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...Emotional Currency and the Skillful Sea Creature/Teacher Octopus...

Updated on December 14, 2011

Bottled Up

Like putting an Octopus into a jar, the emotional currency that we save and spend could very well be hindering our ability to propogate it wisely. I see people swimming in a tiny sea of the same contaminates daily, repeating the same thoughts and hurts and denials over and over. As the year comes to an end I want to wish for them that some Divine hand will come and tip them out into the Ocean and free them into a Sea of Consciousness that the suffering has its place but doesn't need to be a brine that one is continually soaked it. I start with myself.

Writing my writing has shown me that emotions have a harrowing and narrowing effect on the way one deals with the problems and issues. They are floating in the sea of sweat and tears that have accumulated over the years and have this low ceiling of self imposed limitations that allow for no new growth and expansion. I can stay safely sealed inside this bottle and look out at the rest of the Ocean while floating along untouched and unreachable, but sooner or later I am going to smash into a rock - an unavoidable enormous rock and everything ugly and selfish and contaminated is going to merge with the Ocean. I will be free and I will be overwhelmed. I will also be relieved and even though it is frightening, it must be and will be done.

I feel like I am drowning as I have forgotten how to swim, for just a moment. It is dark and cold down here in the ocean and we have been here before, you and I. We met with Octopus and she sought to teach us of her enormous qualities of diversity and intelligence while down in the depths of her lair. She had wanted to teach when we were ready to learn. What changed? Probably the ability to absorb the depth of what was being taught.

Impressive Intersections

The Octopus is extremely intriguing to me as it has the ability to detach a limb to escape from predators. She has three hearts and eight arms, both of these numbers my favorites beside the five, which stands between three and eight as the equation 3 + 5 = of my own personal reasons for seeking out the teaching of this cephalopod.

In December not many people are hanging out at the beach, but I am planning on spending more time on the shores of New England. I will be there more than I ever would in the summer, mainly because I don't like the mixture of sweat and sand.

Writing my stories about the Mermaids and creating my poetry and prose titled "The Mermaid Chronicles" I see that this story, like "The Forest Labyrinth", will not allow me to move forward with any other stories until these, who have been waiting in line and occupying my thoughts for the majority of seven years or more have their chance to come through. So what does this have to do with the Octopus?

The Impressive Intersection began a year ago when I got my Medusa tattoo. Yes, she has snakes for hair but she also has a rose, a rose bud, a spider, a butterfly, and one long arm tentacle of an octopus. Which brings me back to the first sentence of this section. Detaching a limb to escape from predators - perhaps the predator being myself, escaping from myself - from my tightly lidded jar of self contamination.

I believe she was trying to get my attention the other night in a dream of a mermaid so beautiful until she opened her mouth and had sharp jagged teeth bouncing around inside it. She wore beautiful adornments of cream and silver and mother of pearl. She had strands of ribbons and diamonds entwined in her long silver blonde hair. The full moon circled up and out of the sea in a clockwise rotation.

Adaptability, Complexity, Regeneration

Those words are just some of the many that describe this magnificent and intelligent creature. As a Scorpio, I am of the Water Element, so the Mermaid Chronicles and the studying of the Ocean and its beckoning creatures is something I feel a personal infinity with. I can learn a lot from this wonderous bottom dweller.

The ability to detach and leave behind a piece of myself while still thriving is an indication of the skill of being able to detach from excess baggage and go on from there, much like my analogy of being in the sea within a tightly lidded jar. Its no good and of no use to anyone anymore. The smashing of constraints and the drifting out into the vastness must be part of the renewal I am seeking, constantly. There is not just one instance or issue being dealt with at a time. Much like the octopus, we are complex and diverse creatures that love to be grounded in a comfortable darkness in order to rest and revive. When we start to ascend we want to have the powers of intuition, the bouyancy and prophetic insight to move in tune with the phases of the moon and utilize what we know in order to make the best existence for ourselves possible.

Regeneration is a quality that a Scorpio learns to reap many times for the ultimate progress and the growing back of the lost limb is significant of this. Perhaps this also has something to do with my Death Express articles - where I am moving away from my addiction and leaving limbs of myself laying around at reststops and train cars. They remain phantom limbs that flail around for awhile, knocking over stacks of books and people and pages of my life. All of it remains with me, somehow, in the dark recesses of my own inner ocean as I pay for them with the emotional currency I have been holding on to all this time.


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