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How to Stop Smoking At Once

Updated on May 6, 2012

Cigarette Smoking

Cigarette smoking poses a threat to the smoker's health and those around them. The practice tends to be habitual with dire consequences such that, victims often lose their lives prematurely. The habit is rather difficult to break. Many smokers have tried in vain to stop this habit.

Miracles do happen. Kindly don't sneer at this. This subject has for a long time been an issue of great controversy the world over, with some people claiming miracles do not occur, while others give testimony about strange things having taken place in their lives. It is easy to philosophize that, whatever amounts to a miracle in your life spheres may not necessarily be a miracle to me.

Other observers might say “A wealthy man has no need for miracles by virtue of the fact that he is already well fed, and neither will he go out of his way to seek out a miracle”. If you are wealthy, stop reading this. The notion behind this reasoning is that, if you are in great wealth, you believe that everything is attainable. After all, it is written “Money answers all things”. We often hold onto this belief until that time, when the thing we desire most cannot be quantified in terms of finances. Then and only then do we seek out the divine for intervention.

Cigarette Stick


The Divine Touch

I strongly believe that miracles do happen and I’m very categorical about this. Pre-requisites to this are;

  • Be simple and sincere in your heart like a child
  • Have a need you seriously want to satisfy
  • You must acknowledge the existence of your creator
  • Do not tempt your creator for the fun of it

Believe me when I say your miracle will come knocking.

Advice on how to quit smoking

A Real Life Experience

It was 1989 on a sunny Friday morning when I woke up and proceeded to work. In the course of the day's work, a colleague at my place of work loaned me a book entitled “World Religions” by Richard Seymour. Sunday afternoon found me lying on my back smoking a cigarette while reading the book. I had been smoking for eleven years without ceasing.

The book I was reading went on to describe all the origins of various religions of this world, their general practices and beliefs. It highlighted and clarified how religion was simply man's attempt to get to God, which in most cases missed the mark by a great margin. The author posited that God was real and that His son Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us, and rose again, that true religion was “To know God in a personal way by communing with him directly”. He pointed out that you didn't have to believe in any religion but just trust that God would hear your pleas.

The Ultimate Challenge

The author concluded by challenging me to request anything from God while trusting that He would respond. You know what? I took up the challenge and while facing upwards, asked as follows “God if you are there and can indeed hear me, do remove this smoking habit from me”. I continued puffing away and even forgot my request to God by night fall.

I woke up the next morning, went to work as usual, carrying sticks of cigarettes in my pocket and a box of matches. At 10.00a.m. after the usual cup of tea, I reached into my pocket for a cigarette by reflex action, lit it and took my first puff. Ohhhhhhhh my, my, it tasted awful. It was so bad that I had to throw it away. I took yet another stick, and the taste was the same as the first one. I threw away the remaining stick in disgust. I later on discovered that I hadn't bought any more cigarettes when workmates inquired as to why they hadn't seen me puffing a cigarette as was normal with me. Little did I know that a change had occurred in me.

I sobered up after one week when I recalled that short prayer I had made to God. I never felt an urge to smoke again to date. Today, cigarette smoke puts me off as though I had never smoked before. It literally chokes me.

YouTube video on negative effects of smoking

My Appeal to You

If only you could be sincere in your request to God, you too, your husband, wife or child can stop smoking. Do not doubt God's strength and ability to care for your needs. Just ask and he will do. Are you man or woman enough to try this out? You have nothing to lose.

Remember, this is not a prank. I would not be telling you this if it was not my real life experience with my creator, and yet I'm no better than you. As time passed by, I realized this was not to be the only miracle I would experience with God. He is a very interesting and humorous God. Look out for the next miracle. I am very grateful to God for revealing Himself to me the way He did. God bless you as you prepare to let me hear about your miracle after this.

The Twist

If God does not heal you, you have nothing to lose. Don't worry because he is the one who wrote the Word and hence, let Him carry the shame of the unfulfilled promise.



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  • Anjili profile image

    Anjili 5 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Hi vinner,

    Thanks for checking in. That was a miracle I experienced and managed to stay free of the cigarette. I would urge smokers to try it out.I feel more healthy today. Do come again

  • vinner profile image

    vinner 5 years ago from India

    Really useful information. considering that many people are dying daily due to smoking such ways to stop it is really nice. Good hub

  • fucsia profile image

    fucsia 7 years ago

    I believe in miracles, but I think than WE make them. What you wrote is true: To have a miracle we must to really want it . Then we will find in us, in our minds that can do many things, the strength to do what we want. The problem is that often people who say they want to stop smoking do not wish to deeply, perhaps because smoking has a meaning for them difficult to accept. At least that was my experience that I described in a Hub: "Why did I Smoke?".