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Do Cardio Workouts For Maximum Weight Loss And Good Health

Updated on October 6, 2014

The Importance Of Cardio Workouts

Do cardio workouts for maximum weight loss and be amazed by the overall results. This workout type is specifically aimed at flexing and strengthening the heart muscles by encouraging an boost in heart-rate in a healthy way. Cardio workouts additionally assist in improving blood flow, burn calories and oxygenate tissue cells and blood. Establishing great cardiovascular structure is essential for overall health and wellbeing. The primary factor in continued efficiency is to identify methods to better cardio exercises gradually, thus accomplishing maximum weight loss.

Indeed there are several kinds of cardio exercises and combinations of workouts that numerous individuals are familiar with. But, what is important about any exercise regime or fitness activity is that you ought to constantly make a choice that will fulfill your needs best. The type of work out you choose will be based considerably on your physical capability. Before starting any exercise routine, have a health check and also seek the advice of a from a medical practitioner or fitness personnel who's able to assist you in finding activities and programs that are perfect for you.

Cardio exercises may be labor intensive, but there are many options to choose from.
Cardio exercises may be labor intensive, but there are many options to choose from.

Benefits of Cardio Workouts

The benefits that can be derived from appropriate cardiovascular routine exercises and committed physical activity are tremendous. Doing cardio workouts for maximum weight loss has the following benefits:

  • Decreased risk of having diabetes
  • Lowered chance of premature death
  • Decreased threat heart disease
  • Lowered risk of various forms of cancer
  • Minimized likelihood of high blood pressure
  • Lowered risk of blood clots and blood circulation issues
  • Lessened threat of stroke
  • Decreased risk of high cholesterol levels
  • Minimizes and sustain body weight as well as hinders obesity
  • Assists in strengthening muscles, bones and joints
  • Helps to improve the skin's complexion and texture
  • Increased circulation of nutrients in the bloodstream assists in hair growth and strength
  • Minimizes the possibility of depression along with other mental conditions
  • Helps to better overall physiological and psychological well-being

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The advantages of cardio workouts for maximum weight loss is tremendous. It's actually a brilliant idea to get started on working out if you have not begun to do so already. You don't need to to workout for the sole benefit of weight loss. There are many other benefits to be derived. Conditioning the health of your heart and boosting the circulation of nutrients and oxygen around your body will certainly increase your life expectancy.

Working out in groups and with music is a great way to be motivated and to do cardio workouts for maximum weight loss.
Working out in groups and with music is a great way to be motivated and to do cardio workouts for maximum weight loss.

5 Easy Tips On How To Do Cardio Workouts For Maximum Weight Loss

Keep your workouts lively by:

  • Invite friends over to work out with you
  • Listen to your music
  • Watch TV while working out at home
  • Do a variety of exercises

1. Maximize Your Endurance

Try your best to be consistent with your routine. Working out for 30 minutes for 3 days each week, over a six-week period is a good start. This would be manageable for most people. As one's body adapts to this activity, slowly increase your maximum time by about 5 minutes each week in order to progressively boost stamina. Never push your body too rigorously, because you don't want to wind up injuring yourself. Endeavor to increase workout duration each week by of 10% if possible. Take short breaks after each routine and avoid exercising for over 1 hour at a time.

2. Try Not To Be Bored

You are now aware that a small part of your day will be spent doing cardio exercises. In order to obtain the most from it, it is important to make sure that your mind is focused. Find a suitable method of motivating yourself to exercise. If you decide to walk, run, hike or jog, listening to music is a wonderful technique for staying focused as time passes. It doesn't matter what sort of songs you play, as long as it is a selection of songs that you enjoy. Music will additionally help to relax your mind, hence reducing stress and anxiety.

Another excellent approach to maintaining interest in your workout is to perform activities that you really love. If you are into cycling, hiking, swimming, or playing soccer then perform these types of activities. In all probability you can expect to be better at things that you enjoy without much motivation. It's important to understand that your mind has supreme power over your body, and when you lose interest or cannot maintain focus, you can not do cardio workouts for maximum weight loss.

Calories burned during cardio activity based on person's weight

Cardio Workout per hour
Calories burned per 130lbs
Calories burned per 160lbs
Calories burned per 200lbs
General running 5 mph
Cycling 10 mph
Normal walking 2 mph
Light aerobics
Moderate aerobics
Rope jumping
Treadmill climber

3. Maximize Fat Loss

For maximum fat loss during the course of cardiovascular workouts, consume a light meal around 30 minutes prior to working out. Also, avoid eating for at least an hour after exercising. This will enable your body to utilize retained fat for energy as well as burn up more calories. The result is continued fat loss as your metabolism continues to function at a high rate. One's body will likely continue burning calories after an hour of exercise. Therefore abstain from feeding your body with extra energy for as much as one hour after having a cardio workout.

4. Make Use Of Your Whole Body

The amount of time of that you are able to invest in cardio exercises, should be spent utilizing your entire body. For instance, rather than using a fitness bike, utilize a treadmill, a tread climber or an elliptical instead. If not, do some high-impact workouts instead. Doing this will not only help to improve your overall fitness, but also burn maximum calories, work your muscles and stimulate inactive fat stores. When you use your entire body during a workout, you could potentially burn well over 100 calories more every hour than you would have normally. Great ways to use most of your body and work hard to reach muscles, is by using a stability ball or some form of resistance equipment on your hands or feet. Use these tools to aid in the toning muscles and the strengthening of your arms, legs and core.

5. Increase Your Pulse Rate

Every person has a maximum pulse rate that can be reached when working out that will help to maximize weight loss. Your maximum pulse rate is 220 minus your age. Hence, if you are currently 20 years old, your maximum heart rate will be 200 beats per minute. As you become older, your max heart rate will decrease. You should aim to do a sufficient amount of exercise to bring your heart rate to approximately 75 percent of its maximum. Check your heart rate manually by checking your pulse for around 10 secs then multiply that number by 6 (because 10 times 6 equals 60 minutes). For maximum cardio efficiency, a 20 year old must target a heart rate of 200 x 75 percent which equals to 150. This number could be more, however it is not likely that the average person will achieve higher pulse rates. Additionally, you can put on a pulse rate tracking device. The latter is the simplest approach to keeping up with heart rates during cardio workouts.

For maximum weight loss, do a variety of high impact cardio exercises such as those that require jumping and squatting.
For maximum weight loss, do a variety of high impact cardio exercises such as those that require jumping and squatting.

Never be hesitant to attempt a wide range of exercises. Do as many 1 minute varieties as possible. This will help to maximize weight loss and prevent boredom. When you find a routine that you enjoy, stick to it but try to implement variations. Jumping, squatting, lifting, running are great ways to get maximum cardio efficiency for weight loss. Add a mixture of these activities to your exercise routine.

The process of losing weight during cardio exercises happens over a prolonged period and could prove to be difficult initially. Nevertheless, while you advance in your exercise program, your body will eventually adapt. Endeavor to make your cardiovascular exercises as efficient and effective as possible. This will certainly not just greatly enhance its impact, but additionally make you lose weight and maintain a healthy body.


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