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How Do Slim People Stay Slim ... The Secret Revealed !

Updated on April 20, 2013
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Ingenira has been working as an online writer for at least six years. Among dozens of other topics, she loves to write about baking.

Have you ever wonder how slim people eat to stay slim ? Are you like many people wondering how the slim girl sitting in front you eating the same food as you but she stays slim while you gain weight ? Do you believe, It is more about how she consume her food that makes the difference ? Here are the secrets, the ten simple and easy tricks that can help you lose weight or stay slim.

Motivation Quotes To Get You Started and Going

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.
~Jim Rohn

If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree.
~Jim Rohn

Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points.
~Knute Rockne

I’m getting sick and tired of doing anything half-way.
~Knute Rockne

Rule your mind or it will rule you. ~Horace

Note : Not all the slim people follow ALL the habits below, but from the survey I have done, slim people follow most of them.

1) Slim people follow a good routine like eating only at the same location at home and at work

Eating at the same spot helps in setting a good routine which indirectly cultivate good eating habit. Different eating places may trigger unusual diet, resulting in over-eating or over-indulgence in food.

2) Slim people eat the right portion of food. Set the table, use the same plate and bowl to control your food portion

Setting the table, use the same plates and bowls will help you to apply portion control while eating. Use smaller plate to serve food may actually help you to eat less. For instance, use a salad plate for main meal, a bigger bowl for salad and fruits and a dessert plate for snacks.

3) Slim people always sit down while eating

Don’t eat while watching TV, driving, walking, or standing by the kitchen table. It will cause one to unconsciously overeat.

4) Slim people eat slower

Don’t rush through the meal by gobbling the food down. Numeral studies have shown that eating slower will help you to consume fewer calories. The reason is our brain takes about 20 minutes time to register that our tummies are full. If we gobble up the food fast, we may continue eating past the point where we are full, thus overeat in the end. If eat slowly, we have time to realize that we are full and stop on time. One study has shown that just by reducing the speed of consuming food, without changing the diet or other lifestyle, a person can actually lose 20 pounds in a year. Moreover, taking smaller bites, chewing slowly and longer is another way of enjoying your meal longer while bringing about better digestion.

5) Slim people eat breakfast

You should always eat breakfast within one hour after you wake up. Studies have shown that people who skip breakfast have four to five percent lower metabolic rate than those who do. Your body Metabolism slows down during the night. Breakfast boosts up your metabolism. A study performed by Harvard University/Massachusetts General Hospital showed that eating breakfast helps you to improve concentration and performance in school and at workplace. Eating a healthy breakfast will also help dieters to avoid unhealthy mid morning snacks and keep excess weight off in the long run.

6) Slim people know how to shop, so plan your shopping list carefully

Don’t shop when you are hungry to avoid impulsive buying. If you do grocery shopping when you’re starving, you are most vulnerable at that time and chances are you will want to buy everything. So, plan ahead your shopping list and go to the grocery store when your stomach is quite full. That should lead you into making smarter decisions in food selection, and saves you from unnecessary purchases too.



7) Slim people take the right type of food in the right sequence

Start with fruits and salad then proceed to lean protein food. Take carbohydrate or dessert last. In this way, you will be too full to consume the unhealthy and fattening carbohydrate and dessert in large quantity.

8) Slim people avoid nibbling

Slim people avoid nibbling on food. If you cannot resist that, sit far away from a buffet table to avoid frequent filling and nibbling to cover any social anxiety. At the parties or public functions, choose the healthy rather than good-looking food. If you must nibble, then make the healthier choice such as vegetables and fruits which have negative calories. Negative calories food requires the body to work harder, hence burning more calorie than taking it in.

9) Slim people know how to say NO

When having dinner at a friend’s house, slim people dare to kindly say NO to certain food rather than taking any food offered just to please the host. Be assertive and explain to your host or friend the importance for you to keep to your diet. If you have been giving in to your friends teasing or persuasion, then it is time for you to stand up for yourself.

10) Slim people eat before they get too hungry and they eat at regular time

People on diet often run the risk of not feeding themselves enough. They tend to delay food intake till they are too hungry. However, if you don’t eat when you are hungry, your blood sugar will drop, you will feel light-headed and before you know it, you grab the closest food available. Hence, cultivating the good habit of eating at regular hour will avoid over-eating or eating the wrong type of food when one gets too hungry.


Have your attempts to change your eating habits failed? A lot of times, it is about how committed you are to the change. Remember, it isn’t an “all or nothing” situation. You don’t have to change everything or commit to make a huge change at one go. Make one change at a time. Make a small progress at a time. Good luck !



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© Ingenira 2011


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