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How to Control cholesterol to avoid Heart Attack

Updated on March 8, 2014

Every day we can hear the sound of the ambulance carrying people to hospitals. Due to the increased use of fat leads to the heart and other health problems. Vegetable oil, eggs, ghee, milk etc. are the main source of fat. The main purpose of fat in the body is to give enough energy, maintain body temp: , protect organs from external stroke and to maintain the absorption of Vitamin A, D, K. Bad cholesterol is the enemy of body creating blocks.

Types of cholesterol:

  • Fatty acids
  • Triglycerides
  • Phospholipids

The required cholesterol in the body is obtained by two ways.

1. From the food we eat

2. Fat produced by the liver.

For normal diet, about 100gm triglycerides, 1gm cholesterol will be obtained in one day. Apart from the fat produced by the liver, all other cells will produce a small amount of cholesterol. Because the main component of cell body is the fat. The amount of cholesterol in egg yolk, ghee, and meat will be more. When the amount of cholesterol in the blood increases, causes the cholesterol to deposit inside the blood vessels and causes heart problem, brain death etc. Cholesterol is also called the friend of the body. Maintaining some important functions inside the body is done with the help of cholesterol, like absorption of other fats and vitamins. Folic acid helps to dilute cholesterol in the intestine. If this is correctly formed then 40% of fat will be losses through excreta.

HDL is called as good cholesterol which helps to control atherosclerosis. If the amount of HDL decreases leading to heart problems. Diabetics, heavy weight, smoking, hereditary matters etc. Will cause the amount of HDL.

LDL is called as the enemy of the body, as the level of it increases will reduce the amount of HDL.This causes settlement of cholesterol inside the blood vessels causing atherosclerosis. So it is important to maintain the level of HDL. The cholesterol is overcome with the diet control, exercise and proper medicine.

Amount of cholesterol in food items:

Egg -550mg

Egg yolk - 1500mg

Egg white – 0mg

Ghee – 250mg

Milk – 11mg

Mutton – 65mg

Beef – 70mg

Chicken – 60mg

Fish – 70mg

Vegetable oil – 0gm

Cereals – 0gm

Edible leaves – 0gm

How to keep your Cholesterol under Control

Keeping Cholesterol under control is an essential thing to overcome the heart problems. In order to keep the cholesterol under control we all should consume the food which controls cholesterol and provide good cholesterol.

Consuming Unsaturated Fat: Omega -3 essential fatty acid contained in unsaturated fat helps to lower bad cholesterol. Fruits like Avocado,some vegetables,oily fish,seeds and nuts,olive oil and ground flax seeds contains unsaturated fats.

Consuming Food containing fibre: Food items such as beans ,pulses,vegetables,bread made of grains etc. contains lots of fibre and is difficult to digest. Such fibre will struck into the bad cholesterol and it is removed as waste.

Red Wine Consumption: Limited consumption of red wine which contains Saponin which help to maintain good cholesterol as it helps to absorb the LDL from the body.

Consuming Fruits: fruits like Strawberries 'termed as super fruits' can lower body cholesterol upto 14%.

Reduce Cholesterol by Changing Lifestyle

Lifestyle is an important factor that help in controlling cholesterol. Here i am mentioning five Lifestyle changing steps to reduce your cholesterol and helping you overcome heart problems and attack.

  1. Lose weight
  2. Eating Healthy Foods
  3. Exercise every week
  4. Quitting tobacco containing things
  5. Reducing Alcohol consumption.

Exercise to reduce Bad Cholesterol


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    • viewfinders profile image

      viewfinders 5 years ago from God's own country(kerala)

      actually we considered the native hen eggs which have more cholesterol than genetically modified ones.

      I given the cholesterol value of 3 native eggs,sorry of not putting in bracket about it.

      Always valued your comments