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Fluoxetine Nausea and Insomnia does it go away -- Forum Prozac

Updated on February 7, 2011

Fluoxetine Nausea

Fluoxetine can commonly cause nausea and insomnia in many users. This is something that you should really consult with your physician. Fluoxetine also known as Prozac deals with different neurotransmitters such as Serotonin that can control wakefulness and even nausea. This is why it is common that those who are prescribed with this are experiencing insomnia or nausea. If you feel that it is really affecting your life then you should really consult your doctor with it. There are many alternatives to Fluoxetine that can also deal with depression or anxiety without the side effects. There is always that right medication that is right for one individual because all cases are different and does not require the same kind of treatment. There are many links online about anxiety and depression forums.

So if you are already taking this medicine and you're not that sure maybe you can even ask the second opinion of other doctors. But, also don't forget that there are natural and non-medical treatments that can be an alternative to your Fluoxetine use. Be sure to read the Top Remedies and Cures for Depression or Anxiety

Fluoxetine Nausea and Insomnia
Fluoxetine Nausea and Insomnia

Consult your Doctor

The first real good question you should be asking yourself would be: are you really following the directions and instructions of your doctor? There are many things that can be causing your nausea or insomnia such as taking the medicine without eating or mixing it and interacting with other drugs and even common everyday things we take in such as caffeine or too much sugar. Your diet will also be playing a big part with your Fluoxetine medication. Be sure that you consult your doctor about what kind of diet you should be having and why it is happening that you have nausea and insomnia.

You can even ask other users by going on an online forum. Through this, you can really get information from people who are very credible because they have had the firsthand experience on the things that you are just experiencing now. They already know what things to do or what may be causing the nausea and insomnia.

Anxiety and Depression Forum

It could also be just a common side-effect that will go away as soon as you get used to it. Prozac can really work in so many different ways and interact with other drugs that you might be taking. So be sure to avoid things like alcohol or other recreational drugs when you are taking Fluoxetine.


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