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Herbal remedies for liver disorders

Updated on August 2, 2012

The liver performs important functions in our body. Digestion of food, absorption of nutrients and getting rid of the toxic material are the primary function of the liver. It is a chemical factory of our body where vital processes take place to keep the body in healthy condition. Liver problems may be life threatening hence it is important to take care of the liver. If you are suffering from appetite loss, pain in abdomen, dark urine color, light or pale stool color, itchy skin, and intolerance to certain foods, fatigue, nausea, frequent headaches and difficulty in losing weight seek immediate medical help. These could be the symptoms of liver disorders.

In continuation with my article "Treating Liver Disorders The Natural Way" there are some more natural remedies which can be helpful in liver problems. These are some herbal and natural remedies for treating liver disorders.

1. Turmeric is a proven and effective liver cleanser. It helps in reducing the build-up of toxins in the liver and other parts of body.

2. Chicory or Kasni – helps in bile secretion and is thus useful in liver problems

3. Henna bark is useful as treatment of jaundice and liver enlargement.

4. Chinese Black tea is an effective remedy for fatty liver disease.

5. Milk Thistles help in new cells formation in liver and keep away the toxins.

6. Indian aloe is effective in stimulating liver to perform its functions properly.

7. Sacred Fig – having 2 glass of water mixed with crushed 3-4 leaves of fig sugar candy is helpful in liver disorders.

8. Rosemary cleanses and detoxes the liver and helps in efficient functioning of the liver. It reduces inflammation of the liver.

9. Have goat’s milk or cow milk instead of buffalo’s milk and similarly have buttermilk instead of curd.

10. Take small meals and avoid food rich in fat and avoid food made from refined flour.

11. Protein rich foods like eggs, pulses and fish are beneficial for liver.

The herbs mentioned above are helpful in cleansing the liver. It is very important that you follow a healthy lifestyle and dietary habit to keep your liver fit and functioning.


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    • katyzzz profile image


      6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Great information here, Prankita, herbs are such a bonus in life

    • Prankita profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from INDIA

      Thanks Imlynde. Milk thistle is indeed an effective herb for liver.

    • lmlynde profile image


      6 years ago from Nevada

      Thanks for your great herbal information on how to care for the Liver! I have had Post-traumatic Epilepsy for the past 10 years or so from a car accident head injury. I have developed scar tissue inside my brain which blocks and interferes with my neurotransmitters' functions. So I have to take Depakote to prevent grand mal seizures from happening. I have taken Milk Thistle daily for the past ten years because the Depakote is known for being destructive to the Liver. I am feeling good and I am very thankful for herbs like Milk Thistle!


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