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David Boyi

Updated on May 26, 2015

It was a very busy day and i stood waiting for my mechanic to wrap up the little work he was doing in my car, then i saw this young man walked along, his condition touched me and i immediately called his attention then we began to talk.

He had it from birth it was a small growth but a quack doctor touched it and triggered the rapid growth which now developed to this big tumour about to take his life. Nothing else is needed to save him if not surgery.

This is a skin condition and rare in people but you can see it now on him and it's so unfortunate that the least i could is to tell his story. This hub is to highlight his case and to seek help to save his life.

David Boyi is a Nigerian and needs your help, we are not asking for money but someone to treat him. I know that there are so many people out there waiting for someone like him but he is far away in Nigeria where helps seems impossible and those who can help can't find him.

This condition is killing him, i wonder if it was the other way round, what if it was me? Please help me to save his life. The short video is my highest support so please if there is a way you can help, then please SAVE DAVID BOYI


Please save David Boyi

He is human and orphan

What can i ask if not help

This is a total stranger

But God has called me

And i will get his story out

If it is his will then help will come

Let me be the avenue

He is human and an orphan

So help me Lord to find him help

This is what i now believe

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx x xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Just watch the video


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