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Diet To Build Muscle And Lose Fat - How To Get In Shape In 8 Weeks

Updated on November 6, 2014

Diet To Build Muscle And Lose Fat

If you're looking for a diet to build muscle and lose fat then this article can help you. Regardless of what the experts tell you, what you put into your mouth goes with the way your body looks.

There are millions of people who train in gyms very hard but because they don't know what to eat they are still fat or obese. I see this all the time wherever I train around the world.

Divide the amount of hours that you are awake by 6 and this is how often you should eat a meal. What this does is boost your metabolic rate and feed your muscles nutrients for growth (after intense weight training work outs).

Each of your meals will consist of good fats, carbs and protein. You must include all 3 for maximum results. Yes, there are good carbs and good fats too.

- Protein - Roughly 1 gramme of protein per pound of your body weight is a good guide. You can go as high as 1.5 grammes if you wish. Eat quality proteins from egg whites, lean red meat, white meats, tuna, orange roughy and even include a couple of whey protein shakes mixed with water every day for convenience. Eat protein with every meal.

- Carbohydrates - The best carbs for you are those in the low glycemic index range as they are low in sugar so you won't store them as fat. Plus they have a slow releasing energy which is better for your workouts and lifestyle.

- Fats - Good fats are trans fats and also those from fish oil, olive oil, nuts like soya, almonds and cashews plus some flax seed oil too.

Try your best to eat a serving from each food group when you can, or at least for 4 - 5 meals per day.

To speed up your fat burning process if you are looking to gain muscle yet lose fat faster follow this formula:

3 Days in a row just eat complex carbs early in the morning. Day 4 load up all day on your usual quota of carbs. This cycling of carbohydrates puts your body into fat burning over drive though it is not good to do all year round.

Cycle this formula into your routine when you really feel like getting extra ripped. The key to any diet to win muscle and lose fat programme is to be consistent and disciplined.

Important note to make though is that you must have your occasional "cheat days/meals" otherwise you'll go totally off track. By doing this it will keep you sane and not affect your ability to build muscle or burn fat in the long term.

Video - Diet To Build Muscle And Lose Fat

Plan Your Meals

If you fail to plan then you plan to fail, it's as simple as that. I personally use a 7 day food planner to get organised for my week ahead. Take the time to prepare & cook your foods then refrigerate them for the whole week ahead.

All top bodybuilders do this as when you have the food at hand it makes it so much easier to stick to your programme. Invest in some knifes for cutting, cookware for cooking & a small cooler box to take to work/everyday activities etc.

Nobody ever said that a diet to build muscle and lose fat would be easy to follow. We all can get side tracked occasionally. The good news is with discipline, consistency and taking things one day at a time we can all achieve our goals. Good luck and go for it!

Please leave me a comment on the results that you get from following this programme.

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