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Fruit Health Benefits for Strengthening Your Immune System

Updated on December 29, 2016

Fruit Nutritional Value

Eating fruit can assist with reversing the effects of: bad health, aging, weight gain, and organ damage. Fruits are great as an antioxidant, which can help your body fight against infections. Also eating fruit daily is a natural way of getting the certain vitamins you need; such as vitamin C, B, E, and other vitamins. There are many varieties of fruit to eat and to make a part of our daily diets. Having a regular healthy diet is normal for better health. And these days there are many individuals that have malnutrition, over weight issues, organ damage, mind problems, and bad health all together. Someone who has malnutrition is deficient of the proper nutrients needed for their daily regular diets. Once you plan to stay with a healthy plan of eating fruit, you will be on the road to a better life style. But if you ever fall off the plan of healthy eating, then just pick it right back up the next day and every day after that. It will become more easier to eat fruit and exercise once it starts to become a habit.

Cherry Fruit

Eating cherries will have health effects against pain episodes such as gout, arthritis, and muscle pain. Research also advises that cherries can assist the body to combat against organ cancers, premature aging, pre-diabetes, headaches, insomnia, and reduces potential heart problems and nervousness. Studies show cherry fruits are very high in antioxidants. Also cherries assist as a thorough cleanser for the digestive tract, urine, liver and kidneys. Cherry juice or cherry fruit contain proper nutrients such as beta carotene, fiber, potassium, vitamin C, melatonin, and iron. Further, melatonin assists the body with the ability to have a restful sleep and it assists with reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Fruit Nutrition - Cherry Fruit
Fruit Nutrition - Cherry Fruit

Pears Health Benefits

Pears are very high in vitamin C and can assist with having a stronger immune system to fight against common colds and flu symptoms. Pears have antioxidants that protects against and reverse harmful cells, and helps prevent diseases. Pears are necessary for normal tissue repair, vitamin C promoting healing of cuts, wounds, and bruises. Research shows that a high-fiber diet reduces the effects of inflammation, diabetes and heart disease. Also the type of fiber found in pears can assist with weight loss. Pears are delicious and good for your health in many ways.

You can also try juicing your pears in a juicer machine, this way you can get more nutrients faster, daily without chewing the pear, if you prefer. The nutrition content in pears is important and needed daily for its rich vitamin C ingredient. The proper nutrition in your daily diet can help with a better mind-set and body stamina.

Fruit Nutrition - Peach Benefits
Fruit Nutrition - Peach Benefits

Peach Health Benefits

Eating peach fruit can lower the risk of many common cancers. Studies prove that eating peaches prevents the risk of breast cancer compared to individuals who do not frequently eat peach fruit. A high in water-soluble fiber such as peaches, can decrease risks heart attacks. Also fruit may lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. Frequently eating peaches can eliminate parasite infection in the intestines. Peaches contain nutritional vitamins which are:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium

Phosphorus is necessary for the body for forming strong bones and teeth. Calcium alone can't build strong bones and tissues. Recent research shows calcium needs phosphorus to build bone-strength, and taking many calcium supplements without phosphorus will not help.

Peaches nutritional benefits can assist individuals with the following illnesses:

  • Nerve problems
  • Anemia
  • Asthma
  • Bladder infection
  • Kidney Stones
  • Bronchitis
  • Constipation
  • Gastritis
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Poor Digestion

Everyone wants to have a healthier life style, and by eating 2-5 fruits daily can help with that. Try taking a fruit challenge for one week. Slice your fruit into a bowl every day for 7 days, and you will notice a major difference in your skin complexion, digestive system, immune system, and I'm sure you will notice more great benefits to eating fruit more often. Storing your sliced fruit in a bowl and storing it in the fridge will be more convenient for when you are ready to eat a tasty dessert.

God didn't create fruit for us to just look at. When you saturate your system with fruits you will notice: a sharper mind-set, energy, and other important benefits. Making 'peach cobbler pie' will be a tasty treat for the whole family; especially on special occasions.

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    • Ann810 profile image

      Ann810 5 years ago from Sunny Cali

      Hi Lilian1, I agree cherries are good, they taste great on cheese cake as well. Thanks for commenting.

    • lilian1 profile image

      lilian1 5 years ago from Hertfordshire England

      Good information here I love cherries there are so many health benefits I find I sleep better too after eating them :)

    • Ann810 profile image

      Ann810 6 years ago from Sunny Cali

      @ Jtrader, Cherries are a delicious fruit, thanks. I get them when I see them in the produce isles.

    • jtrader profile image

      jtrader 6 years ago

      I like cherries. I try to have the juice when it's in season.

    • Ann810 profile image

      Ann810 6 years ago from Sunny Cali

      Hi Wilrhoades, Thank you for your comment. I will be visiting your hubs as well.

    • wilrhoades profile image

      wilrhoades 6 years ago

      Yummy, Thanks for this hub.

    • Ann810 profile image

      Ann810 6 years ago from Sunny Cali

      Hi Louise, how are you?

      Thanks for commenting, glad you enjoyed this hub. Visit again.

    • profile image

      Louise Strout 6 years ago

      Ann, I appreciate this article for a few reasons. First, your emphasis was not on apples and bananas (you see things written about them all the time). It's very interesting how much benefit the fruits you mention have. Being diabetic, I already have some issues (nothing horrible, but there nevertheless). I struggle to keep my potassium levels where they should be, but I never knew the benefits of eating pears and peaches could have for me. Thanks for a well-researched and well-written hub