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Fasting and Detoxification the Hippocrates Way

Updated on January 19, 2017
Juicing wheatgrass.
Juicing wheatgrass. | Source
Lemon-Lime water
Lemon-Lime water | Source
Green Juice
Green Juice | Source
Wheatgrass | Source
Coconut Milk
Coconut Milk | Source
Herbal teas
Herbal teas | Source
Green Juice and lemon-lime juice
Green Juice and lemon-lime juice | Source

The Benefits of Fasting

One hundred years ago, before so much technology, the quality of the food we consumed was cleaner than what it is today. So, these days it takes a bit more effort to ensure what we eat is, in fact, truly healthy. In my one week journey at Hippocrates, a health and wellness center located in West Palm Beach, FL, I am gaining the knowledge we all need to ensure we are on the right path.

Hippocrates is where I’ve been spending the past few days. It’s the fourth day (Wednesday) of my week stay at this enlightened place. On Wednesdays at Hippocrates you have a choice to fast or eat as it is the weekly fasting day. I chose to fast.

When I first arrived at Hippocrates on January 15th and heard about the fasting day I was a little concerned. I really do not like to be hungry and fasting, for me, has always been about that.

Despite my concerns, when fasting Wednesday came, I marched forward with determination to join in. It was suggested that we fast but it was not mandatory and each one of us made our own decision. However, there are people who should not fast, especially those who are seriously underweight or who have a blood sugar disorder.

Surprisingly, this was the first fast I’ve ever done that wasn’t that bad. What saved me was the many green drinks we could have, the morning lemon juice and the real coconuts filled with juice we had for lunch (in fact I had two of them it was so good). Dinner was a liquid dinner, which also kept us satisfied. The ultimate goal was to ease us into our first fast without feeling too discouraged, and that’s exactly how I felt at the end of my first Hippocrates fasting day.

Brian Clement, owner of Hippocrates, supported the fast with a lecture followed by a question and answer session. The first thing he reminded us is that most religions already fast. Catholics, Jews, Mormons, Buddhists, Hindis and Eastern Orthodox all have a tradition of fasting. Some believe it is for purification, others to prevent gluttony and still others feel it brings them closer to God.

What Brian also clarified was that we were probably all noticing that, in general, we weren’t that hungry. Why, because the food we are eating is so nutritious that our body doesn’t need as much to be satiated. In fact, looking back I realized on my second day I never had dinner because I wasn’t that hungry and on my third day I ate less at both meals. The cravings were gone.

Juicing the wheatgrass

Wheatgrass juice bar.
Wheatgrass juice bar. | Source
Juicing wheatgrass.
Juicing wheatgrass. | Source
The wheatgrass juicing room.
The wheatgrass juicing room. | Source
Wheatgrass juicing room
Wheatgrass juicing room | Source
Wheatgrass juicing room.
Wheatgrass juicing room. | Source
Enjoying the wheatgrass after you juice it.
Enjoying the wheatgrass after you juice it. | Source

Water or Juice

Some feel that water is the only thing you should drink when fasting. However, Hippocrates is of the mindset that drinking organic plant juices, especially green juices, is the best approach. Why green, because they offer the body complete proteins, which helps regulate blood sugar. They also supply the body with enzymes and oxygen.

The main reason for fasting is detoxification. While a water fast does achieve eliminating toxins from the body, at Hippocrates they feel it can also cause too much stress on some of the organs, especially those involved in the elimination process. With juice you can achieve the same results while at the same time nourishing and replenishing the body.

The encouraged fast is for 24 hours once a week. All water needs to be pure (molecularly organized or distilled), and any ingredients used to make the juices must be biologically grown. Since wheatgrass is also allowed as part of the juicing, you have the added benefit of a blood purifier and strengthener that is rich in chlorophyll and a host of vitamins and minerals.

More About Hippocrates

While fasting was the focus of the meeting with Brian you can’t help but learn more about his reason for what is done at Hippocrates. And the bottom line is that everything he does is backed up by scientific data.

He also is good at reminding us what it takes to maintain your health and to stay alive. It all begins with oxygen, since we can’t do without that for more than a few minutes. Next is water, which we can only live without for about four days. Beyond that we need to have food to keep our bodies nourished and exercise to keep us mobile. Sleep is also critical, since that’s the way our body rejuvenates. And last but not least is that our bodies need sunshine.

Throughout his lecture, Brian often imparts interesting thoughts that cause you to nod your head in agreement. Here are a few of those examples:

  • If you are not happy, I can’t make you happy.
  • Influence people by example.
  • Negativity doesn’t beat love.
  • Disease is there to awaken you.
  • Free will is what will make you well.
  • Being sick gets you attention.

Brian and his wife Anna Marie are both like the bible of health. They don’t just pass on their knowledge, they have the data to prove it. Yet, they are both always open to hearing if there is something they think might be healthier. Over the years, they’ve tweaked things here and there to make them better but their basic principle of being Vegan does not waiver. That’s the Hippocrates way.

This is the fourth article in this series. To follow the journey from day one be sure to read the first three articles: go to Hippocrates day one and day two and day three.

So, keep following me in this journey of health, the Hippocrates way. For more about Hippocrates, visit their website at, or call 561-471-8876. And if you happen to know someone who is facing a serious illness, such as cancer, leukemia, crohn’s disease, type 2 diabetes or any other immune disorder, tell them about Hippocrates and also consider adding a day of fasting into your week. You may be surprised at how good it makes you feel.

Preparing the Coconut


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