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Natural Bodybuilding Pre Contest Diet - How To Get Ripped To Win Your Contest

Updated on May 9, 2014

Natural Bodybuilding Pre Contest Diet

The standards in any natural bodybuilding competition are extremely high today so you need to prepare in good time and present a "ripped", full muscled physique on your big day.

In this article we will look at some tips on how that can be achieved, so with some time and preparation that 1st place trophy will be yours.

Dieting for your show will take lots of mental discipline, especially as the best natural bodybuilding pre contest diet should take around 16 weeks for best results.

You will at times be tempted by your kids junk food in your fridge, beer on nights out, your wife's chocolate habit etc. Stay mentally strong with your goal and objective in sight as there is plenty of time after the contest to pig out and enjoy yourself.

Take into account the costs involved as you will also need to stock up on supplements, bodybuilding products to make sure you stay healthy during the process. I also recommend using a 7 day planner to plan all your meals, workouts and cardiovascular programmes in advance.

This well keep you on track on a daily basis and make it easier to plan your personal/family life around your preparations. Start out dieting gradually so your body does not over react and start to lose too much quality muscle too quickly.

A great way to start is by cutting out all those 'bad calorific' foods such as high sodium, bad fats, sugars etc. Then over time you will be limited as to what foods you can consistently eat, they will be replaced by a mainstay of the following natural bodybuilders pre contest diet food list:

What You Should Be Eating

# Protein: Tuna, egg whites, white meat, lean red meat, low carb protein shakes with water.

# Carbohydrates: Wholemeal rice, wheat bread, rice cakes, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, low GI fruits (natural sugars)

# Fibrous Carbohydrates: Broccoli, spinach, lettuce, greens, peppers, lettuce, mixed vegetables.

# Natural fats: Nuts (ie almonds), olive oil, natural fats.

Plan your meals around 5- 7 small meals per day to give the body time to assimilate all the protein and boost your metabolic rate each time you eat. A pre contest diet is all about eating little and often.

Adding some interval training/cardiovascular exercise is paramount in getting "shredded" for your big day. Start out slow with a low intensity and work your way up to 4 - 5 minute interval bursts over a 30 minute period.

The exercise bike, cross trainer and rowing machine are perfect for interval training. If you choose to go outdoors then running or cycling work wonders for getting in shape for your body building contest.

Natural Bodybuilding Pre Contest Diet Video

The "ripped" look takes a lot of work so stay focused, dedicated and disciplined with the natural bodybuilders pre contest diet and get plenty of sleep as well (8 hours per night) for major results and the winners trophy can be yours.

Please leave me a comment & let me know your results.

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