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Developing a Powerful Mind

Updated on February 3, 2011

The Importance of Developing your Mind

What is the most important element in your life? Is it riches? Is it powerful family connections? Is it a great job? Is it a perfect body? How about great health? While all of these are great to have, they are useless without a powerful mind.

Your mind controls all the important aspects of your life. If you have a powerful mind, then you will be rich and healthy. Your weight will be under control. You will have a great relationships and you will be successful at life. The strength of your mind is the foundation to your life.

In science, the mind is at best considered to be an epiphenomena of the brain. To scientist, the mind does not exist and is therefore irrelevant. Thoughts cannot be weighed or measured making them an invalid area for scientific research. The mistake that science makes is based on the Aristotelian idea of an objective reality and the refusal to believe in a subjective reality.

If you are reading this, you know in your heart that your thoughts exist. You also know that you have free will or the power to make decisions. Your mind may be limited by the neurons within your brain, but it is your mind that chooses what thoughts to focus upon.

The ancient religions knew about the importance of the mind. If it helps, you may think of it as your Ki or Lifeforce. It is also our energy source for using the law of attraction.

Your Powerful Mind - Mental Exercise

While a powerful mind is the most important factor in success, it can be developed at no cost. As the strength of your mind grows, you will feel a harmony of thought grow within yourself. Anxiety and worry will become a thing of the past. Here are some great techniques for getting yourself started:

  • Think for Yourself: Do not take anything on faith (although you may believe something conditionally). Question everything until you form a foundation for understanding reality.
  • Test your Mind: Solving puzzles and facing new challenges teach us about our thinking errors. Play chess against your friends or a computer. Real time strategy games like Starcraft 2 teach us to think holistically.
  • Study Logic and Math: The universe is consistent just like mathematics. Math gives your mind rigor and strength. There are over a hundred proofs to support the Pythagorean theorem, yet not a single proof against it.
  • Regulate your Body: If necessary, set up an exercise routine. Monitor and control your food intake. A healthy mind is linked to a healthy body.
  • Endure Quietly: The next time you are in an uncomfortable situation, use it as an opportunity to endure quietly without complaint.
  • Meditate: Our mind is often fragmented with opposing goals. Meditation allows different areas to consolidate and work together as a whole.
  • Dream Work: Once you have done some meditation, you may want to do some dream work. Our dreams provide us with insight to the workings of our own mind. You can create vivid dreams by building up your caffeine tolerance and then suddenly withdrawing from it.
  • Accept Emotions: Our emotions are important signals about the status of our body and mind. Do not disown them or reject them. Accepting them allows us to be aware of their source. If you are having trouble determining the source of an emotion, meditating on one emotion can often help to locate its source.
  • Learn New Things: Studying a new sphere of knowledge can often reveal new things to us. Be sure to occasionally pick a subject that may seem irrelevant or boring.
  • Travel: Strange places, different cultures, and new people will open our eyes to ideas that we would never think of.
  • Movie Variety: We all have our favorite movies and we tend to stick to certain genres. Be sure to watch a few movies that are different. An occasional foreign movie is great too.
  • Find a Nemesis: Whatever your beliefs, there will be people who believe differently. Most of them will not be suitable debating partners, but occasionally you will find someone to rattle intellectual swords with.
  • Read Books: Books allow us to learn important ideas from other people. Most of the books I read are non-fiction. When I do read fiction, I prefer books that make me look at things from a different perspective.

For many years, I believed in a mechanistic universe. My life was a general failure. It was the realization that our world is basically a cosmic dream with multiple players that resulted in my empowerment. My mind and the power of visualization have resulted in a successful life ever since that day when my perspective changed. Developing your mind will work for you too.

Live long and prosper


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