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Lung cancer causes, stages, symptoms, myths, solutions and treatments (natural remedies,garlic ) and survival rates

Updated on April 5, 2012

Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancer because it tends to spread to body organs at an early stage. Lung cancer kills more than 26,000 people in Britain each year and an estimated 163,510 deaths from lung cancer occurred in the United States during 2005. Lung cancer symptoms are common symptoms, like cough or shortness of breath that you might think are related to a respiratory illness. In many patients, lung cancers are incidentely identified when a chest x-ray is performed for another reason.

Symptoms of lung cancer are divided into four different catagories

  1. General symptoms of lung cancer
  2. Less common symptoms of lung cancer
  3. Hormone related symptoms
  4. Symptoms of Pancoast tumour

Having one or more of the above symptoms of lung cancer does not always indicate the presence of the disease. There are also many other health conditions that can cause these symptoms.

However, if you have some of these signs, it is necessary to consult a doctor so that he can investigate further.

Causes of Lung Cancer

Research as far back as in 1950s clearly establised that Cigerette smocking is the most important cause of lung cancer.

Other causes of lung cancer include

  1. Passive smocking
  2. Air pollution from motor vehicles and factories
  3. Asbestos exposure. It also includes exposure to certain industrial substances like coal products, vinyl chloride, nickel chromate, arsenic, and exposure to some organic chemicals like chloromethyl ethers.
  4. Lung diseases like TB increases the risk of lung Cancer
  5. Radon gas exposure also poses the risk of lung cancer
  6. A person who has had lung cancer is more likely to develop a second lung cancer than the average person is to develop a first lung cancer.
  7. Individual genetic susceptibility, may play a role in the causation of lung cancer. Hence the family history of lung cancer is also very important.
  8. People who had head and neck cancer , oesophageal or cervical cancer previously, have an increased risk of lung cancer.
  9. Lowered immunity: HIV and AIDs patients have an increased risk so as patients who take drugs to suppress their immunity after organ transplant.

How to prevent Lung Cancer

  1. No smocking please. Even if you cannot stop smocking in one day, try to reduce the number of cigerettes that you smock everyday.
  2. Avoid passive smocking. Please don't let others inhale your cigerette smock
  3. Try to avoid cancer causing chemicals mentioned above
  4. Environmental pollution increases the risk of lung cancer, so as the family history of the disease. In addition, if you are a chain smocker, your chance of getting lung cancer is very high. Hence try to avoid travelling and living in higly polluted cities.
  5. Diet and physical activity: Take lots of fruits and vegitables and less alcohol. When ever you time do some exercises. studies show that people who are physically active may have a lower risk of lung cancer than those who are not, even after taking cigarette smoking into account.

Treatment of lung cancer

Treatment of lung cancer depends upon

  1. Type of lung cancer
  2. Stage of the cancer

Once the stage of the lung cancer has been determined, the doctor and the patient work together to develop a treatment plan.Factors that affect lung cancer treatment include the patient's general health, medical conditions that can affect treatment (such as chemotherapy), and tumor characteristics.

Herbal treatment for lung cancer

Chinese herbs and materials derived from the herbs is also being used as adjunct therapies for cancer patients. Herb China online has also given details about the clinical success of lung cancer in China using herbal medicine.

Natural remedies for cancer

1.Garlic is a natural antibiotic that stimulates the immune system and increases the effectiveness of white blood cells and T cells. It blocks toxin production by germs.(1) Garlic is a key to achieving optimal immunity and protecting against infections. Garlic is a potent antibiotic and inhibitor of many germs. It also has powerful anticancer properties.

How To Take- You can use freshly cut cloves of garlic or garlic powder. If you prefer garlic capsules buy products that has standardized allicin content that provide 5-10 milligrams of allicin. (equivalent to 75-150 units of penicillin.) for Cancer management.

Caution-Excessive use of garlic is said to be harmful to the eyes, cause dizziness, and scatter energy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, garlic is said to cause ascending fire energy.

2. Echinacea is one of the best-known immune- enhancing herbs. It can be used internally or externally.

Recommended dosage-Echinacea is best taken as a concentrated liquid extract, or tincture. It is more easily absorbed into the bloodstream in liquid form.

Safety -Echinacea is completely nontoxic and safe when used as recommended.

3. Chinese Ginseng- Ginseng increases a person's ability to 'adapt' to changes in the environment. Because of this property, It is called an adaptogen.


Lung cancer survival rate

Source: Cancer research UK
Source: Cancer research UK


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