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Drug Treatment Residential and Rehab for Kids

Updated on May 14, 2011

Meth and the Toll Paid in Just a Few Months to a Few Years Just Take a Look at Some of These Pictures


No One to Blame

There is no easy way of telling a parent their child needs a residential drug treatment center or a rehab for kids. It’s more common now than years ago but it’s almost like the two words don’t belong together, “rehab and kids”, and yet the interventions increase every day.

Then we almost always want someone to blame. It’s those new friends he/she’s been hanging around with, or their no good father, the school or neighborhood, and then sometimes the guilt we feel starts with us, the parent. I should have been there more, or asked more questions, became more involved in school and activities, or just been a better parent.

There is no one individual to blame, you see we all make choices at an early age. Learning how to cope with what life brings us all to often turns to the easy way out which is search and destroy. We search for what ever feeling it is that is making us uncomfortable, causing us pain, embarrassing or leaving us with a feeling of not being worthy of what everyone else has, and choose to destroy those feelings with whatever is available. In the beginning it normally starts with a drink or two why, because it’s something usually found in every household, and then when introduced to other drugs whether it be smoking, snorting, popping a couple pills, or sometimes even shooting it into our veins it becomes the norm. To be able to let go of that emotion and replace it with feelings of self worth how ever over inflated it is. To know that nothing can touch us because we are able to crush that which wishes to make us feel inferior with the simple bend of an elbow and the self destruction unbeknown to us begins.

This Video Will Make you Laugh in the Begining and Then Sad When You Think About It

The Truth in Society's Role

Truth be told, I think as a society we have brought most of it on ourselves. I mean seriously think about it. If your not happy take an antidepressant, If your to happy or excited take a Valium, a little bit of both take some bipolar med. In a little bit of pain Oxycodone, a lot of pain some Morphine, a stressful day at work stop at the bar and have a couple, or smoke a big one when you get home. Sex drive not what it used to be Viagra, do I need to go on. You name it and there’s a pill, cream, or liquid for it. Oh wait, I know your kids have no idea. Yeah OK and if you believe that please come see me because I have some ocean front property in Arizona with your name on it. It is what it is, so why are people in such denial. We have become a society that chooses the easy way out.

Take a look at how we label and medicate our kids. There's ADD, ADHD, ODD. Bipolar, depressed, OCD, antisocial disorder, personality disorder, conduct disorder, anxiety disorder, and of course my personal favorite mood disorder. Seriously I want to know if the doctor who gave the label mood disorder to a child was actually ever a child. Excuse me, but that’s what being a teenager is all about and we as parents are the ones that have to deal with it Oh yeah and some of the greatest teachers, who actually care. If you would like more info on children and mental health disorders here are a few articles you can check out including Children Acting Out or ODD, or Parents With Children Out of Control.


So Now What

So now what? It doesn’t matter how they got where they are (except when choosing a facility) it’s just getting them to get help. First off if you think for one millionth of a second that this is going to be easy because your going to threaten to take away every privilege or material thing they own, (esp. the phone) you are so sadly mistaken

There will be the I don’t need to go, I can just see somebody at school like a counselor, or do therapy every week. DO NOT and let me repeat that just in case, DO NOT fall into all the manipulative BS that you are getting ready to be handed. I assure you it will start out easy and then every single tiny thing that you have done as a parent, that can be construed as abusive, unrealistic, emotionally devastating will be handed to you not just on a silver platter, but one that has been gold plated. It’s just a defense mechanism that kicks into overdrive when those feelings start coming up that make us uncomfortable, and there is not anything around to destroy it, (booze or drugs) so the fight or flight kicks in big time. Oh I almost forgot, there will be the threat of running away from home, the facility, and the last resort I’ll kill myself. That’s right the ever so lovely, “I wish I was dead”. I’m not telling you this to scare you, just so you can be a little prepared. Oh and if you don’t reply with the “Oh no honey it will be OK you can stay home and we’ll figure something out,” there’s the “So that’s it you wish I was dead”.

