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Caring For The Elderly - Herbal Remedies To Ease The Symptoms Of Old Age

Updated on August 30, 2011

Herbal Remedies For The Elderly

In later life the metabolism slows down and energy levels drop, but with a good diet and an active lifestyle, it's possible to maintain vitality and good health. What causes so much grief in the aging process is the development of rheumatism, arthritis, gout and brittle bones, which can be incapacitating and lead to depression. Being in constant pain and with a lack of mobility are sad conditions that lots of elderly people suffer with.

Herbal remedies can help with these symptoms of old age as well as memory loss and blocked arteries. These natural remedies can really benefit those who are suffering from such conditions, but as with all herbal treatments, a little faith in nature can go a long way too.

I've been a user of herbal medicine in place of conventional medicine for years now, but I would always recommend readers consulting a doctor about any condition first.

Herbs For Rheumatism, Arthritis And Gout

White Willow - this herbs reduces swelling and inflammation. It has a similar effect to that of asprin as it contains salicylic acid which reduces pain.

Celery - celery improves circulation and detoxifies the blood. It prevents uric acid from attacking joints which is the cause of gout or arthritis and helps flush toxins from the body.

Bladderwrack - this is a type of seaweed that is rich in minerals. It can help boost the metabolism and ease pain caused by arthritis.

Devil's Claw - is a really effective anti-inflammatory and painkiller. It can help restore movement to painful joints.

Angelica - can reduce swelling and reduce the pain of rheumatism and arthritis.

Rosemary - contains 4 anti-inflammatory substances.

Aside from Celery which can be eaten, these herbs would be taken either in tincture form or used in creams and applied directly to the affected areas.

Herbs For A Better Memory

Ginkgo - improves blood flow to the heart, reducing the risk of blocked arteries and blood clots. It stimulates circulation to the brain and can help protect against strokes.

Gotu Kola - stimulates blood flow to the brain and strengthens nerve function.

Ginseng - improves circulation to the brain and can boost concentration levels.

Rosemary - improves circulation to the brain to boost memory and increase alertness.

These herbs would be taken orally, either in capsule form or as a tea.

Herbs To Help With Brittle Bones

These herbs contain an estrogen like substance that can help to lessen weakening of the bones and possibly increase bone density.

Purple Sage, Red Clover, Liquorice

These herbs would be taken orally either in caspule form or as a tea.


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