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Can crystals and stones actually heal?

Updated on February 5, 2011

Years ago if anyone was to tell me that a crystal or stone could assist me with healing I might have scoffed at the idea and thought it preposterous! Take a moment to think about stones and crystals and figure out exactly why they affect us. What are they made of and what are we made of? Do we share some similarities in our vital components? Ancient cultures in the past believed that these minerals could provide a positive and spiritual access to subtle energies of the Heavens and the Earth. Were they more in-tune with themselves, their minds, bodies and spirits than we are?

All crystals and stones were formed just as the earth was formed, continuing to change as they age, just as we do. Diamonds, said to be woman's desired jewel given from a man, have been said to be billions of years old. They are also known as the hardest natural substance in the world. But to get to this point of utter beauty and natural durability they had to age beneath the earth's crust, going down some 200 kilometers. Diamonds are only an example of the aging process, based on their luster and age, not to mention the value that we put on them as humans.

Think of how the earth came into formation. The earth is made up of around 100 different kinds of elements, each with differing chemical and physical properties. These properties are made up by the differing atoms that made up the differing elements. It began as a cloud of gas, which became a dense bowl of gases. These gases then formed into a contracted white molten ball, then gradually over time a thin layer of molten magma that surfaced as atoms multiplied and continued to age and form new properties, this would be known as the earth's mantle. As the molten magma boils and bubbles, crystal formation begins. Quartz as another example formed from the fiery gases and molten from the earth's centre.

Crystals can then be thought of as a piece of the earth's DNA, it's evolution, a part of the earth at different stages of development. Some crystals have formed under the immense pressures of the earth, some developed in layers, others dripped into their perfect formation. All of these various ways that they came about make them unique, consisting of different properties, emitting different energies.

We too can be thought of as having many of the same properties as the earth. We too are made of atoms, of elements that are found on the earth. (Atom: an electrically-neutral combination of electrons, protons and neutrons, the "smallest unit of an element to retain all the chemical properties of that element") Our human bodies are made up almost entirely of 13 elements found on the earth. These elements are Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen make up 96% of our body’s mass and the other 4% of body weight is composed almost entirely of sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sulphur, chlorine and Iodine .

Now that we have established the link between the earth's body mass and our own bodies we can go on to each crystal, their name, properties and energies that they vibrate forward and how they effect your own body's responses to environmental, mental and physical changes within your own body. So next time you see a stone, a plant, other living beings remember that we are all made of the same stuff, not much different just vibrating at different levels and varying in our make up...all valuable and relying on each other to continue living.


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    • profile image

      Denise Friedel 

      7 years ago

      Excellent information! Thank you for that.


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