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How To Get Pregnant Fast Easy Tips

Updated on April 26, 2012
How to get pregnant fast
How to get pregnant fast

Get Pregnant fast

Easy and selected tips and advice to get pregnant fast. Getting pregnant, having a baby and motherhood is what every woman wants. Conceiving is an important and major part of a woman's life. Getting pregnant changes a woman's life. It is important to lead a healthy life style for both you and your partner when trying to get pregnant. You need a well balance diet to make sure your body has all the vitamins and nutrients it will need for peak levels of fertility.

How to Get Pregnant Fast

1. Timing menstrual cycle:

One of the most important tips is timing your menstrual cycle. Women with regular 28 day cycles can just count 14 days from the first day of their period to determine their ovulation date. Ovulation calendar and ovulation calculator helps to predict the exact time of ovulation. You should remember that safety factor is very important when you are trying to get pregnant fast.

You have several options to find out when you will ovulate:

  • Ovulation prediction kits
  • Chart your basal body temperature
  • Check your cervical mucus
  • Count the days

2. Women cervical mucous: During a women’s ovulation her cervical fluid will increase in volume and texture. You are considered most fertile when the mucus is clear, thick and slippery.The change in the cervical fluid is nature’s way of getting the uterus ready to accept sperm.

3. Choose the right position: Woman on top and standing positions should be avoided as the sperm can flow out of your vagina. Avoid vaginal sprays, scented tampons and artificial lubricants. Not only can they cause infections, they may wash away cervical mucus. After intercourse, elevate your hips on a pillow for about 5 to 10 minutes to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

More easy tips to get pregnant fast

4. Healthy life style: By leading a healthy life style and maintaining the proper diet you can increase your chances of conceiving a baby. A proper diet helps the body of both men and women control the production of hormones. A hormone imbalance can effect a mans ability to produce healthy sperm, and in women it can raise estrogen levels and make it harder to conceive a child.

5. Stop alcohol and smoking the moment you decide to have a baby. Large amount of alcohol while trying to conceive a child, can lead to lower sperm count in men and an imbalance of hormones in women. If you want to get pregnant fast, remember to completely cut down on alcohol  and smoking.

6. Reduce Stress: It is also important to reduce stress in your life. Stress can be a killer for anyone trying to get pregnant. Stress can effect the women’s menstrual cycle which is vital to determine when the women is most fertile and most like to conceive.

7. Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and asparagus. Take folic acid (a B vitamin) everyday, before and during pregnancy. Women who take folic acid have better chances to get pregnant. Folic acid reduces the chances of birth defects that affect the brain and spinal cord. Always ask your doctor first.

Pregnancy test kit

Pregnancy test
Pregnancy test

8. Saunas, hot tubs, and steam rooms should be avoided while you are trying to get pregnant. Excessive high heat may be harmful before and during your pregnancy.

9. Avoid coffee, tea to increase your chances of getting pregnant. If you are a complete caffeine junkie, then the safe limit would be a cup a day. Also try switching to a milkshakes which will boost your calcium and assist in conception.

10. Decide when to see a doctor:

Getting pregnant is not always easy. If you are under 35 and you did not get pregnant within one year, you should make an appointment to see your doctor. If you are 35 and over and did not get pregnant after 6 months, make an appointment to see your doctor. If you are over 40, then do not delay in getting medical help.


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      Sarah 3 years ago

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      Anonymous 3 years ago

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    • profile image

      Queen 4 years ago

      Hi I've been trying to conceive since last year 2013 and nothing happened im worried what must I do?

    • profile image

      gudiya 4 years ago

      m 23 yr am married befor 2 month i miss my period 12days but 13 days i seered bleeding i want to get how i identify that m pregnant or not

    • profile image

      honeylou 4 years ago

      I really want baby . because in old now . I'm already coming 31. I'm trying to have baby with boyfriend . what to do . Please help me .

    • profile image

      mr@mrs solomon 4 years ago

      me @ MY WIFE was dreaming a baby, but hope this tips will guide me to achieve this dream.

