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Food Chemicals and "Diet Tweaking" Cause Obesity!

Updated on August 29, 2012

Aspartame the Silent Killer

See "Aspartame the Silent Killer" Video Below

With extreme dieting you get quick weight loss results, but the opposite result is your metabolism is not designed for extreme “diet tweaking.” And when you mess with the human design pertaining to blood chemistry and balanced metabolism, you stand a good chance of breaking your body’s weight regulator. Our society is hooked on instant gratification because we have so many resources in this country. And part of these instant gratification products includes fast foods. And just the same, when the fast foods put on the weight, kids today figure, they’ll just “diet tweak” the body weight with the latest extreme diet craze and be done with the weight. Unfortunately these extreme diets are short lived and bad for long-term health. It is obvious to me that a big part of our culture is addicted to fast food- food chemicals and can’t appreciate a more organic diet. Mostly because of being hooked on processed food addiction. When I talk organic, I’m simply referring to preparing more of your own foods from the basic elements, e.g., meat, poultry, fish, chicken, potatoes, rice, vegetables, whole grain breads, cereals, fruits, eggs, cheese, milk, salads, etc.

Man will attempt to manipulate and sell a short cut. Just as man will buy the quick fix solution, but it is never by God’s design and will only cause more pain and suffering than need be experienced as we age. Instead, I’ve watched many experiments with quick result weight loss programs. For example, high protein-fat diet; blood type diet; zone dieting; target dieting; grapefruit, milkshake, and deli sandwiches diet, etc. You name it, I’ve seen it. This is not balanced food consumption, this is “body food chemical tweaking” and it always leads to a crash at some point in one’s life. These types of eating behavioral habits are not designed for the human body’s good health. And at some point, maybe not today, one risks breaking their body’s weight control regulator. The only thing that’s consistent about quick weight loss programs, they make celebrities and marketers very rich at your expense!

Talk about marketing and promotional manipulation to screw with your bloods chemistry, both Aspartame (artificial sweetener) and Trans Fats are manmade food creations for example. These two processed food chemicals out of thousands are in our fast food products that many of us unknowingly consume every day. Trans Fats is another man made food chemical through a hydrogenation process that allows prepackaged foods to have longer shelf life, i.e., baked breads, doughnuts, crackers, potato chips, cookies, etc. This type of preservative food engineering did not exist when I was a kid. Instead, most families I knew grew gardens and canned most their own fruits and vegetables for long-term storage. All other products needed for meals were mostly purchased in whole organic food form

Be aware of how much fast food/preserved foods are consumed on a daily basis. Mark on a calendar how many times a week you go out for meals. If it’s more than a couple times a week, it’s too much. Try more like once a week. Make sure you read up on Aspartame (artificial sweetener in thousands of products-See video below "Aspartame the Silent Killer"). If you’re not familiar with the potential long-term health effects on the body; I guarantee, after you realize how bad diet sodas are for example, you’ll never want anything to do with them again, especially if your weight loss plan is dependent on them, or energy drinks. You’ll never want to drink them again. The long-term use of artificially sweetened, diet-processed “trans fat” products used as ingredients will slowly ruin the body from the inside out! The first mechanism these products appear to break, “weight control mechanisms” leading to obesity and finally adult onset diabetes.

One big common denominator we did not have when I was a kid was obesity run amok. Nor do I remember the onslaught of fast food restaurant chains, energy-diet drinks, etc. The things I do remember, we had a McDonald’s and Dairy Queen and bagged chips. There were also no artificial sweeteners, or artificial flavorings we couldn’t decipher off the product ingredient lists. Everything was pretty natural. Even the Swanson TV dinners & meat pot pies (Basically a frozen meal) tasted pretty good in the 70’s. And the other thing I remember as a kid, most of the dinner meals in my family consisted mostly of meat, chicken, fish, potatoes and vegetables with lots of casseroles made out the same main staples. We didn’t have a lot of conveniences with man-made preserved type foods as we do today. The only ones I can really recollect are TV dinners, soup, chili and pot pies. And almost everyone around us had gardens and canned their own food. In today’s society everything has changed to quicker processing, fast distribution and a lot of chemical ingredients for taste. This manmade “tweaking” keeps profits high for corporations at the expense of our children’s health. It is obvious, there is a big difference in the way our culture consumes food and food selection, compared to the types of food we had when I was a kid.

Also when I was a kid, you rarely heard about, or saw obesity, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cancer, etc., compared to today. And to see an obese kid, that was real rare. I also don’t recall weight watchers, quick weight loss gimmicks in general, etc., none of this stuff was commercialized. Now it seems to be the norm "create an addictive food and drink supply, fill a demand "diet loss tweaking" fight chemicals with chemiicals!  Sounds like good business practises, right? Afterall it employs millions of Americans while similtaneously making them sick." That creates a huge job demand and profits for pharmaceutical, health and chemical companies.  Is this really the American way?  See how we're wrapped in a vicious circle.

