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Homeopathic Arthritis Remedies

Updated on August 5, 2012

Homeopathic arthritis remedies are very useful to treat arthritis and joints with disorders. What remedy is chosen depends on ones symptoms and choosing well will have more enduring benefits. Homeopathic remedies range that you can take to treat arthritis are:

  • Aconite 6X - Tearing joint pain that comes with cold dry weather, Fever, Feeling anxiety and restless.
  • Apis Mellifica 3X - For swelling but sensation of little pain.
  • Arnica Montana 6X - Pain that comes after injury or straining. The person is in denial. Denies anything is wrong and wants to be left alone. The person may be suffering from rheumatoid arthritis related to cold, damp conditions.
  • Belladonna 6X - The pain strikes suddenly then leaves. The person does not like stimulus or motion of any kind. The afflicted joints are swollen and red. The pain is intense and related to chills or getting head wet.

  • Berberis Vulgaris 3X - For chronic joint pain of the knees.

  • Bryonia Alba 3X - For pain with swelling in the joints together with heat, part sensitive and worse to movement and to touch.
  • Causticum 6X - Jaw bone pain. Sensation of burning pain coming cold dry weather that gets better with humidity.
  • Chamomilla 3X - The person is angry and restless, does not want to be touched. The pain is harsh and sometimes intolerable.
  • Cimicifuga Racemosa 30X - The person is over talkative fidgety and restless, appearing to be happy and all of a sudden miserable. The pain appears more in the muscles than in the bones.
  • Dulcamara 6X - For rheumatism due to sudden cold and wetness.
  • Ferrum Phos 6X - Eases local pain and inflamation
  • Hepar sulphuris 6X - For splinter like pains.
  • Kalmia Latifolia 3X - For acute feverish rheumatism with migratory pains.
  • Mercurius 6X - For pain and swelling of joints, worse at night, abundant sweat.
  • Pulsatilla Nigricans 3X - For women and children with pain worsened by heat and better by cold.
  • Rhus Toxicodendron 6X – Exposure to cold, wet weather provokes stiff and hot swollen joints. The person is apprehensive and depressed, particularly at night. Lack of movement causes pain and stiffness and has always to be constantly moving.
  • Sulphuricum 6X - For when the pains are worse at night, by heat.


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    • nelson soares profile image

      nelson soares 7 years ago from Sunny Algarve

      izettl thanks for the read and let me tell you that remedies take effect straight away, but in the long run up to 30 days! With homeopathic arthritis remedies, when the right one is picked and taken, you could feel a tad worse for a while, don´t give up now, that´s where a lot of folks give up and decide to take something else rather than a homeopathic remedy!

      You see, when taking a homeopathic remedy, and soon enough you could feel a bit worse, that is the correct chosen remedy for your condition! This could last from a couple of hours to a couple of days, pending on the individual. So stick with it and you will feel much better soon enough!

      Keep in mind that homeopathy treats a condition for good, unlike allopathy masking the condition.

    • izettl profile image

      Laura Izett 7 years ago from The Great Northwest

      I was curious how long some of these take to work. I have Rheumatoid arthritis.

    • nelson soares profile image

      nelson soares 7 years ago from Sunny Algarve

      Thanks Shalini for the read!

      I will be publishing very soon more on Homeopathy!

      Stay Tuned!

    • Shalini Kagal profile image

      Shalini Kagal 7 years ago from India

      Thanks Nelson - that was a very informative hub and you've covered it all!

    • nelson soares profile image

      nelson soares 7 years ago from Sunny Algarve

      Hi Alissa

      Thanks for the read!

    • profile image

      Alissa Margaret 7 years ago

      Interesting hub. I didn't realize there are so many different kinds of arthritis!