    • anyasai09 profile image

      anya sai 4 years ago from bangkok

      I have been on birth control for over a year and stopped on june becomes me and my boyfriend want to have a baby but for some reason I won't start my periods the doctor said It would soon start but its been months now what should I do?

    • helptobepregnant profile image

      helptobepregnant 5 years ago from UK

      Lots of good tips here but if you have been diagnosed with PCOS, endometriosis and/ or ovarian cysts , like I was, then you probably need some additional help. I'd definitely recommend chinese medicine herbs, especially chasteberry to help with hormone balancing and ovulation. Like other lovely ladies who've commented here my husband and I tried IVF, IUI, clomid and loads of other expensive options before understanding the true power that natural products and methods can have on the body. I'd thoroughly recommend a holistic approach, it worked for me. From a severe endometriosis, PCOS and ovarian cyst sufferer.

    • profile image

      babymadre 5 years ago

      for supplements fertibella is a great product to try. the ingredients are more natural and i've ready many women get pregnant during the second month.

    • profile image

      zina 5 years ago

      hi to everyone me really want to get pregnant from 4 years but nothing good still trying i hope i get pregnant soon .

    • profile image

      maranda 6 years ago

      To everyone out there trying to conceive I recommend maca powder

    • Cheapmaternity profile image

      Cheapmaternity 6 years ago from Surin, Thailand

      good ideas. I will do like this.

    • profile image

      Mbuso 6 years ago

      I also been tryin 2 concieve 4 3yrs and it seems like it comes and go coz i miss my periods 4 couple of months the comes again and more aspecially when rides rough cud be the rough ride a problem

    • profile image

      nebo 6 years ago

      me and my bf tyrng 2 hv a bby bt nothng happn last 3months i lost my period n i thnk im preg bt nth happen i realy need a bby wt mst i do.nw i gt my period n we hv a sex 2 try a pregnce so cn i b preg

    • profile image

      hazel 6 years ago

      hey how r yous all about a 2 to3years ago i was pregnant but i aborted it and it was not a good thing to do but i was to depressed so i had to abort it .....and now im trying to get pregnant iv been trying for like 5months and still nothing im on citalopram for my depression i only have a mild depression u think its the anti depression tablets stopping me from getting pregnant going crazy i already have a to year old already but i want another baby but ever since i had the abortion its been so hard to become pregnant again iv been trying for so long i said up on top im going crazy coz i miss having that big pregnant belly .......plz help i would like sum answers only 21 im getting really frustrated plz plz plz help.......

    • profile image

      likitha 6 years ago

      Me and my husband trying for kids..we went to docotor and my husband spam count was more(thick).. can some one tell me the home remedies to make quality spam

    • profile image

      *Yazmin* 6 years ago

      Ive been trying for abot 1 year and a half...and i have not gotten pregnate its sad for me and derpressing because i really want a baby!!it hard...i don't now what to do anymore..i feel really sad pliizz help me!!='(

    • profile image

      fransdine 6 years ago

      me too i cant get pregnant! Im craving for a baby for to come.

    • profile image

      Ramesh 6 years ago

      I m married before 2 wife can't get pregnant yet why

    • profile image

      Racheal 6 years ago

      I have been trying to conceive for 4 and a half years now. My husband had low sperm count but we got help from a gyna and now he tests ok since 2010. I got pregnant the same year in July and miscarriaged in August. since then I have tried to conceive again but nothing. My husband and I are medically fit. I am so desparate to get pregnant. Anyone help me please

    • profile image

      geetha 6 years ago

      is iam also trying to get pregnant, igot married before 1year i belive jesus . definetely he will gave 1 child

    • profile image

      Aubrey 6 years ago

      My hubby and I have one baby that took a year and a half for me to concive. He's two now and we are trying for a daughter or anything just another baby. We have been trying since march. My cycle is super irregular and I think my LP is 18 days my cycle all together is 44 sometimes shorter or longer. I have been having cramps and am not due for a period for another 10-12 days so im hoping its implantation cramps :-D but only time will tell

    • profile image

      vellemza 6 years ago

      hi im also going crazy me and my man we have been trying, last month my period come early and i was so sure that im pregnant, but my husband told me to relax and ask God to bless us.

