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Finding Genuie Happiness In 10 Easy Steps.

Updated on March 19, 2016

Happiness needs to be cultivated in every single moment of our lives. It is either a way in which we are filled with joy and total liberation; it can also guard you from sickness, stress, or any other issues that might be disturbing your life. Different people go diverse ways in search of happiness; some engage their self in the act of smoking, drinking and so on with the intention of being happy. Most people beg for it, like those in the hospital, and prison yards. This explains that it is a very important thing in one's life.

According to Rick Warren, your choice are far more powerful than your circumstances. You may have so many things that bothers you, all you have to do is choose to be happy rather than fill your mind with worries. You have the power to make your life trouble-free.

In actual sense to be happy totally depends on you, despite the worries that occupies our mind we can still decide to be happy regarding the fact that this life is full of ups and down. Being optimistic gives us the power to change the scene of difficult situations to the scene of complete euphoria, because you believe and you have confident that everything will turn out fine.

In life, we face different issues or disagreement with peer group, husband or wife, parents, and neighbors. It is bound to happen occasionally in a lifetime, but we can be happy by settling the matter and making peace thus clearing our mind from keeping malice, grudge, and hatred. The more we harden our heart with them the more we become unhappy each time we remember the event or set eye on such a one. We can even make it possible by trying our best to live in harmony with everyone, not minding their status. If you want to be happy don't listen to what people say about you, try as much as possible to smile at everything.

Many people becomes sad and desolate, wishing they had been born into a wealthy family or had been in a better country and all that. Your starting point may be small, but your latter may be great. Don't compare your life with others, because you don't know what they been through before getting to the position the are. Everything has its time and season, just focus on the future and be happy.

Most of us think having money is all it takes to be happy, permit me to say it is not so. The rich also in one way or the other are not experiencing joy despite their money. Money can only give us temporary happiness. We can only have absolute happiness by deciding it within our self.

Happiness is not an accident nor is it something you wish for. Happiness is something you design. Be happy for yourself,don't let others be in charge of your happiness.

How Can You Be Genuinely Happy?

These ten steps can help you discover ways in which you can find genuine ecstasy.

1. We can start by giving thanks for our life every morning as we wake up, it a great way of showing that we are grateful for our lives because without life there is no happiness.

2. Appreciate your-self; accept who you are and what you are. You should be satisfy with everything you have got starting with your family, friend and material things.

3. Sow happiness into other people's lives most especially the poor and the needy when you do these you will reap joy. When you put a smile on other people's face, you end up seeing yourself smiling alongside. You will gain love by showing love to others, feeling loved is the greatest joy ever. I was walking along the road one day, and boy walked up to me and ask me for help, He said he needed money to feed himself. I gave him some money and immediately you could see the joy on his face, then he thanked me and ran to where he will find something to buy. I was also filled with joy because i was able to help someone in need.

4. Find time visit the hospital, the prison yards, show them a little love and encouragement. It gives them hope that someone out there still care, and instead of being sad and worry, they are happy.

5. Genuine happiness does not mean you will have the best things in the world; you do not need to own the biggest company in the world build the tallest house or even ride the most expensive cars before you can be happy. It definitely mean that you are making the best out of everything you've lay your hands on Even when you fail, you are willing to stand up and try again and again until it comes out fine. You just need to locate those things that makes you happy, and use them to gratify your life.

6. You might like hobbies, engage your time in them. It can help you from getting into trouble, and freeing your mind from heavy thoughts. There are different kinds of hobbies you can absorb your time doing one of them, it can be collecting coin, fishing, planting flowers, reading, knitting, or anything you enjoy doing.

7. After a stressful day, relax your mind and body by listening to a joke or crack one with your family members. By so doing, you are filling your heart with extremely joy as your laugh out your sorrow. The best medicine to stress, sorrow is laughter.

8. Happiness is health and vice versa, do things that your body needs to be fit. Go jogging, running, and other exercises, which causes a free flow of blood through your arteries into your body systems. It reduces the chance of getting ill.

9. Involving yourself in social activities can shower you with happiness. Meet with different people, chat, expand your knowledge, both personal and how other people react to certain things around the globe. By learning new things, every single day you have used your time well, then joy will be yours all through the day. Moreover, as you continue like this you will end up seeing yourself being happy throughout the year. In addition when "I" is replaced with "we" even illness becomes wellness.

10. Set a goal each day and set yourself in achieving them, work hard finish your task and the satisfaction that accompany hard work will all be yours. You might have some difficult and unfinished task, try them again and this time you might find happiness through the fact that you are now successful. When we accomplish our task we always have a proficient feeling, it gives us some sense of value.

Happiness is what everybody seeks in his or her life, it exit in every individual. Just make up your mind to be happy. I anticipate that you will be relieved from your worries and a new sense of satisfaction.


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    • charity ezaka profile image

      Ezaka Charity 10 months ago

      Thanks Patkay, life has a routine to happiness which when followed one will really enjoy happy life. Thanks again for dropping by.

    • Patkay profile image

      Patrick Kamau 10 months ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Good writing and very encouraging article. If we can follow the tips you have given here, we can be able to appreciate life with whatever we have. Thanks for sharing.