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Congratulations on your pregnancy

Updated on October 22, 2012

The best 2 lines you will probably see

So you may or may not have took your pregnancy test yet but in most cases them 2 lines bring good news and excitment and the start of a new life growing inside you. The first thing you will want to do is share this great news..... but some people cant wait to tell. Others hang on that little bit longer till there pregnancy has progressed.

The first thing that you will start to notice is the changes to your breast's as they become sore and tender.due to the hormonal changes and increased blood flow. You may also experience some sickness, (morning sickness) which is also a early sighn of pregnancy.                      

Pregnancy comes in 3 different trimesters:



7-9 months THIRD TRIMESTER                      

When you get to your second trimester you may have over come any tiredness and morning sickness and start to settle in to your pregnancy you will be looking  forward to that first scan and the first time your baby moves.....only little (flutters) to start of with. You may want to think about getting yourself some new bra's and some more fitting clothes as you get bigger.

Looking after yourself is important so eating a well balanced diet is essential and to check that your eating the right sort of foods as some foods contain nasty bacteria that may harm the unborn foetus.

Once you reach your last trimester you may or may not have asked about your babys gender if you have then you will want to start shopping around but try not to over do it as tiredness returns in the last few months maybe ask family to help out or do a bit of online shopping to make things easier.

As baby grows you will have already noticed  your baby kicking and moving around as your pregnancy draws near to the end you may notice that your baby doesnt move as often this is because theres not much room to move but should still make some movements each day.

You should be thinking about packing your hospital bag for yourself and baby and what you will need to take with you. You will have already talked with your midwife about the birth and what you want.





















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