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How to control your pressure and Changing your lifestyle

Updated on February 11, 2013

About 50% people have high pressure will not know about their conditions. If those who knows this, not trying to control it. The main thing is to identify the pressure level. If one is having high pressure then he has to change his lifestyle and also take right medicines. But some people will not regularly monitor their pressure level, they only relay on medicines.

High blood pressure will not give any special symptoms. As the pressure increases and took the control of body parts then only our body shows symptoms, but this time affected body parts is difficult to return to its normal working conditions.

To make awareness and controlling it, the ‘World Hyper Tension League’ ‘celebrating world blood pressure day’. On every year on May 17th they put some messages to the world. ‘Healthy Lifestyle-Healthy Blood Pressure is the message they putting this time to the world.

Conditions to look after before checking pressure:

Only by obeying these conditions will help to identify exact pressure.

  • The patient should take at least 5minute rest.
  • Sit on a chair and place the hands over the table at correct height with heart.
  • The patient should not take any food, tobacco smoke and coffee before 30 minutes while taking pressure.
  • By giving an interval of 5minutes, at least one has to take pressure readings two times.

The American joint national company and European society of hyper tension gives no: of weight age for pressure. According to 7th J.N.C the normal blood pressure should be less than 120/80.

  1. 120-139/80-89 is termed as pre hyper tension. This is the first condition to high Pressure.
  2. 140-90 is the limit line for blood pressure. At this time one should change their lifestyle and food control.
  3. 140-159/90-99 is termed as the ‘stage-one-hyper tension. This level one should control their food and take medicines.
  4. If the value is more than 160/100, the dangerous situation one should take precautions and take medical help.

For healthy lifestyle, the following three components are important.

  1. First component consists of the following.
  • Controlling body weight.
  • Body mass index (B.M.I). If the value is more than 25, then one should have overweight. Calculated by dividing body weight by average of height.
  • Circumference of the belly. For Indians (men- the value should not exceed 90cm and for woman- the value should not exceed 80cm).

The recent study shows, the Circumference value has to take to identify pressure than B.M.I.

2. The second component is eating healthy food.

The energy required by the body is obtained from food we eat, but to improve the energy and body, one should control the amount of food they eat. Taking too much food is not good for body but taking food in correct proportions will help to improve your life span. By saying this one should not go for diet. Everyone should take food daily three times in correct proportions. Eat good and healthy food, eat slowly.

Salt required in a day is only 4-6gm. Take fruits and vegetables instead of fast food. Nuts are good. According to ancient Hindu saints, not take solid food after sunset. Take only liquid food, not sweet juice.

3. Don’t take liquor. Taking of liquor will increase blood pressure. The main reason for Systolic blood pressure increase is by taking continuous liquor consumption. Smoking will increase the blood pressure. Continuous stress will increase the settlement of Stress Hormone. This will increase blood pressure.

10 things will cause the blood pressure increase:

1. Age; after 55 years the B.P will increase.

2. Pressure will be more in black people.

3. Change in sex. Low in girls at younger age, but more at older age as of men.

4. Hereditary.

5. Smoking.

6. Not doing exercise.

7. Taking of more salty food items.

8. Use of drugs.

9. Diabetes and effect of it in kidney.

10. Tumors ejecting hormones will increase blood pressure.

So change your lifestyle and control your pressure.

Blood Pressure Medication:

  • ACE inhibitors
  • Angiotensin inhibitors
  • Beta blockers
  • Alpha blockers
  • Alpha-Beta blockers
  • Calcium channel blockers
  • Diuretics
  • Clonidine
  • Minoxidil

Advise: Ask your doctor to take reading from both hands while taking pressure readings as new study tells that reading from one hand will not give right values.

Blood Pressure Day is coming

Did you take any steps to change your lifestyle and thus your blood pressure?

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    • viewfinders profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from India

      first of all thanks for reading.

      In my study many of the young generation is taking tobacco, drugs and fast foods without control, causing series problems like high BP.

      I hope you will share this hub to help youngsters from the bad habits.

    • A K Turner profile image

      Joseph A K Turner 

      6 years ago from West Yorkshire

      Don't suffer from it myself, am too young and too active, but a lot of my family do, so it is good to have info on it.


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