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How To Cure A Hangover

Updated on September 25, 2011

What To Do About A Hangover

Hangovers or a Hangover describes the unpleasant feeling you have usually the morning after you have had to much to drink. The symptoms can include headaches , up set stomachs , diarrhea , sensitivity to light and noise , depression and a thirst you can't seem to quench.

Aside from the over the counter remedies , the herb Fever-few can be a great help for headaches and should not be overlooked here. It does not irritate the stomach like aspirin or other over the counter remedies so it is preferred by many people.

Ginger can take care of the upset stomach and nausea that comes along with many hangovers. You should take two 500 milligram capsules as soon as you feel the least bit of nausea coming on. And ginger will not cause drowsiness or dry mouth like a lot of the over the counter remedies. You can also drink ginger tea and it tastes wonderful to. And it will also help your hangover.

Your other remedy for hangover is nux vomica which is a homeopathic remedy that settles an upset stomach. You can find it just over there to the right.

Some other ways people cure hangovers.

1. A hot steamy bath or shower will sweat out the toxins that are causing the hangover.

2. Orange Juice , it will put back the vitamin C you need to rid your body of the feelings of the hangover.

3. Aspirins , They will get rid of the headache but in some people increase the nausea.

4. Regular Coke Not Diet , yes it has to be regular Coke and no it should not be Diet Coke. It should be put over crushed ice if possible and sipped.

5. Hot Coffee with a spoonful of Honey put in it will work wonders for a hangover. Yes honey not sugar as your body can absorb what it needs out of the honey.

6. Eat a good meal at the end of any night out drinking and you will find you will have little or no hangover the next day.

7. Reduce the amount of sugar you consume with your alcohol and you will find you have far fewer hangovers

8. Drink a couple of bottles of water during the evening while you are drinking and you will have far fewer hangovers.

9. Take Vitamin B complex with a big glass of water before you go to bed after a night out drinking and you will find you may have no hangover at all.

10. Three Cups of Hot Green Tea each with a spoon of honey will cure any hangover. You need the tea with the caffeine in it. The caffeine free tea will not work. You need the caffeine as it is part of the cure.

If you can't seem to get rid of a hangover no matter what you do eat a spoon of peanut butter , a large glass of water and an apple and the hangover will be gone.

Hangover Cure

Happier Happy Hours

Drink To Enhance , Not To Escape.

Alcohol should be used for making things better , not bad things okay. Using alcohol as a cure is the first steps towards making drinking a disease.

Avoid Drinking Every Day.

Drinking every day can lead not only to a problem with alcohol but also to an increased tolerance to alcohol , necessitating the use of more and more alcohol to achieve the same effect you desire, Taking even just one or two days a week off from drinking can prevent this.

Drink Slowly

Many people end up over drinking for the simple reason they don't give their drinks enough time to take effect..

You have to remember that alcohol is a diuretic which means that it forces fluids from the body and when this happens you lose potassium. And this is part of what brings on that hangover. Banana's can replace the lost potassium. If you have bad hangovers eat a couple of banana's before you go to bed. Your head will thank you in the morning.

Before You Party

Take steps to stop a hangover all together by taking the supplement Kudzu before you go out to drink and party. If you take Kudzu before you drink you will never have a hangover again. When is never.

How to Cure A Hangover

John Mulaney: Cures for Hangovers

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Another Great Web Page By Nosycat Productions
Another Great Web Page By Nosycat Productions

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    • profile image

      David Katz 5 years ago

      If, like me you hardly drink, when a hangover does home along OY! OK for sure, water is good for your body, your are 70% H2O. Drinking alcohol gets rid of a lot of it. Having a glass of water between each adult beverage helps keep you from dehydrating - and also can help you from assing out as quickly :-b Water before bed, water in the AM, with something like a wheat toast with peanut butter, banana slices and honey. there's plenty of advice out there on how to, you might just have to try around, until you find what works for you.