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High Fructose Corn Syrup, your killing us!

Updated on June 12, 2015

The television commercials tell us it is OK and natural. The manufacturers want us to believe it is the same as regular table sugar, that is not good for you by the way. Princeton University published a study showing just the opposite. The high-fructose corn syrup not only caused significant weight gain over table sugar, it caused increased triglycerides in the blood, and increased abdomen fat stores. Abdominal fat is the worst place to store fat because of its relationship to increased heart disease risk. The reason the research shows it is so much worse is because the fructose in high-fructose corn syrup is unbounded and free. The fact that they are unbounded, the fructose molecules are immediately ready to be absorbed and skip a step in the digestive track. Our obesity rates in the United States have doubled since the inception of high-fructose corn syrup as a cheaper alternative to sucrose.

What do we do? We have the power here not the pushers. They want the money in our pockets. It is simple in theory, if we don't buy it they wont make it! Now the hard part, the children, how do we deny them candy and soda totally? As a kid most holidays center around sweets: Halloween, Christmas, and Easter to name a few. We have to lead by example and be good parents and make sure a treat is a treat and not a diet staple. We can also buy brands that use traditional sugar or even better Stevia as a sweetener for our treats. The day to day snack treats need to be Organic fruit, that is pretty sweet.

How do we read the labels at the grocery store? Food labels try to hide high-fructose corn syrup using terms like corn sugar and corn starch. Be aware of this and you will eventually find the staples of your shopping lists. The best way is to try to make whole non processed food as much as possible. With three kids and a spouse that also works I know this is almost imposable, but a goal is a goal.

High-fructose corn syrup is a very powerful enemy so we must band together to slay this evil!



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    • ghomefitness profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Chicago,IL

      Spanishtoday thanks for reading my hub and I am glad it brought some awareness.

    • spanishtoday profile image


      7 years ago

      Great information. I'll be looking to avoid this when I next go shopping.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      8 years ago

      Most of those "toses" are not good for us. Great post!

    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 

      8 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

      This is great information!

    • ghomefitness profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Chicago,IL

      They should use it for gas not sugar, I agree it is not great tasting. Thanks for stopping in.

    • Mentalist acer profile image

      Mentalist acer 

      8 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

      Plus,I may be the only one,the stuff tastes awful;)

    • ghomefitness profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Chicago,IL

      Thanks Amber! It is scary if you look at the You Tube in my Organic Milk hub, it will show you the power money has over our health.

    • Amber Allen profile image

      Amber Allen 

      8 years ago

      The more I read about processed food the more horrified I become. Unfortunately big business is only interested in the balance sheet.


    • ghomefitness profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Chicago,IL

      Thanks Craan for reading. I read your hub on sugar today, it was right on the spot.

    • Craan profile image

      Sheila Craan 

      8 years ago from Florida

      I try to avoid high fructose corn syrup at all costs by always reading food labels. I definitely stopped drinking soda about 10 years ago and have been able to keep my weight reasonable for my height. Thanks for bringing the dangers of this terrible poison to light for more people to become keen to this malpractice.

      I am into fitness and healthy eating too. I am in awe of the hideous names given to sugar and sugar substitutes. People practically need a biochemical degree to sift the sugar names in order to avoid it at all costs.

    • ghomefitness profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Chicago,IL

      Thanks for reading and fighting the good fight Beth!

    • Beth100 profile image


      8 years ago from Canada

      Not only is it used in commercial foods, it is even added in coffee through the drive-thrus, fancy coffee and non-coffee based drinks and a many other sources that are hidden. I also am a label reader but have noticed that many ingredients are renamed to an alternative name so as to go undetected. Research and education -- our tools against this epidemic of obesity and unhealthiness. Two thumbs up! Great info and thanks for brining it to the forefront.

    • ghomefitness profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Chicago,IL

      Thanks Minnetonka Twin, I'm glad it helped.

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 

      8 years ago from Minnesota

      Great information ghomefitness-It is amazing to me that they can hide this information from us. Label reading and learning what to look for is key. Thx

    • ghomefitness profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Chicago,IL

      Thanks for reading Pollyannalana, I agree salt is a favorite in processed food. We can drink gallons of water to help dissipate some of that, we just will have to do our writing in the bathroom.

    • Pollyannalana profile image


      8 years ago from US

      Up and useful! I am a label reader too and salt too have you noticed, they dump a shaker full in ice cream! The DNA sucks, but all we can do is take care of ourselves and it is not easy, we can't make everything!

    • ghomefitness profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Chicago,IL

      Thanks for the comment Dawn the muffins sound great!

    • dawnM profile image

      Dawn Michael 

      8 years ago from THOUSAND OAKS

      That is one of the ingredients that I look for on labels and then I put the product back on the shelf!!! Yes High Fructose Corn Syrup is very bad for us and it is put in so many products that they advertise to children...what a scam that is. I make my own muffins and I add flax seed and organic agava, with apple sauce. The kids love them and they are healthy and do not raise the blood sugar and then drop it.

      Thank-you for a very informative hub.


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