Thid is Not the Result Your Looking for But a Reality for to Many


My Experience and What To Look For in a Rehab

f you haven’t figured it out by now I worked in a private hospital which contained an adolescent chemical dependency unit (my main floor), an adolescent behavior modification unit, adult chemical dependency unit, and a double locked psychiatric unit, and have been in recovery for years. I have witnessed everything from a child with a mouthful of broken razor blades threatening to swallow them, 2 girls jumping out of the third floor window, to a naked man running down the hall screaming watch out for the orange bananas. So really there is not a lot that shocks me anymore especially if I add a little personal life into it. I can’t tell you why, but there’s something inside of me that gets a great sense of well being when I try and help a child. Then when they finally figure it out the expression on their face and that look in their eyes is just indescribable. .
So here’s a couple of things to think about when looking for a rehab center, or residential drug treatment center.

1) Make sure the center matches your child’s main drug of choice. What I mean by that is if you have a child who is addicted to meth and put them in an adult alcohol treatment facility it’s probably not going to work. Anyone in recovery needs to know they are not alone in their struggle and someone is there who has been in their shoes to show them the way. Listening to a bunch of alcoholics (pot calling the kettle black) talk about their recovery and never even seen meth is not going to give them hope. And I hate to tell you this but you both are in for the fight of your lives because that is one of the most addicting drugs I’ve ever seen or heard of

2) Make sure the facility has an age group that is somewhere close to your child. Putting a 12 yr old whose drug of choice is alcohol (don’t look so shocked have you checked your liquor cabinet or beer supply lately) in with a bunch of 17 yr old crack heads is probably not going to be your best treatment option. OK it’s not a treatment option and the facility shouldn’t label it as such.

3) Check out what type of treatment the facility practices. There are drug rehabs that basically are narcotics anonymous oriented and the same goes for AA and alcoholics. There are other residential treatment facilities that are very spiritual and religious oriented and then some that have a little bit of both. Some really work at it from a psychological stand point as well as abuse treatment realizing that more often than not there are some things that need to be dealt with for a stable and less turbulent recovery.

4) Listen to what they’re telling you about the facility and if it starts sounding like it’s to good to be true or a really good sales pitch, then that’s probably just what it is a sales pitch and all about the money. I know you want to get them help but sometimes we need to take a step back and evaluate the situation one more time.

5) And last but not least make sure they have family counseling and even more importantly that your willing to go. You have issues, why do I say that because if your child has them then you have them and your family should all learn how it is that they are going to recover, so you can help. Whatever facility you chose I hope that it is one that leads to recovery and once again a family of hope and forgiveness.

Have an incredible day and if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask because I’m definitely not afraid to answer. Oh and sorry for this hub being so long I just think there were some things you should know to be prepared.


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    • Charlu profile image

      Charlu 5 years ago from Florida

      Try to find out what's going on with him. Unfortunately sometimes the last person they want to talk to is you. Don't take offense it's just a parent thing and there may be some issues he has going on that he's not comfortable talking about with you.

      There are numerous extremely low cost counseling and kid NA meetings (free but normally they won't admit to needing help so a counselor is the best bet), etc.

      Try an I call it "all cards off the table chat" Which means he is allowed to tell you anything with no repercussions. Don't try it if you think you can't do it! You may be amazed the things going on that are just better by talking about them and let him give some ideas as to what to do to if a change is needed. You CANNOT GET MAD AT HIM even though some of the issues may be with you! Some are probably just being a parent stuff and others legitimate gripes so be ready for both.

      As far as the counselor goes let him know it's just a way to get things off of his chest NOT A SHRINK.

      Find out about some creative interests he may have whether it be music, art, dance, writing, etc, and support that creative outlet. There are also a lot of really great church groups for teens these days that are really helpful. I have found that children with creative outlets (that are supported) are so less likely to get in trouble.

      Please email me or let me know a city close to where you live and I will check into some programs he might like.

      Since you have a medical card you might want to take him for a check up and see if the doctor can recommend maybe a counselor that is covered or if there is anything physical going on.

      Take care and good luck

    • profile image

      sarah 5 years ago

      My 14 yr old son uses marauna but today i cought him snorting pills. I do not know what to do i have a medical card and no money to pay for rehab for him. Can you please tell me what i can do..