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Facts About Smoking

Updated on October 22, 2016

Smoking is the global problem of our time. The harmful effect of smoking is clear and proven by thousands of scientists. The result of research is always the same - smoking destroys the human body. Here are some interesting facts about smoking that you might not have known before.

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Did you know that...

  • One and a half billion people in the world are the slaves of nicotine. Every third adult in the world smokes regularly.
  • Throughout the twentieth century, tobacco killed 100 million people. Smokers are 13 times more likely to suffer from angina, 10 times more likely to suffer from a stomach ulcer, and 12 times more likely - from a heart attack.
  • Every 10 seconds one smoker dies. According to the projections of the World Health Organization, by 2025 10 million people will die from smoking annually.
  • Half of those who are addicted to smoking will die in the age between 35 to 63. On average, smokers live 23 years less than non-smoking people.
  • Every thirty seconds one person dies from lung cancer. Every year this disease takes 1.25 million lives. Lung cancer is the most common form of cancer. In 96-99% of cases lung cancer is caused by smoking.
  • One cigarette reduces the length of life by 10.7 minutes. A pack of cigarettes - by 3.5 hours.
  • 390,000 smoking Americans die every year. This represents approximately 16% of all deaths per year. One out of six in the U.S. die from smoking.
  • According to the WHO, out of 850 million people in Europe 100 million will die from diseases related to smoking (both active and passive).
  • Cigarettes is the most advertised product. Only in the U.S. tobacco companies spend $ 5,000 per minute on advertising and promotion of cigarettes.
  • More than 105 billion cigarettes are sold weekly - 10 million cigarettes a minute!
  • The average smoker makes about 200 puffs per day.
  • Road accidents, homicides, suicides, AIDS, and drugs are the most common cause of human death worldwide. Cigarette smoking kills five times as much! And this is despite the fact that smoking is actually controlled by humans.
  • Smoking during pregnancy often leads to serious complications, greatly increases the chance of premature birth. Infants are dying twice as much from smoking mothers, than from non-smoking ones.
  • 70% of smokers want to quit. 80% of them will try to do it this year. Less than one in ten will succeed in giving up this harmful habit.


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