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P90X The review

Updated on June 12, 2015
P90X add
P90X add

P90X has taken the fitness industry by storm! It is in the thoughts and DVD players of fitness enthusiasts across the globe. The claims are lofty and testimonies are deep. The program has taken different types of group exercise and put them together in a package to give people different options. Tony Horton the fitness trainer behind the program pushes the concept Muscle Confusion that is one of the basic principals of fitness with a cool name. The SAID principal (specific adaptations to implied demands) means your body responds to the direct training. If you want to be a sprinter then the best way to get faster is sprint. The problem is your body gets very dominant in the muscle for that exercise and causes muscle imbalance and injury. The answer is cross-training so your body can strengthen opposing muscles. Personal trainers know when they get a client that has hit a plateau cross-training will crush the plateau and start the client improving again.

Does P90X really work? Yes P90X does work, people are getting real results. Are the results as good as the testimonials claim? Not in most cases, fitness advertising is filled with before and after pictures from abdominal gadgets to human muscle zappers. The incredible results have more to do with the extreme diet that is mixed in with the exercise programs. The program is good and the 12 workouts are well laid out. Just don’t get upset when day 91 does not come with a Muscle and Fitness cover shoot! This is the best commercial program since the Body-For-Life (based on the Bill Phillips book).

Who will this program work for? The program is best suited for people in average health that have had success with group exercise programs before. It is best to do it with a partner to keep you honest. Tony Horton does a good job to keep the intensity up but he can’t put the DVD in for you. People who are very new to exercise or have had injuries to their knees or back should work with a good personal trainer not a DVD. You are worth the money! People need a foundation of fitness to understand how their body reacts to exercise. A good personal trainer can look at a person and tell where their muscle imbalances are. These imbalances need to be corrected before someone starts a program like this.


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    • ghomefitness profile image

      ghomefitness 7 years ago from Chicago,IL


      It may get you in shape, but like your article points out, to jump higher you train to jump.

      Good luck!

    • profile image

      vertical 7 years ago

      Man I heard that this stuff is extreme I think im going to check it out hey it could show me "how to get a higher vertical jump”.