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Health Benefits And Vitamin B5

Updated on December 23, 2014

B5 Known As Pantothenic Acid

B5 is found in the plasma of the blood. Vitamin B5 is essential to maintain the body's balance of sodium andpotassium. Without Vitamin B5 your body would not be able to regulate its fluids neither would it be able to properly regulate your blood pressure.

What is so interesting about this particular nutrient it is found in all living cells, including cells of animals and plants. This vitamin is used in the body by bacterial flora in the intestines.

Pantothenic Acid in food and in cells is in the pattern of coenzyme A which like the other B vitamins plays a significant role in energy production.

Pop Quiz

Question: Which of the B vitamins can help the body cope with stress?

Answer: Vitamin B5, Pantothenic Acid helps the body remain stable while undergoing stressful situations.

B5's Positive Effects

Since this vitamin supports the function of the adrenal glands a deficiency of this vitamin can lead to adrenal exhaustion. The brain is another organ in the body that utilizes a significant amount of pantothenic acid. The brain is the only part of the body that uses the highest form of B5, therefore individuals resulting in a decreased amount of B5can notice mood changes, such as fluctuations, and trouble with depression.

Heart patients can benefit by taking a daily dosage of B5. The recommended dosage for men and women is 15 milligrams.

For therapeutic needs doses can range from 50 - 250 milligrams to aid allergy suffers. When taking amounts up to 250 milligrams no signs of toxicity has been reported.

There have been numerous case studies of children who suffer with ADHD/ADD, during the study they where given certain nutrients. Some of these nutrients included: calcium, folic acid, vitamin C, B complex, pantothenic acid, zinc, and manganese.

Zinc was included as part of the regiment due to its ability to decrease hyperactivity. The children also were not allowed any foods, or to use any items continuing dye, or artificial flavorings. I can't imagine how a child could would stand so many restrictions, but in some cases the children had noticeable improvement.

Energy Foods

CoQ10 Enzyme

Most consumers are familiar with Coenzyme Q10, but more specially Q10 works together with B5 and Riboflavin in the synthesising of fatty acids. Some reports have stated that using B5 helps to treat and alleviate allergies.

To me the family of B vitamins are some of the most important sources of nutrition. Bs act as a staple for the nervous system, helps athletes build muscles and bulk up. The B plays an essential part in lower high levels of bad cholesterol.

Sources of Vitamin B5

Some of the richest natural sources of vitamin B5, perch, peanuts, pecans, whole grain cereal, and oatmeal. This vitamin is also found in organ meats, but 33% of its content is destroyed during cooking.

The second form of B5 is Pantethine the nutrient is a water soluble vitamin and works well when taken together with royal jelly.

Early I spoke how vitamin B5 supports the adrenal glands, not only does it support those glands, but it stimulates the gland to function properly.

Positive Effects Of B5

  • Helps The Body Build Antibodies
  • Can Prevent Nerve Degeneration
  • Helps The Body Heal Wounds
  • Protects Your Body Against Cellular Damage
  • Some Studies Have Proved B5 Slows Graying of Hair
  • Helps Protect Skin From Wrinkles
  • Have Been Used To Treat Some Bone Disorders
  • Helps Prevent Arthritis

Signs Of Deficiency

  • Impaired Healthy Blood Cells
  • Decreased Immunity
  • Burning Feet
  • Stomach Pain
  • Skin Disorders
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Fatigue
  • Trouble Falling Asleep
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Duodenal Ulcers
  • Recurring Upper Respiratory Infections


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    david stillwagon 7 years ago

    Great information and links!

  • revitawellness profile image

    revitawellness 7 years ago from Mecklenburg

    Good information.The brain is the only part of the body that uses the highest form of B5.