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Carbohydrates to Lose Weight Permanently

Updated on May 3, 2011

I Have A Treasure Of Carbohydrates

Many people minimize their carbohydrate intake to lose weight, and there are many diets that recommend low carb intake starting from zero (no carb), yet I like to eat much of carbs to lose weight. The reason is that I know a treasure of carbohydrates which when eaten, they lead to permanent weight loss.

Do you like to know where is that treasure and share it with me? yes? then come with me and read this hub.

The Good and The Bad Carbohydrates To Lose Weight Permanently

When did Devil Carbohydrates Come To Us?

Before cultivation era, trees were abundant to supply oxygen to the atmosphere. The trees needed to be held uprising for many years they lived, and for metabolism it needed only internal canals to transport water from the soil to the higher parts, to metabolize carbon dioxide absorbed from the air.

For reproduction, the tree was to drop down its ovaries (fruits) which dissiminate their ovules (seeds). Animals were to eat these fruits and humans were to eat both the fruits and animals.

Fiber served the purpose of building both the wood and the fruits.

When cultivation era beagan about 10000 years ago, and with the emergence of grains, man and his plants recognized carbohydrates as a major form of energy storage (Starch).

Thus, there are 2 types of carbohydrates:
1) Simple carbohydrates (Bad carbs): Common carbohydrates like sugar and starch which are present in grains and some fruits. They can be digested by man.

2) Complex carbohydrates (Good carbs): Fiber like cellulose, hemicullolose, pectins,lignins..etc which are present in wood, fruits, vegetables, and outer most layer of grains. They can not be digested by humans.

Why Do People Like Bad Carbohydrates

We all like their taste, don't you?
People like simple carbohydrates (devil carbs) because they are tasty, widely varied, easily digested, and cheap. Simple carbs do not block appetite, rather they may even increase it, and not all people know they are devil any way.

Who does not like Sugar, Fruit Juice, Candy, and Bread. Also a few does not like Coke!

Simple Carbohydrates Fight Losing Weight Permanently

They Slow down Your Metabolism

Simple carbohydrates (Devil carbs) have a high glycemic index, and they were proved in many clinical trials to increase storage of fat.
Louis Aronne, M.D., an obesity specialist at New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center says " Refined carbs, such as bagels, white bread, and potatoes, create a surge in insulin that in turn promotes storage of fat and may drive down your metabolic rate".

The Treasure of Carbohydrates to Lose Weight Permanently

List of Some Complex Carbohydrates

Except wood I like all complex carbohydrates, among these are:
Spinach-Turnip-Lettuce-Water Cress-Zucchini-Asparagus-Artichokes- Okra-Cabbage-Celery-Cucumber-Dill Pickles-Radishes-Broccoli- Brussels-Egg plant-Onions-Tomatoes.

Whole Barley-Buckwheat-Buckwheat bread-Oat bran bread-Oatmeal- Oat bran cereal-Museli-Wild rice-Brown rice-Multi-grain bread-Pinto beans-Yogurt, low fat-Skim milk-Navy beans-Cauliflower-Soy milk-Whole meal-spelt bread.

Grapefruit-Apples-Prunes-Apricots, Dried-Pears-Plums-Strawberries- Oranges-Yams-Carrots-Potatoes-Soybeans-Lentils-Garbanzo beans- Kidney beans-Lentils-Split peas.

If you would like to add some vegetables and fruits that are not mentioned here, please add them in the discussion down the page.

Complex Carbohydrates Have a Negative Calorie Effect that Affects Weight Permanently

Why People Are Skeptical about Negative Calorie Value

Complex carbohydrates (fiber) have a negative calorie effect that many people are skeptical about, and some of them deny it. They recommend these foods for many reasons but negative calorie effect.

What have created this concept is the way advocates of this effect promoted it. They interpreted it depending on the conventional wisdom and not science, they conveyed an inaccurate message and the copy-cats have spread it, they said that you consume calories to extract less amount of calories! a discrepancy to the basic principles.

Like you, I have never understood how can the body consume energy to Digest and Extract less amount of energy in a food. To correct this concept we should understand that it is primarily Transport and not digestion that consume the extra energy. The body uses the same ways to extract calories, but it is supplied a mass that gets heavier all its way for excretion, thus forcing it to consume calories to expell it away. Go here to read about Cause of energy loss by negative calorie foods.

Complex Carbohydrates Boost Metabolism

Try it At Home

If you have not seen the ripening process in this picture before, you can try it by bringing a green Banana and leaving it for 2-3 days at room temperature. I have seen it with Bananas and other fruits like Mango and Dates.

Ripening of these fruits away from the tree is due to the presence of enzymes inside it. Many fruits and vegetables contain enzymes. Many of the digestive pills contain enzymes that are extracted from Pineapple.

Although enzymes are proteins which according to the theoretical basis can be digested by the stomach like any food, yet fruits and vegetables proved to boost metabolism and improve general health.


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