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Dead Sea Mineral Salt and their functions

Updated on June 27, 2010

Dead Sea Mineral

There are about 21 minerals found at the Dead Sea, Dead Sea minerals have been used by people like King Solomon, Queen Cleopatra, and Herod who would travel to get these precious minerals which they could bath. The Dead Sea is the saltiest of all the water bodies both oceans and other big lakes. It was discovered that Dead Sea minerals had got nutritional and health benefits. The minerals salt found in the Dead Sea is what gives it the ability to cure some diseases in the body

During the days of King Solomon, they had to go to the Dead Sea physically and bath on the salty water, but they were paying the price just to get the water which did improve metabolism of the cells. The cells were rejuvenated and made young by the effects of Dead Sea minerals and salts

In the Dead Sea also lies the salt which detoxified our body from harmful bacteria’s that normally affect our physical appearance including the skin. Below are some of the minerals found at the Dead Sea that improve our lives and need to be taken more often?

Dead Sea Mineral Salt

Types of Dead Sea Minerals and Salt

Calcium – one of minerals found in the Dead Sea which help keeps our bones and teeth strong, without calcium in our body your bones will become weak, calcium also help make stronger, reinforce, fortify, brace,  build up, support, and strengthen our body cell membranes. Calcium also helps in the purification, sanitization, decontamination, distillation, refinement and cleansing of pores.

Zinc – Dead Sea Zinc minerals helps with regulation of cell propagation, with zinc in the your body you will be able to have good and healthy number of cells in the body, other than proliferation zinc also help creation, increasing, and producing large number of cells in your body

Sodium – Dead Sea sodium contains ions, and you have heard of Sodium Ions, the helps are very useful in our body and play a greater role in removal of dead skin cells, as your skin age out it is the sodium that is responsible for repair the skin. Your skin become porous and water tight due to the Sodium which helps retains moisture

Potassium – potassium is necessary for the body because it helps improve oxidation in our body system. It also helps regulates electric functioning of the muscles and nervous system. In medication those known to be suffering from diseases like asthma are normal advice to inhale the salt vapors of potassium found in the Dead Sea

Chlorine – Although many have argued that chlorine is not good for the body, but health wise it helps to neutralize the effect of alkalinity and acidity effect in the body. Chlorine also helps in the metabolism of the skin

Bromide – many skin care products use bromide, the mineral when applied help the body maintain its repose. When applied your body will feel relaxed

Magnesium – it also useful in cell metabolism as chlorine does, magnesium is used for treatment of psoriasis

Iodine – which help prevent goiter in our body?, the production of thyroxin is normally done by iodine and also help in cell metabolism , there is also Bitumen which is used as an anti-inflammatory negotiator , above are some of the 21 minerals found at the Dead Sea that you need to know and use. They are of much benefit to your health and will reduce your spending on medication if you can have access to the products manufactured from these Dead Sea salts and minerals

Dead Sea Minerals

Dead Sea mineral videos

Dead Sea Salts


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    • profile image

      sharron 5 years ago

      I'm using sea of spa cosmetic products,

      Great artical ,Thank you

    • oderog profile image

      oderog 8 years ago from Nairobi

      Actually tap water chlorine is processed and is a mixture of other substance, thanks for stopping by

    • rb11 profile image

      rb11 8 years ago from Las Vegas

      Didn't realize the salt had all those elements. Is the chlorine you mention the same as the one in tap water?