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From Pregnancy to Due Date: 3 Most Important Things To Do To Prepare For Baby

Updated on February 3, 2018
There are three important items for your pregnancy checklist to plan for ahead of your due date.
There are three important items for your pregnancy checklist to plan for ahead of your due date. | Source

Pregnancy Checklist

It's easy to get caught up in the fun decisions during pregnancy, like decorating the nursery, but there are some serious decisions to be made before the due date that can affect the outcome of delivery and the health of your baby. One difficult part of planning for baby is finding a checklist of decisions that should be made, and then gathering the necessary information to make informed decisions. This article provides three top issues to be aware of and the resources to understand them. Issues such as cord blood storage, hiring a birth doula and researching the NICU level of the birth hospital are all important to understand when preparing for baby.

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Hospital NICU levels should be researched.
Hospital NICU levels should be researched. | Source

Checklist Item # 1: Hospital NICU Level

In early pregnancy, you see your Obstetrician and begin tracking your pregnancy. Before you get settled on an Obstetrician, however, you want to understand which hospital the doctor is associated with.

Hospitals where babies are delivered should have a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) that is qualified to handle complications that arise. There are many different levels of NICUs that define the level of expertise that a hospital is qualified to provide. The NICU level is directly related to infant mortality rate, affecting both premature and full-term babies.


There are multiple benefits to having a doula assist during your labor and delivery.
There are multiple benefits to having a doula assist during your labor and delivery. | Source

Checklist Item # 2: Birth Doula

During your second trimester, you will want to explore the idea of hiring a birth doula, or personal labor coach, to assist you during labor and delivery.

Studies show that having a doula present during labor helps decrease the duration of labor, rate of c-section, complications, medications and rate of postpartum depression. Doulas receive training and certification and are internationally becoming more popular.


Checklist Item # 3: Stem Cell Banking

By the third trimester, you will want to understand the different kinds of stem cells that can be collected at your baby's birth and the different methods for storing them.

There are many conditions that can be cured using stem cells from umbilical cord blood that make this option an important consideration for the future health of your baby or another child in your family.


There are many options surrounding banking stem cells from babies.
There are many options surrounding banking stem cells from babies. | Source

Disclaimer: Note that this website portrays my opinion. I want to help others consider a new or different view. Any action taken based on these opinions is the responsibility of the reader.

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Get tough decisions about hospital NICUs, birth doulas and banking stem cells out of the way so that you can relax during your pregnancy.
Get tough decisions about hospital NICUs, birth doulas and banking stem cells out of the way so that you can relax during your pregnancy. | Source

Prepare for Baby

Preparing for the birth of your baby is both overwhelming and exciting. It's important to research the details regarding issues such as hospital NICU level, hiring a birth doula, and storing baby's stem cells. Your doctor may bring up the opportunity for stem cell banking, however, you will want to do independent research on this topic to understand all of your options. Birth doulas and hospital NICU levels are not topics that your doctor will initiate with you at your prenatal visit, although your doctor will make a great resource to you on these topics if you ask. Knowing that you've taken care of important decisions that can affect your baby's health, you can relax, enjoy being pregnant, and focus on the fun parts of planning for baby.


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    • Melis Ann profile imageAUTHOR

      Melis Ann 

      7 years ago from Mom On A Health Hunt

      Thanks for adding your personal information Kebennett1. It is amazing how the baby scene has changed, even in the last 10 years. It's difficult to sort through the details of all the different decisions and options, even for parents that have had a baby recently, because things change so quickly. Your experience with having your baby transferred so far away must have been extremely difficult. I hope parents-to-be see your situation as another example why this article is important.

    • Kebennett1 profile image


      7 years ago from San Bernardino County, California

      Awesome hub. Well I am getting old. There was no such thing as a Doula when I was pregnant with my last child 25 years ago :) We didn't know anything about stem cells then either. I wish I had known about looking into the possibility of NICU care as my baby needed it and had to be transported about 100 miles away to Loma Linda. This is an informative and well written hub.


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