    • profile image

      mhayla estera diaz 6 years ago

      at the age of 21 ive got married...its been its been 7 months, that me and my husband trying.... i thought i was pregnant.this last 2 months..cause i don't have my period then for 2 1/2 months...but now it sad !!!!!

    • profile image

      Vivianaa 6 years ago

      Me and my husband have been trying for 6years and I cant get pregant im losing hope what should I do im going crazy.

    • profile image

      joe 6 years ago

      great information and testimonies, thanks those who update this site

    • profile image

      michele 6 years ago

      I want to give a little hope to everyone out there who is trying to conceive. It is so tough and only if you've been through it do you understand the stress. My husband and I tried for 6 years and finaly after multiple miscarriges through fertility we finally were blessed with a son who is now 9 years old. We continued for 2 more years to use fertility but to no avail. We were told just to count our blessings which is what we did, However, three weeks ago I found out that I am now pregnant. A big surprise to us and yet another blessing. So I tell you keep trying, try to relax and just let it happen and when it's the right time it will happen. Good luck to everyone.

    • profile image

      devi 6 years ago

      married one months ago. I and my husband tried hard to get pregnant in the first month. and I think that got pregnant. because my regular period post boned for 3 days. actually I saw a small show on my period. and after that my cervix mucosa was normal. and after 3 days my perion begun. I don't know I was pregnant or not?

    • profile image

      maryam 6 years ago

      I married one months ago. I and my husband tried hard to get pregnant in the first month. and I think that got pregnant. because my regular period post boned for 3 days. actually I saw a small show on my period. and after that my cervix mucosa was normal. and after 3 days my perion begun. I don't know I was pregnant or not?

    • profile image

      Shelly 7 years ago

      Me & My Husband has been trying for almost 10 months now & nothing has happened! my period always come the week before the month, but its always late now. sometime i miss my period. i don't know what to do! we are working hard for a baby but its not working! what do i do?

    • profile image

      JAEL 7 years ago


    • profile image

      thelma 7 years ago

      i'm going crazy i need help i ve been trying to get preg for 8months now ve tried folic acid hip support wit pillow after intercouse in fact i'm going out of my mind now i need help

    • profile image

      baby ross 7 years ago

      Me n my husband are starting to plan out baby im just having a hard time trying to listen to everything. I feel like if i do everything that is told to do im over doing myself... I just hope i get preggo soon!

    • profile image

      Bianca 7 years ago

      Me and my fiancé have been trying for over 20months now!

      and its driving me up the wall!

      sould we go for tests?

    • profile image

      yulmy 7 years ago

      IVE BEEN TRYING TO GET PREGNANT FOR a wile know im going out of my mind know

    • profile image

      toni 7 years ago

      hey i have had one kid already and i have been trying to get pregnant for 8 months now and i cant i have tried all the books and i am just out of ideas. can anyone help me?

    • profile image

      Fran 7 years ago

      Thanks for the info!

      My fiancé and I have been trying for over 2 years and it still isn't working...Well, maybe someday :)

      Lucky - I think you should get a pregnancy test just to be sure, 'cause my mom had that same problem. It turned out she was indeed pregnant, but you never know.

    • profile image

      lucky 7 years ago

      i missed my periods for 4 days but on fourth day i saw brown colour spotting and it is now third day which is some time brown and some time red i don't understand if i am pregnant or not i am confused plz help me out

    • Runway profile image

      Runway 7 years ago from New York

      Thanks for the great information.

    • profile image

      Aishwarya Rai 7 years ago

      Thanks for these exceptional tips. Now I can be mother of Abhishek's baby.

    • profile image

      rita 8 years ago

      why are all this books on getting pregnant fast being sold online only? where do i get a hard copy to buy? i live in toronto.

    • profile image

      trying to get pregnant quickly 8 years ago

      This is very good information you have here. Great job compiling it.