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Cancer Cures And The Gordian Knot

Updated on February 3, 2016

Hot pepper compound: "We believe that we have, in effect, discovered a fundamental 'Achilles heel' for all cancers" - Dr. Timothy Bates, Nottingham University


A new direction for cancer

Some of you are going to be furious when you read this, but that's too bad because sometimes the truth hurts. What was the bigger lesson of Alexander the Great cutting the Gordian Knot? He taught us that if you want to solve a problem that resists being solved, you need to do something different.

In this case, the first thing we need to do differently is to stop trying to please the medical research community. The answer to cancer is NOT there. They have been shown repeatedly how terrible their approach is. They never listen even to their own failures for the past century.

Rather than cutting the Gordian Knot of cancer, they have tightened it.

Trying to please them with facts contrary to their own stubbornness is like a fly trying to please a spider by tiptoeing around its web. The fly gets tangled up instead and its insides get sucked out of it.

The following sentence is likely to be upsetting but it must be shouted from the rooftops if we are going to stop the madness. Likewise, cancer sucks the insides out of people. Their body literally flows out bit by bit through their urinary tract and their backside as their intestinal lining is destroyed.

Why can't we say what I've just said? It's factually true, and it's criminal at this point that this sort of torture is still allowed. THEY don't want you to say it out loud because if this sort of topic were commonly discussed, they would have to stop.

So they call you courageous for pooping your pants while they kill you. They shift the discussion from their brutality to your courage. IOW, they place the focus on your behavior rather than theirs. Uh, no thanks.

Before we get to the fundamental change that is needed, it needs to be said again for emphasis, this Hubpage article is likely to upset a lot of people.

Some defenders of the indefensible are likely to be boiling mad, in fact. This article really isn't for them because they are not very likely to let go of their failed models.

This article is for you if you recognize that cancer treatments like chemo-murder kill faster than cancer does.

Oh what a web they weave, when they inject you up your sleeve.

More than 70 years of cancer research has brought us twelve million humans each year tangled up and dead due to chemo and radiation. This "Spider Science" has worked well for the scientists and poorly for the specimens.

Will this year be the same? The answer is if doctors keep doing the same as they have done for the last near century, the results will be much the same as well. Their so-called scientific results matter not to them or they would have changed course long ago.

Their priority is their system rather than their results. If a patient buys into the system, the Spider Scientists are happy. They regret the death, but they don't attend your funeral. They attend a Broadway Play or go sailing.

As an example, if the cure for deadly scurvy were still a mystery today, Spider Scientists would treat this dreaded disease with chemo. You would die, and they'd go on a cruise. Meanwhile, the drug companies would pay out increased dividends.

That doesn't happen with scurvy because, today, every doctor worldwide accepts that citrus reverses scurvy. Yet the discovery that citrus reverses scurvy was based on only two patients. The discovery was first reported by Dr. James Lind way back in 1753.

Contrast that to cancer treatments today. Twelve million deaths a year is not enough to persuade the Spider Scientists that they are on the wrong track, when two patients was enough to persuade them they were on the right track with scurvy.

If scurvy were still a mystery today, the medical drug complex would not accept the results, just as they don't allow 12 million deaths annually to impact their thinking. Not even 1,400 deaths per hour inform their decisions enough to get them to stop what they are doing.

Are we any better off today relying on Spider Science's 1,400 hourly deaths to provide us with a cure than we were in 1753 when two patients gave the answer?

It has been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. By definition then Spider Science is the height of insanity. It has not cut the Gordian knot.

There is not a single published peer review study proving touching a hot stove can burn your finger

Using the logic of the peer review defenders, it's all anecdotal, and data isn't proof. Those simple minded fallacies that they hold onto so dearly have allowed them to scald the insides and outsides of cancer patients all across the land and the globe.

The rest of us are well aware that touching a hot stove can burn us. Likewise we have seen the carnage brought to cancer patients.

So here is a message to anyone who still defends chemo-murder and radiation-murder and hides behind peer review articles while their patients shrivel before their eyes. Go sit on a hot stove and get back to us when you've come to your senses.

It should not take more than one chemo-murdered patient to realize that what you're doing - if you do it again to another patient - is manslaughter. The same is true for radiation-murder.

If you're a patient, wake the hell up! Look at the people sitting around you in the waiting room for heaven's sake! Do those people look like they are getting better?? You're not getting better either. You are injuring your organs - organs you'll need if your cancer goes away temporarily.

While it's hard to cut the Gordian Knot with a spoon...

it's impossible to cure a living thing by poisoning it further whether it be a chemical or radioactive poisoning. If a patient survives the poisoning, they did so despite being poisoned, not because they were poisoned.

I cured my Stage 4 cancer in two weeks. That was over 17 years ago. I can tell you from my own experience curing cancer is about the easiest serious illness to cure that a patient can get.

In 2007, researchers Nottingham University confirmed my results. They called their discovery the "achilles heel" for cancer. They were right. And then they were wrong.

Those researchers decided they needed to go back to Spider Science and find a drug that could do what the compounds in hot peppers already do. Here we are nine years later (100 million deaths later.) Where is their cure!!

