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Reasons and Symptoms of Mouth Cancer

Updated on August 21, 2012

For time pass, people started using many types of drugs from the ancient time itself. Now days using of tobacco, cigarette, alcohol etc are increasing in youth. Specially packed tobacco drugs (Gudka, Pan Masala) are mostly used by the new generation.Due to the above bad habits many changes will occur in the mouth, from change of skin colour to mouth cancer.

According to the study of WHO, cancer occurs in southeastern countries especially in India is squamous cell carcinoma due to the increased use of tobacco. In India mouth cancer occurs mostly in men than woman’s .About 80% of these cancers can be cured if it is identified at the initial stage.

Reasons of Cancer:

1.Cigarette and Tobacco chewing:

Beedi, cigarettes are the important tobacco products mainly causing cancer (mouth, lung) as it contains a large amount of bad substances. Chewing tobacco with Areca nut pieces will increase the symptoms of cancer.

2.Gudka and pan masala:

Packed tobacco chewing is more dangerous than traditional tobacco chewing. Increase use of the Pan Masala in young people causing 90% cancer.

3.Alcohol consumption:

Alcohol consumption causes the dissolving and their by absorption of bad substances in Pan Masala, fastening the occurrence of cancer.

4.Wounds in mouth:

Another cause of mouth cancer is the wounds formed due to the continuous scratching of skin with broken teeth. This will grow and finally reaches to cancer.

Initial stages of Cancer:

Before the final stage of cancer there will be some changes occurs in the mouth. If it can be identified at the below mentioning stages, it can be cured.

  • Leukoplakia:

Occurrence of white dots on the upper and lower skin of mouth due to the increase use of cigarette and tobacco.

  • Erythroplakia:

Sometimes red dots also will occur, which is more dangerous than Leukoplakia.

  • Oral Sub mucous fibrosis:

Due to the heavy use of tobacco will cause changes of skin colour and smoothness.One who has Oral Sub mucus fibrosis can’t take any spicy food.

Curing method:

A biopsy is the main method to identify these initial stages and can be cured by two methods. Either antioxidants or operations. For fungus infection, medicines and pain killers are available. To reduce the hardness of the skin some injections are also given.

Don’t Take eyes from these changes:

  • White dots in mouth
  • Red dots in mouth
  • Wounds which not curing after 3 weeks
  • Reduced blood condition in the skin
  • Hardening of mouth skin
  • Difficult to open mouth
  • Growth inside the mouth


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    • profile image

      aryan 4 years ago

      Hey I used some tabacco products n I already leaved n now m ot able to eat anything spicy could u pls help my email id is

    • viewfinders profile image

      viewfinders 5 years ago from God's own country(kerala)


      thanks for your comment midhun,ya its really dangerous situations as youngsters are going to it...

      at least reading these types of articles ,some of peoples like you will try to spread these problems to children and help them to move away/out from it.

    • profile image

      midhun 5 years ago

      ya use of tobacco in increasing everyday and people are suffering a lot from it and i thinks its a great thing to share this article with all of us...

      thanks voted up