even while chronologically, experiencing old age. And, before some of you draw the conclusion, that my ideas are kind of flighty, or out in space.

Clinical Trails

Let, me focus, your attention, on the clinical trials, that every drug that the FDA approves for sale, in the marketplace, has to go through. In, these double blind trials, the participants are divided into two groups: the control group who receives a placebo ( a pill with no drug effect) and the experimental group, who receives the drug. The, participants, of both groups are screened for similarity of background and medical symptoms. The, administrators, and the receivers of the drug, believe that the actual drug is being given to both groups.

If, 50%, of the participants, in the experimental group, show improvement of their symptoms and only 20%, in the control show improvement. The, drug was 30%, more effective than the placebo. This, is seen as a significant difference, supporting the fact, that the drug has, sufficient biochemical activity, to be approved for sale, in the marketplace. 20% effectiveness, was subtracted from the experimental group, because 20% of the placebo group got better without the drug. This, is why, the drug was seen as, 30% more effective than, the placebo. But, isn't the mind and beliefs of the experimental group, affecting the drug's 30% improvement rate as well? Isn't, this placebo effect, taking place all the time? (Which, is really, the mind, affecting the body effect. Since, it's the mindset and beliefs of the participants, that actually, create the placebo effect)

But, the fact is that, 20% of the participants, got better, because they "believed', they were taking the actual drug! Showing, that, the mind, can affect improvements, in bodily health, the same way a drug does.

The, control group, was in the hypnotic waking dream-state, I referred to earlier. They, knew, they were at an actual research facility. They, knew, that these were, medical personnel in the white medical coats, conducting the program. Reinforcing, their confidence, in the medical procedures, they were participating in. So, they "knew",they were taking the actual drug. And, 20%, of their bodies, showed actual improvement, in bodily symptoms, as if they were actually, taking the drug, and not a placebo. But, please, don't take my word for it. Research the placebo effect for yourself.

Scientific Facts Belief and Expectation

These, are the hard scientific facts, that take place everyday, that prove that, the mindset, belief, and expectation of improvement, by people with or without drugs, can affect the biological processes of the body. And, I'd say that, if it's anything, aging, is a biological process, or more correctly, a psycho-biological process of the body, wouldn’t you agree?

Are U Up For The Challenge?

Now, I'm not saying that, I have attained, the skill to reverse, the aging process, to any great degree, but, it is an interesting idea and a new mental frontier, to explore and to practice, is it not? So, are you, up to the challenge?

Are, you willing, to expand your mind beyond its normal limits, to the point where you can see that, it’s possible, to have an intentional, mental affect, on the aging processes of your body?

Researchers, and scientists, have to deal with the placebo effect, whenever clinical trials are conducted, because a certain percentage of participants, in the clinical trials, who aren’t receiving the medication, being tested, get better, because they believe, they’re receiving medication.

The, placebo effect, is just another name, for the mind influencing, the body effect.

So, is it possible, to reverse the aging process, with the mind?

Yes or no? I say yes it's possible.

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