Today, I see kids while I’m on my daily walks that appear to have body fat typical to those in my age range (40-60years old). I’m currently holding around 25% body fat which is considered borderline obesity. The kids I’m talking about appear to be around 25-60% body fat.  I’m sure unless they change their eating habits they’ll not fare well when they reach their 40’s and 50’s. I fear our children will experience an epidemic of illness/disease pain and suffering not seen in our generation when they reach our ages. It doesn’t look to me like our celebrities and marketers “diet tweaking” fads are working against the processed chemical food giants and restaurant chains. If anything, our youth is becoming more obese! And with obesity, illness and disease will follow.

With modern day conveniences in technology, the couch potato is at full throttle! Gone are the days that kids enjoyed being kids riding bikes, having an afternoon baseball, football game, or family outings. Instead, they are addicted to processed foods, energy drinks, computer and cellular technology. When balanced food nutrition and healthy body activity is taken out of the equation the mind will ultimately become depressed and sicken the body. Looks like the current generation jet set technology lifestyle and “diet tweaking” will solve all that ails it, Right? Well if you believe that than you are oblivious and/or in denial of all the teenagers that walk past you daily as you drive to work, sporting multiple belly rolls. This, I did not see in the 60’s, or 70’s. And if you open your eyes, you will see the same thing. Educate your children on good nutrition, eating habits and the importance of life-long exercise, like walking. Balance in everything we do on this planet is essential for good health. It’s our job as parents to educate and protect our children from unnecessary pain and suffering as they move on into adulthood.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Fantastic hub!

      Ron from

    • woodamarc profile imageAUTHOR

      Marc Woodard 

      8 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Thanks for the positive comments on the video. Still getting use to a camera...

      Hope this helps habee, The stuff is just as bad if not worse. Sorry to be the burdeon of bad news. I also left link at bottom so you can read the full story.

      "After twenty years of NutraSweet® (aspartame) dominating the sweetener market, people are realizing for themselves that aspartame really is a foul food chemical tragically harmful to their health. Now, people think Johnson & Johnson’s Splenda, made from sucralose, has come to the rescue as the newest chemical sugar replacement “made from real sugar.” People don’t want to hear that it may be just as dangerous as aspartame, and this white knight of sweeteners is no better improvement.

      New chemical sweeteners (like Splenda) and the sweetener blends (aspartame, sucralose and acesulfame K blended together in one product) may be causing users to show signs of weight gain, disruption of sleep patterns, sexual dysfunction, increases in cancer, MS, Lupus, diabetes, and a list of epidemic degenerative diseases. The corporations continue to stand tough in their denial of any connection to chemical sweetener additives.

      This website takes you into the world of Splenda; ready or not, here we go again."

      So, do you feel lucky today as you sprinkle that yellow packet of powder in your tea? You will be alarmed once you realize how chlorine, this common chemical we’ve trusted as a “purifier”, is actually affecting our health in more ways than you know. Hopefully, this chapter will make you hesitate before you let your toddler take another sip of your diet cola."

      Hope this helps. Good health to you and your family

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 

      9 years ago from Georgia

      Marc, I just watched the video. What a nice touch! Aspartame gives me headaches, so I haven't used it in a long time. Splenda doesn't seem to bother me. Is it safer than aspartame??

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 

      9 years ago from Georgia

      I've wondered about this for some time now. Thanks for the info!

    • woodamarc profile imageAUTHOR

      Marc Woodard 

      9 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Couldn't agree with your more. That's the problem, we trust the FDA and other government agencies to protect us. But billion dollar industries don't alway have our best interest at heart. Thanks for the insight... Healthy eating these days is a real challenge. Especially in a fast pace society.

    • ethel smith profile image

      Ethel Smith 

      9 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      It is hard but you have to try and make an informed choice. Healthy eating is difficult when you do not always know what has happened to your food.

    • woodamarc profile imageAUTHOR

      Marc Woodard 

      9 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      You got that right. Moderation and awareness.

      1 1965 to 1982 over 4 million distinct chemical compounds formulated.

      2 At least 250,000 new formulations created annually since then.

      3 Approximately 3,000 chemicals are added to our foods.

      4 700 have been found in drinking water.

      5 Over 500 can be found under kitchen sinks or laundry rooms in American homes.

      6 Over 800 neurotoxin chemical compounds used in cosmetic-perfume industries.

      Thanks for the comment.

    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 

      9 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      yep.. you cant get away from those food additives!! Great post


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