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Emotions-Good Ones, Bad Ones and Why

Updated on March 31, 2011

emotions, wasted time and energy?

There are a long list of human emotions. Some are feelings that just cannot be hidden, and some are normal everyday feelings that every person on earth feel everyday without it being a problem. Some emotions are violent and harmful, some are subtle but there just under the surface none the less. Let us go through a number of these emotions, or feelings, sort them out, give examples, and analyse them together to see it we can put some meaning and definition to these words that have feelings behind them. Let's see if in this short space, we can make some sense of these things we have been not just feeling, but acting out for many years.

First, lets make a list of the feelings we as human beings have all the time, or some from time to time. There is anger, hate, happiness, jealousy, envy, sadness, passionate, and perhaps zealous. There are probably many many more but let us start with these, and then if you come up with one we don't cover, put it to the test. Here we go.

Let's take anger. At first glance or thought, anger might seem to be a bad emotion. This I believe might depend on the situation and how the anger is displayed. We could make an example like a man getting angry over a bad brake job on his car. He could become angry and then violent, and punch the guy out. That we all can agree would end in bad results more than likely. On the other hand if one was to control his anger and just walk away this would not be the best solution either. Again the man could be angry enough to go to the BBB or the courthouse and let the anger drive him to carry through with a lawsuit that would end the string of bad brake jobs this guy has ripped off the public with, get it fixed and perhaps help some other people who have been taken advantage of too. So, depending on what you do with it, anger could go either way.

Next, let us examine hate. A man can hate his next door neighbor for ten years, and the neighbor might not even realize it for the whole time. It would then appear that the only person who is being effected by this hate would be the hater, for it could cause him to have ulcers and many other physical symptoms that he alone might feel. Let us ask ourselves if there is any situation in which hate could be considered or used in a positive way. The only possible one I can come up with is hating something like a sickness, enough to cure it, but basically I think that we could conclude that hate is a non productive and a waste of emotion.

Happiness is rather obvious. Here I have the same problem as above, in that I can come up with a situation in which happiness would be a bad thing. Some of these emotions are obvious.

Let's look at jealousy, and envy. These two emotions are very similar. The difference is in what we are describing maybe, but basically mean the same thing. If we are jealous it is because someone has something or someone that you want. The actions or behaviors behind this emotion I cannot view in a way that could be good. Again, this is an emotion that only drains you, gives you stress, and effects quite possibly only you in the end.

Worry is an emotion that has bothered me through the years. People worry about many things, from the people around them to money matters. My philosophy on worrying is that is a matter is bad enough to worry about, the best thing to do is to fix the problem and get on with your life. Again, worry is an emotion that is a waste of time and energy, and it is better to not worry but do something constructive instead of brewing over it in a negative way.

Passion, is an emotion that more than likely will bring about good results, to you and to others. A passionate person will be driven by this passion to do many things, especially if the person has a passion for doing something in particular, perhaps something creative. Passion in a person will show to others, and will more than likely have a good effect on them.

So, in this manner we can put each emotion we have, or perhaps any emotion we might be having problems controlling to the test. See if we are the only person being effected by this feeling we are having, and if it is leaving us feeling good, or sick to our stomach. See if there is some way to turn this emotion into some good end or if we end up with feeling like it was nothing but a waste of time and energy, and leaves us stressed.

It is in this manner that we may be able to leave behind emotions that lead to bad behavior, or feeling stressed or sick. If you are continually are fighting with emotions that leave you drained and alone, quit wasting you time, your energy, and figure something else out. Change the emotion you keep going back to, even if it means seeking help to do so. There are tricks to end some behaviors, for the human animal is a very habitual one, and predictable enough that we are easy to fix in most instances. Therapy actually feels good, for in it you find a way to rid yourself of a lot of heavy baggage.

So, if you feel like this may be you, put it to the test, then fix it. :)


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  • Paradise7 profile image

    Paradise7 7 years ago from Upstate New York

    A good hub, and well worth reading. Thank you!