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Homeopathic Acne Treatment-Part 1

Updated on March 14, 2011

In this day in age we are so turned in to our exterior aesthetic principles that a skin that does not meet to our satisfying eye can make anyone lose their self-esteem. The case gets serious in adolescence when hormones are being pumped into the body turning boys into men and girls into women. Homeopathic acne treatments can greatly reduce the pain and embarrassment in teenagers.

We all know, “we are what we eat”, and what we eat can cause acne. To start getting rid of skin problems you must reduce your consumption of fat, especially animal based fat. Any sweets of any kind whatsoever should be avoided. Eat a wide variety of foods, like grains and low fat nuts. Eat more vegetables and fruit but at a lower quantity than you would at normal meal but eat them at 2 to 3 hrs intervals.

Homeopathic granules
Homeopathic granules
Samuel Hahnemann 1755-1843 Founder of Homeopathy
Samuel Hahnemann 1755-1843 Founder of Homeopathy

Drink more water. Our bodies are about 75% water. It is a important factor in healthy looking skin. Water helps to flush out our systems especially the kidneys and the bladder of toxins and unwanted bodily products. Don´t forget exercise. Sweating does clear the skin.

The following are Homeopathic acne treatment remedies that will help you

Antimonium Crudum 4 CH. Usually a given remedy to obese.

Antimonium Tartaricum 5 CH. When pimples leave a bluish mark.

Eugenia Jambosum 5 CH. Taken when acne gets worse due to menstruation.

Graphites 5 CH. Liquidly yellow sticky eruptions on the upper half of body.

Kali Bromatum 5 CH. To treat acne that appears on the face, neck and shoulders.

Natrum Muriaticum 5 CH. Used as a regular remedy to treat adolescents when pimples concentrate around the face and scalp.

Pulsatilla 5 CH. A regular remedy to treat adolescents especially those who get shy easily.

Sulfur 5 CH. For people who are thin with a dirty dry skin look.


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