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Finding Happiness in the Workplace and Beyond

Updated on November 3, 2015

Our Reality

Do you wake up every day dreading that journey into the workplace? Do you like your day job but yearn for something else? Regardless of which emotion you are experiencing these days, the driver of this may be directly related to the fact that you are not doing the work that aligns with your true passion in life. Let’s face it, if you love to write but are someone in the medical field managing patients, as noble of a career you may have at this time, it’s not allowing you to tap into your wheelhouse and over time, it can begin to wear and weigh on you to the point that you grow miserable in what it is you do. Just because you are good at what you do, it does not mean you should allow yourself to remain trapped in this job or career. After a time, this state of perfection under which you are operating and demonstrated capability can begin to wear on your soul and spirit, making you the mean guy or lady in the workplace and even at home.

If you are that person who has allowed your passion to get away from you or get put on the back burner because you are beholden to the simple fact that you must not jeopardize your steady flow of income, it is time for you to do a bit of research on how to move closer to your passion. Yes! You can take steps that allow you to live in your passion while at the same time continuing to achieve a steady source of income.


Finding Your Passion in the Workplace

Look for a job that aligns more to your passion. It is highly likely that unless there are other elements in place that will allow you to shift your function into the area you want to most operate within, you will need to change jobs. Begin your search now and establish a timeline for making the move. Now, be sure that your move is well-thought out and crafted move. Examine the potential impacts including salary or income reduction, relocation, demotion in position and work hours. If you work in company or organization with multiple departments, start documenting which job roles/positions align most to what it is you want to do and if it is available, start looking at the salary information. Examine your current financial situation and create a plan for what will allow you to make this move. Each of these are things that can be life-changing.


Create Opportunity Outside of the Workplace

Create opportunity to nourish your passion. Perhaps you actually like your day job and just need a part-time outlet for the thing you love to do more than your day job. Again, do the research. Look for opportunities online, in the community, at your church, part-time work or even in your workplace that allow you to engage your skills and nourish your passion and set your goals to achieve those things.

For example, if you love to sing but aren't looking to do it full time, the church choir may be the place for you. Not religious or looking to join the church choir? Consider looking for other opportunities in community plays, restaurants/grills that feature live singing talent or even entertainment for community shows or events.

The possibilities are endless but you must do your research and/or create your own opportunity.


Find Others Like You

Go to events. Look for events and opportunities to immerse yourself in the thing you love most. This may mean going to conferences, seminars, expos or club-based gatherings that enable you to feed your need for the thing you enjoy doing most. However, it is also an opportunity to engage others who share your passion for thing you like doing most and can perhaps provide yet another outlet to give you the freedom you otherwise may not have in your everyday life to do what it is you enjoy.

These are just a few things that you can do to find your happiness in the work you do in the workplace and beyond. Do not give up just yet.


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