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5 Reasons to Discover a Purpose

Updated on April 1, 2018
The Road To Discovery
The Road To Discovery | Source

The Value of Purpose

What value do you place on discovering a purpose?

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Discovering Your Purpose

Thank you for visiting this hub! You really won’t find any new ideas here, at least not in content. I believe everything already exists. The scope of that statement is one that can be debated by experts (in another forum)but, for the purpose of this hub I am adapting the First Law of Thermodynamics which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed - only changed in form.

What I hope you will take away from reading this piece is a passion that, once lit, cannot be extinguished; once begun, cannot be ended and once realized, will be lived with a zest that cannot be explained.

For the last 50+ years I have explored this thing we call life from many different perspectives, most of which seem to have produced little in the way of lasting happiness, joy and peace, until now!

Many of you will equate the discovery of your purpose with the potential for financial gain. I certainly would not judge or condemn anyone for that opinion. I’m reminded of the saying, “Whether you're rich or poor, it’s good to have money.” (Anon)

The real goal of this article, however, is to inspire, even if ever so slightly, those who dream of finding laughter in the vague and overwhelming odds of adversity; joy in the middle of the night when a new vision appears solving a seemingly unsolvable dilemma and the experience of the endlessness of time because the search for your life’s work has freed you from its boundaries.

The money may or may not come, yet in the pursuit of your purpose you will continue to ask, seek, knock and perform because you are driven by a greater reward – the achievement of your destiny, the fulfillment of your raison d’être and the firsthand experience of an exhilarating and unquenchable desire just to live and be!

The 5 Reasons

So, here they are; 5 simple and simplistic reasons for discovering something you already own, though perhaps hidden deep within your being, yet obscured by a life of unconscious preconditioning. It has been said if you ask, the answer will come.

1. Acceptance - You were born and you are here; you have gifts of great value. Discovering, developing and gratefully sharing them are the only appropriate responses to their possession. Any other act is one of selfishness or neglect.

2. Application - We are all connected. We breathe the same air, share the same universal and planetary resources and have the same human origin. Living without purpose, once found, is self destructive - individually and collectively. (A great read on the subject is Viktor E. Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning.”

3. Edification - Seeking your purpose will help develop your mind, your body and your spirit as well as the mind, body and spirit of those with whom you relate, directly and indirectly. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

4. Inspiration - Discovering your purpose often leads to fulfilling your purpose and that influences the world we live in by using and transferring positive energy transmuted by your thoughts, your words and your deeds. It also often inspires those around you to do the same. Want a better world? Start with numero uno!

5. Choice - What is the alternative? There is no gain in drifting aimlessly through this life? Choosing action will always outweigh inaction. The emotional, intellectual and spiritual benefits of focusing on the quest of one’s purpose will lead to an exuberant life. Don’t believe me? Good! Leave the past behind, abide in the present, choose to experiment and prove it to yourself. Happy hunting!

Obtaining Balance

Obviously, there are more reasons than those stated above and more than likely better ones for you to boot! But, this isn’t a bad jumping off place. One word of caution! If you begin this journey to find your ultimate purpose in living, it may consume you. I suggest considering taking on a partner. If you don’t already know someone you can trust to be objective, such as a friend or mentor, hire a coach as an accountability partner to insure balance remains in your daily living since I also believe that there is a consequence to every decision. (Newton’s Third Law of Motion adapted)

The path to discovery of your purpose can lead you down many roads, depending on your perspective. In any case, the decision to find, to act, to do and to be, is completely yours. Choose and live wisely!


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