Freshly grated ginger works, too!

After I cured my Stage 4 cancer with a combination of freshly grated habanero peppers and garlic, there have been other really simple cures that have come to my attention. For example, in Eastern Europe, advanced cancers are being reversed with raw honey and freshly grated ginger.

That recipe takes a little longer to get rid of cancer, but it's easier to follow that recipe because the honey quiets down the heat of the ginger.

Why are hot spices so effective against cancer?

The answer is simple. Tumors are surrounded and smothered in snot. Doctors call it exudate.. I don't know if they use that word so they can charge more or not. In any case, doctors think of the snot as simply something to get out of the way, so they can get at the cancer.

But the snot protects the tumor. That's where the hot spices come into play. Spices melt snot. Do you want proof? Go eat a really hot pepper, and then see if anything runs out of your nose. It's the same stuff that make nose snot sticky that also covers up tumors.

So what would happen if we melted a snotty tumor's sticky shield? Well, there are blood vessels running through the snot that comes from the cancer. Those blood vessels feed the tumor.

The snot provides gentle support so that tumor's blood vessels can stay open. If the snot were to be melted away, the blood vessels would tend to collapse. Less blood could get through to feed the tumor.

The tumor DEPENDS on an adequate blood supply. Collapsed vessels just won't do.

This all makes a ton of sense, doesn't it. See you don't need to be a spider scientist to figure this out. So you can either use this information to your good or you can wait for science to kill another 12 million people this year like they did last year.

The scientists at Nottingham have the answer already. But for the last nine years, they have failed to bring it to you. Maybe they don't want their web melted.

Spider Scientists allowed the killing millions a year for about 70 years now. They have no intention of stopping. Or at least they won't let killing 12 million this year get in the way of what they are doing. Not last year. Not this year. And not next year either.

The truth is that the scientists aren't really looking at the snot as a way to starve tumors. So it could be a while before they make any headway.

If we continue to try to untie the knot to the satisfaction of the Spider Scientists, it'll never happen. They like their web model. It pays their bills and for their entertainment.

Or you could be one of those people who, back in the day, noticed citrus helped those two sailors who had scurvy. It took another 50 years before much headway was made in gaining acceptance for citrus against scurvy. Plenty of sailors died in the meantime.

Fifty years?? By then, another 600 million cancer patients will suffer in the meantime. Someday, maybe the scientists will come around.

In the meantime, don't let a sticky spider web of snot get you trapped. Fly away, which means, melt the snot. It won't hurt you to do that, and it won't kill you either. You might be real happy in the end. Just like Eddie is.

Eddie's story

Eddie is a person I know from some volunteer work. Eddie couldn't come to class one week because he was in the hospital swollen with fluid due to his cancer. A tumor was first located in his spine and hurt like the dickens. His cancer had since spread to his other organs.

He wasn't expected to live a whole lot longer because he was at risk for drowning in his fluid. The doctors were able to get his fluid down some, especially after I sneaked some organic soy sauce into the hospital. Fifty drops of it in a little water really does help to expel excess fluid.

After he got home he started on the ginger and honey. At first he was in too much pain to even go to the store. But after about a month of eating the ginger and honey two or three times a day, he and the family traveled from Florida to Georgia on a five-hour trip.

Eddie's back pain has dropped from a pain level he described as a "10" down to itching. Instead of needing a walker to get around, inside the house he needs nothing, and outside relies only on a cane.

Eddie has dropped about 70 pounds of fluid as well.

Cancer does not have to be complicated or scary. I didn't lose a minute's sleep when I had it, nor should you.

Well, that's about all I'm going to say for right now.

As for the ratios of ginger to honey, I'd modify it so it's not too sweet or too "gingery" strong. The stronger it is, the faster it works. Sometimes going slower is better to prevent too much snot from trying to leave the body at once putting stress on the kidneys. This is especially true if a person doesn't have a lot of vitality.

No doubt there will be people who make comments who will be outraged at what is written here. Let's ask 'em how outraged they are by the 12 million deaths that took place last year. It was needless. Completely needless.

Watch 'em try to invite you into their spider webs. That where they feel comfortable. I feel more comfortable having a little ginger and honey, thank you very much. You will too.

The best to you,

Kelley Eidem, author The Doctor Who Cures Cancer


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    • Kelley Eidem profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelley Eidem 

      4 years ago from Panama City, FL

      Hi Glenda,

      People are less resistant to following through with a recipe of ginger and honey.

      The recipe is simple. Grate a huge ginger root and cover it with raw organic honey.

      I've never actually weighed how much ginger to put in with the raw honey. The ratios aren't so important, as you'll be able to feel the strength of any particular mixture.

      If the taste is too sweet, add more FRESHLY grated ginger. If it's too strong, add more honey.

      The best to you.

      Kelley Eidem

      author, The Doctor Who Cures Cancer

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Hi Kelley,

      It's always good to find vindication like you have with this research and yes I couldn't agree more, don't fake it use it in its natural form as a pepper just as you did and others.

