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Self-Esteem Test - Do You Do Negative Talk ? Where Do You Stand On Self-Esteem Scale ?

Updated on September 27, 2013

For many, self-esteem squashers from childhood, adolescence, and even adulthood result in negative talk in oneself. The degree to which a person function effectively and confidently later in life depends to a large extend on the kinds of messages they received along the way. However, negativity continue to ingrain in us all through adulthood. If you are vulnerable enough, you will hear many things in adult life that can layer more squashers on you, and that results in negative self talk and powerless feelings.

To know how good your self-esteem is, or how much a negative talker you are, answer the following questions with YES or NO.

· Give yourself one point for every YES answer.

· Minus one point for every NO answer.

· Add up your total and check out your rating at the end of the questions.

1. Do you often put yourself down ?

2. Do you often worry about what might happen ?

3. Do you often overreact to situations ?

4. Do you often blow things out of proportion ?

5. Do you often feel many things in your life are mixed up ?

6. Do you often find fault with yourself /

7. Do you often find yourself noticing mistakes you make ?

8. Do you criticise yourself more often than feeling good about yourself ?

9. Are you often ashamed of the way you feel ?

10. Are you often ashamed of the way you look ?

11. Does it often take huge effort to make you feel happy ?

12. Do you often discount your own accomplishments?

13. Do you often hide your accomplishments from others ?

14. Do you often have difficulty accepting compliments ?

15. Do you often let others push you around ?

16. Are you often intimidated by others ?

17. Do you often usually put others first?

18. Do you often withdraw when faced with confrontation ?

19. Do you often avoid confrontation because you are afraid of the consequences ?

20. Do you often stop yourself from saying what you want because you are afraid of the negative consequences ?

21. Do you often hold back your feelings because you are afraid of what others will think ?

22. Do you feel scare easily ?

23. Do you often feel that others are better or smarter than you?

24. Do you often feel jealous of others ?

25. Do you often wish you were somebody else ?

26. Do you often let others make choices for you?

27. Do you often say yes when you want to say no?

28. Are you ashamed of your feelings?

29. Do you get embarrassed easily?

30. Do you hold back your anger for fear of the consequences ?

31. Do you often feel frustrated and resentful?

32. Do you often get mad at yourself easily?

33. Do you often feel stuck in an unhappy situation and afraid to make a change?

34. Do you often stay stuck in an unhappy situation because you’re afraid of failure?

35. Do you often feel discouraged at what you are doing ?

36. Do you often feel people expect too much from you ?

37. Do you often feel that other people don’t usually listen to your ideas and follow them ?

38. Do often think that you would like to change your life completely?

39. Do you often feel that it’s hard being you?

40. Do you often feel that most people are more popular than you are?


Check your score

35-40 You have strong self-esteem. You are very confident and feel very secure. Have you been honest with yourself? If you have, take care that you don’t portray to others as arrogant and opinionated.
29-34 Your self-esteem is healthy. You have a positive outlook and regard for yourself. You work well with people and appear to be confident without being arrogant. Take care not to let events get you down and listen to the strong voice of your positive side.
13-28 Your self-esteem is average. Things get you down sometimes but you bounce back. You may tend to blame yourself too much, so talk to someone you trust and share your down times. You probably undervalue yourself.
06-12 Your self-esteem are low. You tend to blame yourself, try too hard to please others and find this difficult. Perhaps you expect too much from yourself? Talk to someone you respect about this.
Below 5 Your self-esteem are so low that you should seek help. You seemed to be giving yourself a hard time and blame yourself for everything. You seem unhappy and are probably over-sensitive to criticism and a bit depressed. Talk things over with someone you trust.

For a start, you may want to consider reading some of the books below and start the journey of helping yourself :

Self Esteem Quotes and Quotations

Negative Self Talk



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