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Fitness Kickboxing Training Techniques and Simple Drill Workouts

Updated on August 30, 2014

Fitness kickboxing is a conditioning class that takes what the sport of kickboxing is with some added self defense, and of course fitness movements added. All this together combined is some of what makes training in Fitness Kickboxing so great for muscle toning and weight management. Much of the success that can be achieved when given proper guidance, is because of the great techniques performed that use your own body workout with. Below are the main techniques used, with a brief description of the movements.

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Main Punching Techniques

Jab & Cross – These are your basic punches and generally tend to be the most used. A simple straight forward throwing of the first is generally good enough for fitness. Further movements are needed however to perfect the punches.

Hooks – Hooks are difficult punches to throw properly. The force is comes from your body and the elbow is bent when throwing. Some like their fist to themselves and some like to throw the punch with their hands facing down.

Uppercuts – The punch is thrown by bending over slightly and rapidly coming up as you uppercut. If you’re doing the big wide loop than you are doing it wrong. Punch is kept tight and power comes from using your body.

Good Uppercut Lesson Video

Main Kicking Technique

Front Kick – A very simple kick. It looks like you are trying to kick someone in the groin area. Raise leg to waist height, and then kick from the knee. Best to keep toes facing down and don’t make contact with your toes on any kicks as this can generally lead to breaking a toe.

Roundhouse kick – Also called an angle kick, or a Thai Kick as I know it as. This is a powerful kick where the power is generated from the hips and large leg muscle during the rotation. This type of kick is effective for low to medium height but also can be used at head height.

Side Kick – This is like the main kick in Karate although it is used in many arts. Just turn sideways lift knee and aim your kick all while you pivot on your other foot. You generally will see it used as a way to kick a high target or someone in the head.

Simple Kickboxing Drill

Now all you do is take 1 or 2 punches and put them into a combination with 1 or 2 kicks. Below is an example:

Set 1 - Do 20 jabs, 20 crosses, 20 front kicks, 20 sidekicks, and then finish off with 20 jumping jacks. ,

Set 2 – Combination of Jab, cross, front kick, side kick, 2 jumping jacks, and then repeat 10 times

Set 3 – Switch your stance and repeat with opposite side

Remember Fitness Kickboxing is about having fun and burning calories all while learning a little bit of real kickboxing at the same time. So get out there, try it out and be sure to read my other kickboxing articles as well.

Bob Sapp's Thai Kicks

My kickboxing gloves
My kickboxing gloves | Source


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