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We All Have An Inner Coach To Inspire And Guide Us

Updated on October 25, 2010

We Are In Good Hands

Our Own
Our Own

Success Always Has Its Secret

Inspiration Is Like A Sugar High

The lifespan of inspiration is less than that of a Mayfly, which is from thirty minutes to one day at best. Once out of the immediate presence of the source of the inspiration, it begins to fade away. Suddenly, all kinds of obstacles get in the way of grabbing onto that tiny piece of hope and creating something new out of it. Inspiration can even be dangerous. Like too much sugar or caffeine, it can actually be a downer if it isn’t backed up with a deep inner knowing that there is a way to capitalize on the driving force of its energy and actually accomplish something. That’s why coaches and trainers come in handy. They are there to keep their clients fired up. They constantly remind them that they have what it takes to make it happen. They also train them to get the most out of the abilities they have. But, not everyone can have a coach at their side all the time to motivate them; so, behind every success is a secret weapon.

What Drives Those Amazing Super-humans

How, then, do those people make it to the top of their game, go from “rags to riches,” who are isolated in some small village in the African jungle or a ghetto in New York? There are thousands of examples of people who came out of nowhere to make a huge difference in their lives and the lives of others. People who lived in poverty and desperate situations but found a way to catapult themselves to a level of human greatness that is often far above many who come from much better conditions. I think of the many immigrants that come to this county, having no money, not knowing the language, having few if any contacts, and, in a relatively short time, have a profitable business, graduate from college, become famous people making a great difference for their fellow humans in all kinds of ways. How do they do it? What drives them. More importantly, what guides them and keeps them going? Who is their coach? I’m remembering the recent news article about Alfredo Quitones-Hinojosa who, at the age of nineteen, came over the wall from Mexico. Within ten years, he was a US citizen and a medical student at Harvard. Now, at the age of forty-three, he is the head of neuro-surgery at John Hopkins Medical Center. How did he do it? What drove him? More importantly, what guided him, through the maze of obstacles and dangers, to medical school instead of to gang membership?

We All Have The Secret Within Us

Here is the secret that many of these successful people may not even be consciously aware of themselves. Carl Rogers, one of the fathers of modern psychology, at the end of his long and very successful career, said that he had studied and worked with every kind of human being from the most innocent to the most depraved and had come to realize that all of us have within us a core of wisdom, goodness, and understanding which, if activated, would help us to become all that we can be as a balanced, integrated human being. We all have different genetics, different skills and abilities, different interests, but we all have this inner guide, this special intelligence that knows us better than we know ourselves and knows exactly what we need to reach our full potential. This is our inner coach, our inner trainer and guide that’s always with us 24/7/365. I’ve have been fortunate to discover this core and activate it to heal terminal illness and guide my own life.

As her psychotherapist, I helped Nancy to cure herself of terminal cancer by finding within her that core, that special intelligence that guided us on a five-year healing adventure that not only cure her illness but healed my life as well. In the subsequent thirty years, I have learned how to activate my own inner wisdom and use it at will, and have learn how to help others to do the same. I have no doubt that this special intelligence is a part of our whole intelligence that has been with us since the beginning of our journey on earth but has been lost for thousands of years to all but a few. Now is the time we desperately need it to guided us through the dangers of the chaotic, new world that is fast developing in front of our eyes. It has always been with us but has been blocked from helping us by the overwhelming fear and junk thought that fills our minds constantly throughout our days. Now is precisely the right time to activate this inner wisdom. It’s first purpose is to keep us alive, so that it can fulfill its second which is to lead us to all the wisdom and knowledge we need to become all we can be as intelligent, balanced, compassionate humans that interact with each other for the ultimate betterment of our race.

How To Find And Use Your Inner Genius

If this inspires you, feel free to seek more information, including how to activate your special intelligence at This site will explain how we lost contact with our special intelligence, and how we can get it back. All the information you need is here, for free, on this site; so, this time your inspiration can definitely carry you as far as you want to go.

©2010, sgscalese


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