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Best Exercise for Obese Women and Overweight People

Updated on March 31, 2016
Obese and Overweight
Obese and Overweight | Source

Exercise for Obese and Overweight

Obese women and overweight people should do exercise, if they want to lose weight fast. Diet alone will not help, you should combining with exercises. Here the best exercises that have been proven: walking exercise, water exercise in pool, and cycling exercise like recumbent bike and mini-cycling. Each exercise is easy and the results have been proven for obesity and overweight people.

Best Result Exercise Guaranty

How to convince you for the best result? If you want to guaranty the result for yourself: obese women and overweight people should do both exercise and diet at least for the first 3 month. Here the basic tips how to do exercise for the best result:

  1. Keep do your DIET.
  2. Do routine EXERCISE.
  3. Patient and Steadfast
  4. Positive thinking for Best Result
  5. Gratitude the Result

Result of Routine Exercise
Result of Routine Exercise | Source

Best Result of Routine Exercise

You can only judge the result if you already do the ROUTINE exercise for at least for the first phase of 3 (three) month. Result is varied, but for the regular exercise, obese women or overweight people will lose weight monthly:

  • Lower lose weight : 4.4 - 6.5 Lbs (2 - 3 kgs) / month
  • Average lose weight : 6.6 - 11 Lbs (3 - 5 kgs) / month
  • High Best result : > 11.1 Lbs (5 kgs) / month

30 minutes exercise
30 minutes exercise | Source

Routine Exercise for Obese and Overweight

For the first phase of 3 month, follow the basic instruction below:

  1. Chose one or combine the exercise: walking, water exercise, recumbent bicycle, mini-cycle, and sitting exercise. (See explanation below).
  2. Do exercise 30 minutes
  3. Do exercise 3 times in a week
  4. Wear proper shoes or dress
  5. Monitor your weight lost weekly

Monitoring Your Weight Lose Weekly

  1. Before you begin the routine exercise, weigh your body and make a note and date.
  2. Monitor your weight lose progress each week.
  3. Be patient with the result, in the first week, maybe you only lost weight about 0.44 Lbs (0.4 Kgs).
  4. For the next week, it will be around 1.32 Lbs (0.6 Kgs) as average result. If you gain higher than it, you are in the level of best result.
  5. If your result is lower level, review your diet and exercise method. Find out the problem and solve it for the next week.
  6. If you already gain the average result, continue your diet and exercise. You only allow to increase your exercise time become 35 - in the second month; and 40 minute in the third month.
  7. Be patient and steadfast. You work for permanent and steady result, while your body made adjustment and adaptation into your exercise.
  8. Monitor your body shape, which one is more slim and tight.
  9. Ora et labora: Pray and Exercise. Positive thinking and expecting the best result.

Walking is good for overweight people
Walking is good for overweight people | Source

Walking Exercise

  • Warming up like stretch your body, etc.
  • Start to walk 30 minutes 3 times in a week. Remember, the first 20 minute it will burn sugar calories in your body; and the last 10 minutes will burn fat.
  • Do not push yourself too hard. Take a rest if you need too.
  • After the first 3 months, you can increase the frequency 3 - 5 times in a week. Increase the times 5 up to 10 minutes each session.
  • The best amount of time for loosing weigh is 60 minutes (one hour) per session. But I recommended you do that after finishing the first 3 month phase.

Benefits of Walking Exercise

  • You can do walk anywhere: stair, backyard, park, etc.
  • Walking is best exercise for obese women and overweight people because it easy and slow. Walking exercise will avoiding you from jolt and joint injury arthritis problem.
  • If you have arthritis, walking problem (morbidly obese), or other problems, you can try water exercise.

Water / Aquatic Exercise

  • Water exercise means you do walking in the deep water (waist or chest deep) in pool.
  • Walking in deep water is easier than walking in land. You will feel lighter because water reduces your body weight sensation about 90 percent.
  • For obese or overweight people with arthritis and joint problem, do walking in warm water (90 F).
  • Wear water shoes, floating belt, buoy, or other if you need too.

People exercise in water
People exercise in water | Source

Step of Water Exercise

  • Warming up like stretch your body, etc.
  • Start walking in pool for 60 minutes (1 hour); 3 times in a week.
  • Start slowly; take a rest if you need too. For instant, for the first week, just enjoy walking in water and made yourself comfortable.
  • Make the improvement for the second week, and so on. You can combine walking while exercise your arm, etc.
  • After the first 3 months, after walking in water, try swimming in the shallow end of pool.
  • Swimming will impacted to whole of your body and reduces your weight significantly.
  • Make your target, after 6 month, you will be combine walking and swimming.

Women exercise on water
Women exercise on water | Source

Benefit of Water Exercise

  • Walking in water is easier for obese women and overweight people.
  • Warm water reduces and heals your arthritis and joint pain.
  • Walking in water improves heart rate and blood circulation.
  • Low impact exercise because your joint more easier to support body weight.
  • It is always fun in the water.

Cycling Exercise

The cycling exercise is same with walking exercise method. But for obese women and overweight people, choose stationary bike or recumbent bike with body weight support like seat and backrest. Start pedaling slowly. If recumbent bike is not comfortable, you can try mini-cycle for hand. You sit down while your hand is pedaling the saddle.

The benefit of cycling exercise bike is you can do it at home. Good gyms usually have recumbent bikes for person with weight 300 lbs.

Recumbent bike exercise Tips

  • Recumbent bike with 300-pound weight capacity.
  • Recumbent bike with good seat and backrest.
  • Well constructed and good features.
  • Recumbent bike should be quite, smooth, and stable ride. So you can do it while listening music, watching tv or reading a book.

Mini-cycle exercise Tips

  • Portable exercise bike is easy to carry and use.
  • You can do exercise while sitting either with your arm and leg.
  • Choose mini-cycle that did not slip in the floor; or buy anti-slippery accessories.
  • Best exercise for person in a wheelchair, physical disabilities, etc.

Diet for Obese and Overweight People

Here some good article about diet and how to lose weight fast for obese and overweight people. You can combine it with your diet method and exercise.


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