      Keep up the good work.

      There is definitely more people waking up to the natural cures now but still more who need to wake up.

    • Kelley Eidem profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelley Eidem 

      5 years ago from Panama City, FL

      Extremely well said, Peter. Your term "unwitting charlatan" is a great one. I'm going to use it.

      The one advantage we have is that while maybe 5% of the population relies on cancer for their livelihoods, 100% are at risk for cancer.

      So our task is not to convince the 5%. They are often hopelessly lost for the reasons you describe. Our target is the rest of the people. To be sure many of them have bought the bs hook, line and stinker. It's stinker because chemo-murder and radio-murder can make people ' body emit foul odors.

      We can reach the ones who have common sense. Most people understand the concept of hot stoves and fingers getting burned.

      The medical SINdustry has fooled the public into accepting only peer review journal articles and in the process mocked us for believing in our own ability to see what is in front of our eyes.

      I recall the TV public service announcements in the 1950's where shills came on TV to make us not trust our own judgment by using optical illusions. There would be a man in a suit talking to a child. The man would show a series of optical illusions to the child to reinforce that the child could not trust his own judgment. Johnny needed to trust the experts.

      That propaganda worked and has been passed on through osmosis to succeeding generations.

      Well that day is over. The 'optical illusion' these days is the over reliance on experts who have killed hundreds of millions of people for their own profit.

      All we need to do is stop accepting that what they do is normal. They turn people with tumors into riddled bodies.

      It would be far better if they did nothing at all rather than the things they do because those things are hurtful rather than helpful.

      In the book "The Art of War" the author advises not to attack the strength of the enemy but to go after the enemy's weakness, namely to go around.

      In this case, its easy. We merely trust our own instincts and observe how hurtful medical treatments are.

      The best to you.

      Kelley Eidem

      author, The Doctor Who Cures Cancer

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hi Kelley,

      You're spot on and I tell everyone I can about the successes we have had using your sandwich (we use ginger) and balancing our overall health.

      The biggest problem with getting traction with this simple resolution to health issues is going to be overcoming the enormous industry structure that is now in place.

      'Specialists' have invested years of their life to learning the skills of an unwitting charlatan - the reality of which renders them nothing more than puppets of the drug manufacturers.

      When you consider the money involved - Government, Private sector and charity driven funding for research, manufacturing of drugs and equipment, administration, training, fully integrated structures for the legalised drug pushing in hospitals and health centres, plus all the equipment like MRI's, X-rays, surgical equipment and then the peripheral staff like, consultants, assistants, administration & secretarial workers, nurses, research scientists, the marketing itself, the lab work etc etc. the enormity of the required changes becomes evident.

      This cancer cash cow is a well oiled monster that employs millions worldwide now. Entire lifetimes and career paths are dedicated to it and therefor have a vested interest in ignoring the simplicity and negligible cost of real solutions and many other potential ones - because how can they pay for their luxury cars and holiday homes if they acknowledge that they are actual totally ineffective and in reality do far more harm than good.

      Instead, the medical profession has become the modern day snake oil salespeople in what will eventually be exposed for the scandalous and barbaric ritualistic sacrifice of cancer sufferers worldwide.

      Shame on the medical profession for being so destructively self-righteous - common sense is no longer that 'common'.

      We owe a debt of gratitude to you Kelley for your tireless efforts in bringing this knowledge and the work of Dr Revici to the world.

    • Kelley Eidem profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelley Eidem 

      5 years ago from Panama City, FL

      Hi Chuck,

      Yes, there is a Hubpage article about using Sinus Buster to relieve cancer pain.

      Just a couple days ago, a man named Jose wrote in to say that he'd been using the nasal spray for two days and that it relieved him from eight years (!) of pain from a neuroblastoma that had been treated surgically three times but keeps returning.

      Although Dr. Revici found that the increase or decrease in pain was indicative of a cancer's progress, I just say it's a pain reliever and don't claim it'll cure cancer. If that claim were made, the FDA would probably raid the facility, even though I have no connection to the company that makes Sinus Buster in any way.

      The best to you.

      Kelley Eidem

      author, The Doctor Who Cures Cancer

    • Kelley Eidem profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelley Eidem 

      5 years ago from Panama City, FL

      Thank you, Laurence!

      That is so great to hear that you shared the fibrin article with them and this one.

      The best to you.

      Kelley Eidem

      author, The Doctor Who Cures Cancer

    • profile image

      Chuck S 

      5 years ago

      Some time ago you suggested that sinus buster, a nose spray that contains cansaicin, might fight cancer.

      And to glendamason, in the past Kelly said that it's good to have multiple cures, and that he'd rather use something better tasting than habenero.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Love your articles Kelly,

      Can't wait to inform the Dr's/Nurses at work. They loved your info on Fibrin, though were quite perplexed initially.

      Thanks again

      Best ever wishes

    • profile image


      5 years ago


      why didn't your friend, Eddie, use habanero/garlic to retard his cancer instead of ginger/honey? You first espoused habanero so I am wondering.

      Also, what is the recipe for ginger / honey for cancer?



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