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Diet Tips: How You Can Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Updated on June 28, 2012

It's The Little Things That Matter

Losing weight doesn't take rocket science and shouldn't be a mystery in what to do. Really all it takes is some common sense and a little bit of will power. When trying to lose weight the most important thing is to change your lifestyle. I know you may have heard this many times, but it is the truth. If you don't change the way you eat and see food than you will never lose the weight and keep it off.

I'm sure you have read many diet tips online telling you to follow this diet plan or that. The problem with all that it is a diet and trying to restrict the types of foods you eat, when and how much. The reason people fail at diets is because they are trying to eat too little and deprive themselves of the foods they crave. When they finally do cave in to those cravings, they end up going hog wild and eating everything in sight.

Start off by making little changes in what you eat. For example when using condiments buy the low calorie, lower fat version instead. When cooking throw together a stir fry that is loaded with plenty of vegetables. Make it a habit to eat lots more vegetables in every meal. Get active and move about. When going to the store park your car farthest away from the store so you have to walk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. How about going for a walk? On your next day off go to the mall and walk, walk and walk some more.

When it comes midday and you are planning on reaching for a snack. Don't go for that bag of chips. Find a healthier substitute such as a handful of nuts, popcorn, vegetables with a low calorie dip, fruits or yogurt.

All these little changes do add up to something big and in time you will start to see a noticeable improvement not only in your weight but your health overall.

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Diet Tips: The Importance Of Drinking Plenty Of Water

A great diet tip is drinking plenty of water every day. I can not stress this enough how water plays a huge role in your system. Without adequate water your body will become dehydrated. When you become dehydrated your body will slow down. Dehydration affects your metabolism by lowering it. It is water that raises your metabolism. Our bodies are made up of 2/3 water so it is important to keep your water level up. If the amount of water in your body reaches too low than complications can happen such as kidney failure, coma, shock and heart related illness.

Drinking the proper amount of water every day will ensure your body to stay hydrated. When you are exercising and burn calories, your body ends up producing more toxins. The water helps to flush these added toxins out of your system. Drinking enough water helps to maintain muscle tone and it is said drinking a glass of water at each meal will make you feel fuller.

Diet Tips: Starvation Diets Don't Work

This is something I could never understand why a person would literally starve themselves thinking this will help them shed those extra pounds. In reality, they are slowly damaging their body with this method of starvation. What happens when a person starves themselves? A number of things happen: For one the metabolism will slow down dramatically. Their body begins to lose lean muscle mass and this should be obvious once they do begin to eat they go out of control eating everything.

A starvation diet tricks the body into thinking it will never receive food again. When this happens the body than turns around and does everything it can to maintain proper weight balance. So when you do decide to eat again what you eat turns into more fat. The reason for this is because the body thinks you will be starving it again so it stores more fat.

The idea of losing weight quickly is also dangerous and not healthy. When the body loses weight too fast you not only lose fat but you lose muscle too.

I have a very close friend of mine who growing up always struggled with her weight. Starvation was her method of trying to lose weight. It would break my heart to see her do this. She would go days without food, thinking she was in control and was going to achieve what she so desperately wanted. Instead it would only made her weaker and sicker. One time coming home from school she nearly collapsed on the sidewalk and I had to help her walk home. She went through a vicious cycle of starving than eating out of control. Instead of losing weight she ended up putting on even more. This is what happens when your body does not get enough of the nutrients it needs every day.

Luckily, for my friend she is still alive and did not suffer fatal consequences from her poor dieting habits. Sadly though many women have not been so lucky and have passed away from literally starving themselves to reach some unrealistic goal weight.

Easy Useful Diet Tips

I have never actually gone on any particular diet. I really don't like the word diet. I believe in eating healthy foods overall. Here are a few that i have found useful in my own life.

Don't diet - That is right, don't think of yourself as being on a "diet". Just incorporate healthier foods and make little changes in how you cook. Here's an example, if you love say fried chicken instead of frying the chicken in oil in a skillet, bread your chicken and put it in the oven. Search for ways to cook your favorite foods but in a healthier version. Use less oil when you cook.
♦ Use low fat and low calorie condiments
♦ Eat smaller meals more often instead of three larger meals. This will keep your metabolism maintained throughout the day and give you a full feeling so you will be less tempted to overeat.
♦ Don't eat before bedtime at least three hours before you go to bed.
♦ Brush your teeth right after dinner. With your teeth freshly brushed you will be less likely to eat again.
♦ Eat and chew your food slowly - When you eat your food too fast your body does not have enough time to realize it is full.
♦ Chew gum - Sometimes we eat out of habit and just to chew something.
♦ Don't buy sweets or any fattening snacks - If these are not in your house than you can not eat them
♦ If you do have a snack eat something healthy and put a small amount in a bowl instead of eating it out of the package. This way ensures you will eat a lesser amount.
♦ When going grocery shopping pay attention to the nutrition labels on food
♦ Using seabuckthorn oil can help in your weight loss by helping your body to store less fat.

I follow these diet tips myself and have always been able to maintain my weight even at being almost forty years old. You too can lose weight and learn to keep it off once you implement these simple suggestions and live a healthier lifestyle.

Do you have any useful diet tips that you have found success with? Share what dieting tips you have used in the comments.

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    • profile image

      Josh 6 years ago

      You have some really good tips here on eating right and getting people off to a right start.

      If you want I also found this cool site about jumping rope I just started to jump rope like a few weeks ago and i find it a great time.

    • BlissfulWriter profile image

      BlissfulWriter 6 years ago

      I agree that starvation diet does not work. It is more important to pick the right foods to eat and avoid rather than limiting the intake of calories. The most important thing is to limit sugar or high-glycemic carbs that quickly turn into sugar (such as sodas, bread, pasta, pastries).