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Eat Bread on Atkins Phase 1/ South Beach Diet Induction: Low Carb Foods!

Updated on November 11, 2010

Don't give up the bread! Just lose the weight!!

If you love bread, it just seems impossible to do an atkins diet. It is already hard to diet and now you will have to be deprived of your favorite foods as well. But you can eat the following low carb bread products and still lose weight fast!

But there are some options out there that will allow you to eat bread and some of your other favorite carbs even during induction! Remember you are allowed to consume 20 grams of carbs during induction. If you are careful with the following tips you can have both pizza and salad and still keep it under 20 carbs a day!

Low Carb Pasta is Real!

1) Dreamfields Pasta!

Dreamfields net carb for a portion of pasta is between only 5 to 7 grams!

There are many varieties and you can make yourself happy with a portion of dreamfields and some fabulous sauce!

2) Pepperidge Farm Low Carb Bread

This bread is only 5grams of carb for a decent slice. 2 slices and you have yourself a great grilled cheese sandwich, or any cold sandwich. Even a burger!

3) Joseph’s Bakery Pita Bread

Now these are easy to find in New York. Somewhat. But if you can you will be amazed to see that they are both very low calorie and only 5grams of carbs each!

An elliptical will maximize your weight loss efforts! If you get on the elliptical for half an hour, you can eat 2 slices of pizza! And it's fun!

Don't give up delicious wraps!

4) Joseph’s Bakery Lavash

These large flatbreads will allow you to make pizza enough for four people! Again they are only a few carbs a portion!!

5) Flax Roll Ups

Most Health Foods now carry these roll ups. Be careful though to buy the flax ones, the whole wheat ones look just the same and they are not that low in carb. These can also be used for a low carb pizza to allow weight loss, or a low carb wrap and even a grilled cheese sandwich!

6) Low Carb Tortillas

These are also available in most chain supermarkets now. Be sure to warm them up in the toaster oven and you will be amazed by the taste!

A little extra movement will allow you to eat more!


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    • mirage erin profile image

      mirage erin 7 years ago

      Yes, they are like normal pasta!

      Even if you don't watch calories,low G.I is still much more healthy.

    • Blair Rockefeller profile image

      Blair Rockefeller 7 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      I use the Dream Fields pasta and love it. I also use the low-carb tortillas. I'm eating lower-carb, lower-fat. I'm following the glycemic index. Using The G.I. Diet. I will look for the Pepperidge Farm low carb bread. I'm probably eating a little more than Adkins allows.

    • profile image

      mary 7 years ago

      i have been trying to do atkins but i always fail cause i cannot eat cheese or meat or eggs without any bread. i will try again now, but i wonder if calories matter?

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 7 years ago from Georgia

      I haven't been able to find the Pepperidge Farm bread, but I've heard it's great. Rated up!