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Permanent Weight Loss Diet - The Secrets Nobody Wants You to Know

Updated on May 10, 2011

What is common between weight loss/diet and real estate industries? The first one claims to help us lose weight - sometimes they promise us quick weight loss - and the second one claims to make millionaires in real estate, and both are in it to make a lot of money on you.

They both know the odds of someone losing weight with their diets or plans and keeping it off, or someone becoming millionaire in real estate are ample. Re-read their invariable message " Results are not typical for all individuals".

Definitely you can lose weight with diet products/plans, but the main concept is how to keep it off. The secret to keeping it off, the weight loss titans will suppress at any cost, because should everyone knows it, they would all go out of business.

You Do Not Gain Weight Because You Do Not exercise Vigorously

You get over weight because you do not eat foods that comply with your metabolic type. Pay close attention to what you are about to read, because it will change the way you lose weight forever.

It is not so complicated, as some of us may think. In fact, if you don't consider this fact, you will end up converting most of the calories you eat as fat tissue and extra weight, no matter how much you exercise and die starving in between.

You should consider the fact that using a low calorie diet will lead you to no where, unless you keep your new calorie intake forever. This is because your own metabolism will readjust itself to burn fewer calories, if you drop your calories intake below the level it used to consume.

In other words, your basal metabolic rate will be reduced, and you should not change it by changing calorie intake. Assume that you drop your intake from 3500 to 2000. Your metabolism will promptly adjust itself so that your body now starts to burn only the supplied amount: 2000 calories per day.

Unless you keep taking only 2000 calories everyday, your diet will fail in the long run. Eating the right foods may make your neighbor or friend eats 3000 calories a day and not gain any weight, while you may need to starve yourself to lose weight.

The Diet Solution Program for Weight Loss

The system behind eating the right foods and right dieting is named "The Diet Solution Program", because this system to permanent weight loss is so basic and simple that literally anyone can do it. Is the end of dieting and the beginning of something you always dreamed of : Permanent Weight Loss.


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