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How to Manage Bipolar I Disorder (Symptoms and Ideas)

Updated on April 9, 2013
It it not uncommon for people with Bipolar 1 Disorder to be very creative.
It it not uncommon for people with Bipolar 1 Disorder to be very creative.
People who suffer from Bipolar 1 Disorder can have times of extreme mania or deep depression.
People who suffer from Bipolar 1 Disorder can have times of extreme mania or deep depression.

Symptoms and Management

If you know someone who is suffering from any of these symptoms they should see a mental health care professional immediately.

Symptoms of Bipolar I:

  • Feelings of saving the world or having powers
  • Fast speech, movement, etc.
  • Rapid change of behaviors.
  • Depression or sadness for brief periods.
  • Quick energy bursts.
  • Loss of sleep or sleeping too much. (Needing no sleep.)
  • Racing Thoughts
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Risky or impulsive behavior (like spending sprees, sex, etc.)
  • Aggressiveness

These are just a few that I have experienced myself and seen in others. I hope that you will take the time to help someone in need today that might be having a hard time with depression or mania. Remember, they are just normal people with a special condition. Their condition does not define who they are.

Other helpful everyday things you can do for bipolar disorder are massage and acupuncture. Jogging, push ups, and other physical activities. Get plenty of sleep every night. Eat a balanced diet.

If you have any questions or comments, please send me a message and I will be happy to help you. I have a full list of available mental health care agencies and websites that can help you. I have a lot of experience as a patient myself.



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    • profile image

      Sonu 3 years ago

      you have one chance to come clean with me and only one chace . i lekood into his eyes with a what are you talking about look for about 5 secs. then i broke down and told him about the doctor that just threw anti-depressants and sleeping pills at me and how i tried the adderall on my own and how i felt normal for the first time in my life and to my surprise he agreed with me. he told me buying the prescription was wrong but he didnt blame me because he knew i felt hopeless. so,like an angel, he prescribed it to me and said that he prayed over it and thats why he helped me. he said he had a feeling he was being conned(which he was) but he felt that i was legit in some way. and god gave him a feeling(TOLD HIM) to help me and thank godd he did because now i feel like i can do my job working on helicopters, do my air national guard job on f-16s, and take care , play with , and support , my wife and 3 kids without screwing up and if i do screw up i feel like i have the umph to make it better if not fix it! i say all THAT to say this. ive tried from the time i was 15 to now to find something to help me feel normal or at least in charge a little. from pot ( which isnt bad ) to exctasy ( which is good depnding on whats in it ) to cocaine ( which is horrible! period paragragh!) and this led me to big addictions especially with pain meds! and now i dont even feel the slightest urge ( EVEN THE SLIGHTEST) to do any of that sh!t! thnx for listening and i hope my posts help at least one person whether its someone with add or someone living with add. if ur the later pls remember to treat them delicately as they adjust to there meds and if they havent gotten their meds yet be super delicate because we have a tendency to either blow up or implode which neither is good for anyone so just take it easy k .. thnx for listening rick from starkville

    • profile image

      Nibby 3 years ago

      Super jazzed about getting that knho-oww.

    • crystolite profile image

      Emma 6 years ago from Houston TX

      Useful hub that is well organized to give maximum info,thanks for sharing.